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Hi, I found bug on “File Handling” page, 1. Select crop zone 2. Scroll page

Hello. yes, you r right. I will fix that asap. Thank you.

Hello. Thank you for response. Fixed.

Hi, look on block “FileTree plugin” You have some error’s there


Thank you for your report. Fixed. Reason of this problem: wrong way to preview files folder.

Am I correct in saying the font sizes for this template have been reduced from standard Bootstrap 3?


Yes, font-sizes was changed.

Were the buttons and other related objects also reduced in size?

Almost all elements of bootstrap was changed and redisigned.

Hello, don’t be confused. I bought this template on a different account. I have one question. On previous versions the signin page had a fullpage background. Now it only fills the first half of the page. How can I change that in the latest version? URL: or

The blue background should fill the whole page.



It’s a bug. I will fix it asap. Thank you for report.

Open styles.css/.less and add height: 100%; to .page-container.
.page-container{width: 100%; float: left; height: 100%; min-height: 100%;}

With this changes it’s working well. But i will test it and latest fix will be included in next update.

Thanks ;) It’s working

Hello, world!

I saw a little bug buttons sizes. They had been set by the class ”.btn” in styles.css surpassing the bootstrap.css.

We’ll see alternative navigation menus in the next updates?



What you mean bug? Other size or something else? Thank you.

I said “bug” because the template show btn-sm and btn-lg with the same size btn-default. Is that right?

Another thing I saw was a overlap. The <input> in ”.input-group .form-group” (bootstrap) is overlapping the page-head menu (styles.css). I fixed increasing the z-index from page-head.

Thank you.

Is it possible to select a record in a datatable component, without using the check? and using a highlighted color for example? My purpose is to show related information of the selected record on a form, below the list


You can hide checkbox(make it invisible).

We provide suport for customers who purchased template.

With the frontend how do i make only one of the portfolio categories active?


Hello, contact me by email with this question. And describe this question detailed please. Thanks

In a handful of your comments you mention “theme editor” and “theme colors” implying you have different color schemes available for this template. I cannot find them in the documentation or the demo. Where are they?

Hello, no. We know about this work, but still cant do anything with it. Thank you for your response.

Okay sounds great! Just to let you know I already bought the theme from them, we are just thinking what to do!

How to add a top menu to this?

Hi. This is a great theme but i think i just found a bug! On the charts page the sidebar menus do not stay open or closed. You can see this at just by clicking either sidebar menu. I’m guessing the chart bindings are affecting the toggling of the menus?


For those interested it is the 100% width on the charts that causes this behaviour. Replacing with a fixed width px fixed this for me.

Could this be fixed in the future as the charts now lose their responsiveness?

It appears to be just the flot charts that cause this behaviour.

I send you a message can you please reply to it.

Hello, answered.

Can you please reply to the email I sent you, It’s been over 6 days!


thgr Purchased


How do I get checkbox values ??in selected table


You can use jQuery function .prop to get state of checkbox.

table on page 2 with ajax pagination when data is not sent.

Hello, i do not understood your question.

not found autocomplete component, textbox only number, textbox only string component

There is no this feature in template. I will include it in next update.

Can you please respond !!!

Yes, sure. As i see on my email last my respond was:

Hi, is there any way to get source code or see this page? Thanks

And you didnt answered on it. Anyway, I did not get a letter from you.

So, will be great if you will send it to me.

Hello, I want to get show the data’s in from another site.(samples: and and In this template(Gemini) instead photo link and infographics can you put it? So I import data from other sites. Can we do this the data transfer?



The country field in Form-Stuff > Editable-Form have a issue with Select2. The script inserts a “form-control” selector and the clear icon looks misplaced


Thank you by the great work!


Thank you for report. I will fix it, and include in next updat.