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How do i make this fixed instead of fluid?

Hi Ajhenley,

If you check the style.css then you can change it to a fixed layout. (line 24)

can u make accordion submenu?

Hi Helmi_Smart,

You want that instead of the normal menu?

yes because my application have many main menu and submenu. Make the menu so long list. if can, i want hide submenu then show it on click. if you can do it, i very thankfully

Hi Helmi,

How i see the menu is that all main menu items are collapsed. When you are going to that main menu page that a user then is seeing all the sub menus.

If you still want the javascript menu then you must send me a email and i will look for you if i can simple made the function for your template.


I think due to styling it’s not possible to TAB between form controls such as dropdown box and Checkboxes which normally would be possible.

Is it possible to keep the styling but allow tabbing between controls?

Hi, do you have a live example what the problem is? Then i can search for a possible solution for you. (you can email me at my profile http://themeforest.net/user/dreamwirenl)

Hi Dreawirenl, Sorry for the delay, I figured it out. I does indeed TAB correctly, just doesnt show the highlighted field which caused me some trouble :)

I am having trouble with Internet Explorer 11 and the table pagination. If I use developer debug and set emulation to IE10 or lower it will work as expected.

In the preview Godzilla works fine in IE 11? What is going wrong?

How to change the text of the buttons in the table?

Hi Proteam, wich button?

With the delete button you can just change the text in the HTML: <button type=”submit” class=”red”> DELETE </button>

And for the next, last etc you can change the language with: https://datatables.net/examples/basic_init/language.html