Discussion on Gradus - Angular 16 Material Design Admin Template

Discussion on Gradus - Angular 16 Material Design Admin Template

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Is it possible to convert this theme into react typescript template?

No, it is not possible

Dear, sometimes scroll itself disappears and we bring it back by pressing Down key. how to fix this problem. Regards, Omar Alkhateeb

Add below lines to _libs_override.scss file:

.ps > .ps__rail-x,
.ps > .ps__rail-y {
  opacity: 0.6;

the other npm libraries are not compatible with angular 12.

yes, but the template works fine with these libraries.

do you have a link to angular version 11?

Just sent to you

do you have a link to angular version 11?

Please contact me via email admin@themeseason.com

We sent you an email this morning but no response yet.

What is your email?


FIrst, I love your theme, I thought it is one of the best on Angular. I used it each time I have to work on a new project in Angular.

Second, I am a little picky and vs code just lint me all bad pretty code but it is just my opinion.

Now, I am working on your last theme version, build with Angular 8.0.0 and I am working on it.

I got two errors.

First, password confirmation on “register”, just add the else condition otherwise there is an error :

{code} if (password.value !== passwordConfirmation.value) { return passwordConfirmation.setErrors({mismatchedPasswords: true}) } else { return passwordConfirmation.setErrors(null); }


Second, I do not remember of the exactly error on my console because I fixed it but in pages : errors, login, register, I had to move “this.settings.loadingSpinner = false; ” in constructor If I did not do this, my browser just launch the debug mode and “crash” in console for an error “Expression has changed after it was checked [...]”

Continue for the best, thanks for reading my comment :)

I thought I know for what I got errors on register page but keep in mind to fix “app-validators.ts” with the else condition

In “register.component.ts”, password in form group : “password”: [””, Validators.compose([Validators.required, Validators.minLength(7)])],

I am using compose function like others field

Hi, I tested register page again. I didn’t get any error. Can you send me your errors?

please contact me via email admin@themeseason.com

Hi, yesterday buy this template version angular v9, but i wrong at version. I need to downgrade… Angular v 8.2.13 what path would you recommend for download this template in version downgrading?

Is very important begin devolpment of the application now.

thank you for your help

Hi, I sent you link.

Thanks, excellent support.

Interceptor not working, i didn’t use lazy-loaded

You can enable/disable lazy-loaded in app.routung.ts file.

Hello, I like your architecture very much. If you can have more FOOTER and don’t use perfect-scroller at MAIN LAYOUT You will develop a new DASHBOARD and I will be happy to buy it again.

I use a lot of IFRAME on the page, and I found a problem when scrolling on the phone.

In ngx-perfect-scrollbar I found that someone raised the same question


Do you have any other suggestions or changes to the Gradus Theme?

ngx-perfect-scrollbar is not designed to work well with non-container tags such as iframe or textarea.

how change to native scrollbar ?

You can remove the perfectScrollbar directive from elements. But remember, some layout features may not work correctly.

hope that ngx-perfect-scrollbar can be removed as one of the options or layouts on the next update., Thx

change event in mat-select dont fired ???

please contact me via email admin@themeseason.com

Hello! We purchased Gradus Theme for Angular couple of months back and facing these issues: 1. Application takes approximately 10+ seconds to load, and same if i change comma or something. But the theme http://www.gradus.themeseason.com/ takes a second maximum. 2. Horizontal Menu disappears at times if we scroll. 3. Related to problem 2, sometimes scroll itself disappears and we bring it back by pressing Down key

We are hoping to get your good support to sort out these issues. Specially Loading time has started to become bottleneck

Sorry, but I do not know the reason. I tested in my localhost several time and every time template load time between 2.8 – 3.6 seconds.

Thank you, we will try to figure it out ourselves. How to update theme anyway? We are in middle of development

Hello nice job, how can i see your angular version 8

Hi, thanks. You can buy template and download.

Hi – Can I add dynamic tabs ?

Thanks for your fast reply

What I was looking for is a helper utility (see the following link) https://api.amexio.org/api/v5.9/index.html#/panes/enhanced-tab-demo

That will dynamically add a tab with a component of my choice at runtime for eg in the click event handler of a button, I could pass the roottab into which I want to add a dynamic tab and something like the following in the click event handler tab.addDynamicTab(CustomComponent) Maybe, we could pass additional parameters which would set the tab title, tab header color, to activate it etc.


Unfortunately, Gradus doesn’t support dynamically adding tabs like in Amexio.

Please, look this helpful example for dynamically load component on runtime: Dynamic Component Loader

it’s really good. Please just add themes with other base colors (yellow,orange, light blue,...)

Thanks. I added most used theme colors, add others color is very easy. Please read theme documentation.

Hi, can I use it for a desktop application with ElectronJS working offline? It is for a software to be distributed to many clients. Which license does it apply?

Unfortunately, I never used ElectronJS. But I think it is possible. Please read this link: Build Angular Desktop Apps With Electron.

About licenses, please, read: Licenses

this template not working as pwa in Iphone , need your support please

How can I help you? What error did you get?

Hi, I have been using this template since it was v5.0 but now I need to upgrade… what path would you reccommend of upgrading? Downloading this new version and putting existing code on it or is there another way of updating existing code ?

Hi, you can downloading new version and putting existing code on it. Also, please, look at this: https://update.angular.io/

Hello, does this theme has its own generator? Cause I want to combine this theme with jhipster – is this possible? Thanks in advance

Hi, sorry, I’m not familiar with jhipster. This template build based on Angular 6 and angular-cli.


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