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You can create a responsive website for iphone and other mobile devices? For example, without all of the functionality.

Currently I think better is how it is now, but you can easily make it as now in IE7 e.g. so you will need just change some sentences in JS file.

Where can I add email address when I hit the “submit” button under contact us page?

In index.html, after form tag.

under which line?

Around 187

hi, first congrats for your job, and second, i want to know how create a new page for a project? in your example you place 2 projects, i want to know how exactly build the code for 20 projects in the cube. I have already place buttons for next/previous projects. Just for navigate after up/down between projects. Could you help me? Thanks.


I have a problem EXCEED text and images on media such as ipad or small screen, how to customize the site to the size of the screen, or a scrollbar

thank you

I can not see that you bought my template. Can you write to me using sidebar widget in my profile?

re hello

I forgot the site on internet explorer does not appear, it is normal


Fill contact form here:

Congrats on a really great and unique work.

Quick question: what would you recommend to use to have a small image on the left bottom corner of the site, on all sections?


Sorry, but for this time, no.

Well, it would be nice to make one in the future :)

One last question: do you think it’s possible to have a section that can only be accessed by link and not be visible when scrolling / moving the arrows? We seem to really need this feature.

With current libraries you cannot do it, but with small JS skills you can do it, when click – show your content which is out of main container of slider holder.

Is it possible and not too difficult to add a slider to one of the pages? Love the look and feel. Could be a buy here.


It can be added like in simple website, you can use jcycle plugin which already is in this theme, follow structure tutorial and you will add it easily.

I want to use an image for the home page, but when I change the image background, it carries over to the other pages. How can I change the picture for the home page only without changing any other page?


Nevermind, I figured it out.


Ran into this error when i installed the theme on wordpress. Can you help me out with this?

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

It is not Wordpress, theme, it is simple HTML5

Why bg_note.png effect doesn’t work on my site! Somebody could you help me? Thanks!

Maybe you missed to upload image?

Hi, if i change the <section data-state=”m6 white”> to anything else the background color changes. Why? What if i want to change the name to something that has to do with my site. What colors can i have?


It has #/2 2 is slide number. Check how it works:

Alright, will it be hard for google to crawl? Anything i should do? Thx for all the answers

It shouldn’t be hard for Google.

freaking incredible!!! very smooth and antialiased!! nice work

Thanks for good words.

Grep, first… Beautiful theme.bought it yesterday and I’m diving in.

It looks great on the desktop, but on iPad the site has some issues. It sizes correctly in safari, but there are some display bugs. Sliding down to get to sub-divs causes the menu to open up. Also, subsequent swipes often select the screen, turning it dark grey.

In chrome for iOS, the content is slightly too large and it suffers from the same bug as above.

I was thinking that maybe if you integrated touch swipe for jquery, and bound the swipes to the keys (37-40, u,d,l,r) then you might sidestep the built in swiping and therefore the behavior. You could also do three fingers to instantiate the menu, and pinch to go back home.

Another option might be to just offer a simpler stylesheet for phones/tablets, so that we could browser-sense and target known trouble devices with an alternate site.

If you even sold that as an add-on (a “capability pack”) i would gladly pay another 15 for it. Or hell, if I could just Paypal you I would, if you do mild customizations for pay.

One last thing; if you used touchswipe or quo, the site would also be gesture-enabled on win8 which would be great.

Well, I figured out the swipe problem…I had to grab the full meny script and therein is a switch for touch=true. Turn that to false, and the issue where upward swipes change the slide AND instantiates the menu (bad) is fixed. For some reason touch wasn’t working on win8 at first, and I think it might have just been a window-focus issue.

Great Item ,good Job !!;


I am looking for a simple -[ one page ok] – site.

1 My server can only serve html pages, images and other static content(avi, doc, zip, etc.

2 I mainly want to showcase a FLASH VIDEO. { I bought a flash video player on activeden}

a. Also have the same video available for youtube.

3. connect basic email.

4 Some text. Perhaps a couple pictures.

5 Add a sign up page, { optional } if it would work?

6 I have a wysiwyg , html editor—but dont know coding.

Will your page/ site work for me?

thank you

for the contact box. how do i put my email in to receive messages?? thanks

Hello, check documentation please.

Hi, can I add the revolution slider to one section?. Thanks.


sure you can, but you will need to do it manually.