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Very cool. Any way this can be responsive?

It fully works for iPad now, maybe iPhone support in the future, but it looks good on it too.


Awesome, subbed. Please include a video portfolio ?

Hello, You can easily insert it and will work, you will need just to change IMG tag via iframe embed code!

Demo and files are updated, now you can see live how it works. ;)

Congrats , good luck with sales :)

Simply amazing. Keep up the good work! GLWS !


that’s awesome…good luck with sales…


First I really need this theme,

Beautiful and works perfect :) .... only on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Did you notice that?

On IE 9 effects doesn’t work and Google map is not showing up. IE 8 / IE 7 nothing seems working as expected.

Any plan to fix issues?

IE does not support 3d CSS effects. It is impossible to do it for now, but on IE it loads all content, just without effect, so it is not be problem.

Very nice and light template. Can i integrate also videos, e.g. here: ?

Hello, You can easily insert it and will work, you will need just to change IMG tag via iframe embed code!

Easy ;)

Demo and files are updated, Now you can see live how it works.

Hi Grep,

I loved this transition you have there, it will be perfect for a interesting underconstruction page. But I have a concern, pardon me as I’m still unfamiliar with css. For eg, I like to remove the video page, will it break the transition? What can I do to replace that page?

Sure it is very easy structure, you just copy DIV with ID which you want add it to menu and that is. You can have 1 page, or 100 pages without break.

Common were is WP Version :D

Wait a few weeks. Stay on!

a very nice template and concept. really like it

But you really need to do something about the erratic page changes with the mouse scroll wheel. It’s way too sensitive and the sites pages go bananas at the slightest wheel movement. Destroys the enjoyment of visiting the site in a split second.

It can be easily turned off. Just need change true to false.

Great idea :). Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

OMG , THAT’S AWESOME !!! No doubts I will purchase it:) What would be the best way to run the full screen background slideshow (e.g. supersized jQuery plugin) on home, instead of the starting logo. Is it possible? Best wishes!

Sure possible, you will just need copy supersized HTML , CSS, JS and it will work.

Thank you.

Hi Grep, really excellent work! I have one question, maybe you can help me!? I ‘ve integrated a wowslider instead of the logo in the home section, it works, but it’s not fullscreen! What’s wrong or where I’ve to change something? here are the links: (home with slider) (same slider only)

Greetings Chris

Hello, you should add top – half windwos size, same for left and make height and width full windows sizes, it should help.

Where should I add this attributes?

main.js file.

ok, thanks a lot for your help, i can’t write java, so it’s not your problem, a lot of success with your top template…

Possible site to cyclical?

What you have in mind “cyclical”?

I meant that after the last page is displayed again the first page.

Yep, just need add loop: true and it will be circular.

Thank you! I will buy very soon.

Great news, good luck!

hello! excellent theme :)

I have a question – how do you define the background color for the home section only? by default it is white, but I wnt it to be black and the rest of the pages white.



add these lines to CSS file

.home .container { background-color: #000; color: #fff; }

and add this to home page section:

<section data-state=”home white” id=”home”>

Thank you, Grep!

Is it possible to do a full image background in one of these slides without it being extremely choppy during the animation effect? I’ve tried putting a full image through the ”.about .container” CSS property, but when it rotates, it is isn’t smooth at all

It is quite smooth, if it is not enough for you then you will need so advanced JS skills to make it your self.

how did you put in the image and still keep it smooth? CSS?

Yes, use image as div background and it will work fine.