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I love these drawings, keep kicking it!

Thanks, as always ;)

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Thanks, glad to hear that!

Howdy, footer seems to have some lags – it slows down performance after being reached, is it my machine\browser? p.s. oddly – only in Firefox

You may have low Internet connection or your computer is overloaded. Please try it on other computer, it works fine. We’ve tested it a lot of times on different computers and browsers.

Maybe, thanks:) Awesome theme!

In FF sorting in the Portfolio gets a black Screen…

Thanks for your notification, we’ll fix it asap and make an update today.

Very fresh and professional. GLWS :)


Nice theme! Clean :)


Very nice! Do I have only to change colourphoto’s in it and automaticly it makes it black/white OR do I have to change colourphoto’s AND make my own black/white photo’s?

Thanks for your interest in purchasing one of our products! Really appreciate that!
Yes, you just should change the colored images and then script will do the rest ;)

Thanx to: ThemeMakers AND janschulz for the info!! :-))

Hello ronflash, I am a customer not the builder. Checkout BnWWorker Javascript! Just change the class from class=”bwWrapper single-image link-icon” to class=”single-image link-icon” If you dont like it al all remove the JS an class.

FIXED HEADER QUESTION: Here is my Question: I dont want the Logo to show up again when scrolling down the page. I would like to see the Sticky Menu on top without the Logo. Can you give me advice?! I found out the header section is changed to class “fixed”, there must be a way to hide the Logo and only show the menu here.

Hi janschulz,
Thanks for your help here, really appreciate that!

Foud out – FIXED HEADER QUESTION: $clone = $(’#logo’).clone() in custom.js

I changed this line.

Glad to hear that, your right ;)

Very nice theme, Is it possibble not to have text under the images in the portfolio but add the text when the images are in full screen ?

No worries about js knowledges! Since our last theme creation we started creating the config file, which is user friendly to understand and modify any settings for scripts.
There is a file inside js directory named config.js. There you’ll find a necessary line where to edit the address. You can also check the doc file for easier understand.

Thank you very much Alex ! Others questions, I can’t find where to change only the background color of the plus-icon. Also when I put my email address line 6 in the php/contact-send.php file, I don’t receive any mail when I test it from the online website.

Hi Carelette,

I’d suggest you to register in our support system and submit a ticket there for getting qualified assistance. Our managers will gladly help you to solve the problem.

Regards, Alex

I’d need several other fields in the contact form, including dropdown or radio buttons. Does the documentation explains how to do this ? I saw the documentation link here once if i’m not mistaken but now i can’t find it.

Hi evilfx,

For your instance, we’d gladly support your request if you purchase this template. Sorry, but we do support only for our customers.

Regards, Alex

<div class="widget widget_categories"> <h3 class="widget-title">Test</h3> <ul> <li> <a href="#" class="current-menu-item">1234</a></li> <li> <a href="#">4567</a></li> </ul></div> How to declare a li to be a current menu item (active status colour)?

Widgets don’t have such classes to be current items there. But in any way you could ask our support guys to help you with that if needed. Please be awared that we can only give some hints, but we don’t do any custom work for our customers.

Regards, Alex

This is an important issue – to show the active status of the navigation left or right. I have a mouse-over state but no active.

Sure, you could use the mouse-over state’s styles also for your active state if needed. And it’s not an issue, it’s just an option.

Best ThemeMakers,

it is actually to a Select Your Style code because it is so comfortably for people to change their own website color.Can I get one because I have bought your template and it is a beautiful design. Best regards stefaan. ;)

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your great words, really appreciate it! You can create a ticket in our support system with request to get help on this, one of our support guys will gladly help you ASAP.

Regards, Alex

Excellent theme! Love it – good work guys – just a quick question is it possible to reverse the black & white images which fade to color to have the images be colored and then fade to black and white when hovering – or just have fixed color images?

Thanks very much

Hi colinfildes,

There is an option to make all the images as default (without black&white effect), just usual way. And another option as in shows on demo. But no option to revert. In any way thanks for a nice idea, I think we’ll try to update our theme with such functionality soon.

Regards, Alex

Sorry, we’ve just checked the template functionality. And I’d like to notify you that all that three options (including reversion) have been already included in current release. ;) Feel free to ask our support team if you need any assistance.

Thanks very much for the prompt reply – very much appreciated.

Works great except when changing image src in flexslider, IE does not display the new image. All other browsers show the image just fine.

Hi Michael,

I’d suggest you to register in our support system and submit a ticket there for getting qualified assistance. Our managers will gladly help you to solve the problem.

Regards, Alex

actually, all new images inserted do not show in IE

Please follow the instructions in our previous thread ;)

Best ThemeMakers,

Friendly thanks for everything. It is an honor to work with you again thank you kindly and it was very comfortably deal with that support system. ;)

Best regards, Stefaan

Hi Stefaan,

Glad it helped you. Thanks for such a great words here, we really appreciate that and hope you’re enjoying our products!

Regards, Alex

Can I put this on a website as just HTML? or does it require PHP also?

Hi jpyska,

Sure, you can use that template as only HTML. But if you need to use contact form on your website, you’ll need to activate php module on your server. In any way you can use our support system and submit a ticket there for getting qualified assistance. Our managers will gladly help you to solve the problem.

Regards, Alex

Hi there. Why is the template “shaking” every 3-4sec? I am interesting in purchasing the template but this really put me off. Can you do something about that?

Okay, got the same problem. It seems it’s because of frame. You should try to check it by direct link. In any way thanks for your notice, we’ll take it in our mind and look what can we do with that.

Did you say 20% discount, on the wordpress premium version for spotting it? Very generous. Thank you Alex ;) G

Unfortunately I can’t make any discount. It doesn’t depend on me as well as setting the prices. Thanks!

the more i look at it the more I want to buy it. A few more questions 1) Can I change language (turkish lets say)? 2) Can I enter “Login to your account” menu (i.e. users to enter their username/password) linked to a database?

You’re currently looking at the HTML static site template, it works without any database. Fortunately for you we have a WordPress version which links to the database and where is possible to register.

Should I safely assume that I can use non-english words? Basically, what would be ideal, is if I could have language option and have the site in both english and turkish. Is it possible?

Sure, it’s possible to use any language there.