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Nice theme! A few questions though:

- Could it be made possible that the “recent works” block on portal the portal page scrolls continuously instead of going back to the first frame? - Can the “clients-items” div be a scroller as well (similar to Recent Works)


Hi, yes, both are possible if you use our banner rotator for them. Thanks, Alex

Hi hi,

I just bought your template. Honestly, it looks and feels awesome! However, I would like to make it into boxed style and change the color but umm..i am kind of clueless on how to do it. can someone please aid me?

Thanks alot!!

Hi there,

There is a doc file inside main archive where almost all things are explained. Please check it and you’ll find a necessary solution there. A small hint for you: there is a necessary class for body.

Regards, Alex

Hi Alex,

I am really at my wits end already. I read through the help file but i still have absolutely no idea how to change the style and color of this theme.

Please help thanks!!

Okay, every html file has a body classes like below:
<body class="wide normal pattern-1 color-1">
try to change that classes to something like that:
<body class="boxed scribble pattern-3 color-5">

Regards, Alex

Great Template. Client Loves It!!! How do I turn off the B/W hover on the flex sliders???

There is an option in a config file to reverse or switch off colorizing at the very bottom of code. Please check it.

In FF 22 version sorting in the Portfolio gets a black Screen… Beautiful template!

Hi louge20vt,

Thanks for your notice, we’ll fix that asap. It seems like it crashes only in MS Windows.. In any way thanks again, we’ll fix that and update the theme today.

Regards, Alex

Sorry, we’ve fixed that issue in our todays update, but not updated the demo. Now it’s updated.

Hi, I like your goodnex theme, but I’m wondering if you have or are planning a “Dark” version?


There is no necessity to do that, because it’s really simple to change color scheme there. Especially if you use a wordpress theme of this design.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

I know style.css is there under help but apparently it isn’t finding it… What can I do to install the theme..?

Try installing the demo content as it tell’s in theme doc file ;)

I installed it via .zip upload in wordpress. It won’t upload the larger zip only the 2mb wordpress theme only file.

In this case you should upload the theme via ftp client. In any way, please use our support system for further assistance.

Hi, am thinking bout buying your theme. Realized that the “navigation left” doesnt work on the demo. Could you please fix that, or just tell where to see a working left side navigation on this template? looking forward to hearing from you! regards, tim

Hi Tim,

There is no such page there in html version, but it’s available in wordpress version. FYI we’ll add it in our next release for html version, thanks for your notification!

Regards, Alex

Great template, one question: I like the B&W filter on the sliders, but I don’t want the sliders to be in B&W when the site is viewed from a phone. Obviously, you can’t hover on an iPhone, so the image never changes to color. I’d like the slider images to be full color when viewed from a phone. Is there an easy fix to this?

Nice question. I think we’ll work it out and make this possibility in our next release. (next week)

OK great. Thanks.

Few questions - How can i make the jcarousel (‘Recent Works’) go ‘Circular’? Because right now it will just jump to the first list item again - How can i make it work with jQuery 1.10.2 instead of jQuery 1.8.3 ?

1. yes, there is an opportunity there.
2. there should be a few things to make it compatible with jQuery 1.10.2
In any way please register in our support system and submit a ticket there to get qualified support.

Love the theme! Will buy it. In the WP version I am able to scroll over the contact page not zooming into the map. Can I have that in the Skeleton version? Now it zooms in when scrolling the page.

Just curious what made you pick skeleton instead of bootstrap or foundation ;) Does Skeleton support the parallax effect?

Yes, you ca have the same google map. There are a few settings inside config file including the gmap.

Regarding the parallax, you can use it with any css framework ;)

Regards, Alex

Hi there, I purchased Goodnex Responsive HTML5/CSS3 Site Template. And i would like to make some changes. How to change accordion tabs function?(acc-box) Thank you for your help!

Thank you , but how I can send to you confirmation of purchase?

Thank you again, there was error with username.

I’d suggest you to contact Envato support team to resolve that misunderstanding. Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconveniences.

Hi again!

How to change accordion tabs function? 1. I would like to make some changes with accordion button. So that the first ( first child?) accordion menu button (blue button) is closed – not open. 2. if I make together audio file and jcarousel-container in one page, the photo carousel doesn´t work. How I can fix this?

Thank you for your help!

Hi there,

I’d suggest you to register in our support system and submit a ticket there for getting qualified assistance. Our managers will gladly help you to solve the problem. Just one notice, we don’t teach our customers how to code, we just can give some advices on that.

Regards, Alex

Greetings – very nice template. Wanted to know if it includes the content as in the demo version?

Thanks much Ron

Hi Ron, sure, it goes absolutely the same as it is showed in our demo except the images, almost all of them are watermarked.

Regards, Alex

Hi, I have one more question – - looking at your support forums, it seems that you only provided support for the WordPress versions of your themes – at least reading the headings of the various forums, like Goodnex Wordpress Theme for example. Does that mean that there is not a support option for the HTML5 responsive version?

Thanks much and all the best Ron

Hi Ron,

I’d suggest you to register in our support system where we do support for both, Wordpress and site templates, and submit a ticket with request to help. Once we receive it, someone from our support team will provide you with assistance.

Regards, Alex

Hi, i plan to buy this template but i want to know if i can remove the copyright section in the template and put my own name after i am done editing it? Is that legal or not? Thanks for your time and the template looks awesome! good work. All the best, Tylendis.

Hi Tylendis, yes, sure you can change the copyright text there to your own once you purchase the template. Regards, Alex

Hi, I love how clean and simple this template is and I plan on purchasing this product for a rental business. I just have a question, is the contact form customizable to a reservation form? Thank you! :)

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in one of our products, we really appreciate that!
Yes, the contact form is customizable there, so it wouldn’t be a problem to make it as a reservation form.

Regards, Alex

Hi, I have just purchased the template and love the look of it. However whenever I try changing to logo image, the image is not displayed when I view the webpage. However if I view the page in design view of dreamweaver, my image shows up correctly. I have ensured that my logo is the same size as the template one, and also is named the same. (logo.png) Am I missing something really simple? Thanks

You may have missed the proper path to the image, please check it.

I can confirm the image path is definitely correct as I have used my image to overwrite the stock logo. Also, whilst in live design view on Dreamweaver the image is there. However when I view the image in a browser I receive a box displaying the alternative text.


I’d suggest you to register in our support system and submit a ticket there for getting qualified assistance. Our managers will gladly help you to solve the problem.

Regards, Alex

Just looking over this quickliy for a customer it looks as if the phone number above the social icons above the nav when the browser is resized does not respond correctly.

Just a heads up. I would like this to work before I would consider looking over the rest of the site.


Hi theere,

Thanks for your interest in one of our products and thanks for notifying about that, We’ll align it asap and re-upload the theme.

Regards, Alex

Hello, I have a java script to add to an empty page to display a date picker. when I added it to a empty page its not working (no show of the date picker, works fine with plain html). Is there any special method to add java scripts to the template?

Thanks and really nice theme.

oops. got it. I just paste the js script to the bottom of the page without j query link. now its working :) sorry for the trouble.

Glad to hear that! ;)

is there a way to set the images in the portfolio sliders to always be in color?

Thanks! please tell me where! In Config.js

I’m not sure what I need to change in the config.js file

Hi there,

I’d suggest you to register in our support system and submit a ticket there for getting qualified assistance. Our managers will gladly help you to solve the problem.

Regards, Alex