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thanks mate,

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Thank you :D

Nice Work ! GLWS :)

Thanks metrothemes :)

Hi Metro, not able to view this theme, my antivirus tells me there is a JS/ trojan being blocked? Any fix? would love to see the theme functioning!’


hey gambinog, thanks for your comment. sorry in advance, which template are you talking about? it seems you not call me? Can you explain your point?


Hey Jogjafile,

I can’t view your page because it says you’ve exceeded your bandwidth, please advise?

Thanks for reminding.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we will immediately fix it.

Thank you for your attention.

Hi! I love your design but I’m having some problems. I have installed your template in but the preloader doesn’t fade out, any ideas?

Please restore the settings file “jquery.tweet.js” to the original. because it affects the next javascript. and I see, in your files already there are many changes that cause the function to another javascript to be disturbed.

if the error still occurs, please send it via email to fix it.


The template works perfectly. Thanks for your great support!

Yo’re Welcome mate !

I notice if you close out of preview view when viewing the template on an iPhone 5 that there are some big issues.

1. Image is missing from the slider in preview, I’m sure the image doesn’t come with the template, but it should be visible on the iPhone, right? do you have display: none; set to this?

2. Also, it jumps up and down when you touch with your finger. It is really jerky. The issue seems to be with your sticky header item that pops down with the social icons and search bar.

You would sell way more templates if you fixed these problems.

That really sucks. I wanted to buy this.

thanks for telling me. for such cases, will soon be my fix.

Please fix this template asap

It hangs at Loading. Help

Your website ( is too long, and can not be opened from my location (Indonesia).

Awesome Job ! Multi-Purpose version is possible ?

Thanks mate,
Multi-Purpose version, I might add it later !

Something is happening when the website in on the server!

It looks great on my pc as i told you, but on server, its a mesh!

Check out

I dont know, maybe doesnt read some scripts maybe??

Please can you help?

Something is happening when the website in on the server!

It looks great on my pc as i told you, but on server, its a mesh!

Check out

I dont know, maybe doesnt read some scripts maybe??

Please can you help?

you try to turn off / remove the script for twitter. in file main.js (js / main.js), find a script like this:
$ (". twitter-feed"). tweet ({
join_text: "auto",
username: ["Envato"],
then you turn off / remove the script.

This likely occurred because the setting on twitter outh. if not, you can add the twitter configuration according to the documentation on the item.

ok thats it! Thnx!!!!

Hi could You tell me what happened with this theme: (GoBlack – Onepage Parallax WordPress Theme). I desperately need it

I also do not understand it, please contact the corresponding author:

Hello my friend, great great design. i Just uploaded my site but it doesnt work, in my PC works excelent but in internet its stays on loading, please check

you have to fill in the data you previously twitter. or please edit the main.js file and go to line 378 and removed:
    join_text: "auto",
    username: ["CiscoGandione"],
    modpath: "inc/twitter/",
    count: 1,
    loading_text: "loading ..." 
}).bind("loaded", function() {
  var ul = $(this).find(".tweet_list");
  var ticker = function() {
    setTimeout(function() {
      var top = ul.position().top;
      var h = ul.height();
      var incr = (h / ul.children().length);
      var newTop = top - incr;
      if (h + newTop <= 0) newTop = 0;
      ul.animate( {top: newTop}, 500 );
    }, 1000);

and try again,

Hope that helps.

Kind regards,

This template is very good … so I congratulate you! ... JOGJAfile…Now: I want to buy this template because it is very interesting. The problem is not handling very well and I need HTML support to change some things in the template. Can you help me with that ..?? I await your response …

Regards Ray

of course I will give support to you about it.

OK….I prefer via e-mail private … can it be?

yes, of course.
or you can make a thread here:


I was wondering how I can post a link to some of the blocks I have on the webpage

If you scroll down to the juice section, there are different brands. I would like it if it would be clickable and linked to another website of mine. Please let me know how this can be possible. Thank you.

POOR SUPPORT!! I’ve been trying to reach someone for the past 4 months