Discussion on Guru Able Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template & Angular 4

Discussion on Guru Able Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template & Angular 4

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I bought your product. But no updates were released after purchasing. In the comments, I saw that you also sent updates to the requesters. Can you send me the latest version on the end of my subscription?

Guru Able Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template & Angular 4 Regular License 6 months support (expires on 21 Feb 2020) Purchase code: d2c0fb70-e913-45fd-9df6-81623637a2ba My email: csunguray@netbilisim.com

Hello I’d like to buy a product, do you have an angular 8 version? I got a license from MIT, and the sample was the angular8 version. Due to the compatibility of the product, Angular 7 or 8 version is required. I’m asking because the product page only says Angular4 version. Please reply.

Thank you.

Please share your email address. I’ll give you download link there.

Thank You

Thank you for your quick response.

Email address: okdylee@gmail.com

If there is a function that I want in the angular8 template, I will purchase it for the next few projects.

Thank you.

when i change display to mobile login background disappear, how to fix it ?

How do I prevent the fade-in from white on every page load?

Also, when double clicking on elements on the page… they disappear. How do I disable that?

todo.js was the culprit for the double click issue, so that is solved. As for the transitions; I would like the navbar (on the left) not to fade in/out when changing pages.


For the menu item disappear. Please remove below script from your page.

<!-- Todo js --> <script type="text/javascript" src="../files/assets/pages/todo/todo.js "></script>

For Transition effect. We’ve used the loader for whole screen. If you need it for the container then edit files/assets/css/style.css

Find the class .theme-loader & replace it to below
.theme-loader {
  height: 100%;
  width: 100%;
  background-color: white;
  position: absolute;
  z-index: 99;
  top: 0; }

Hi There, I have just installed the Guru template and have noticed that all Themify icons are not displaying. In place of icons I am seeing the usual box in place of the icon images. Other icons are all working fine. All other icons sets are displaying perfectly, and it is only Themify icons that are not displaying at all. This is of course a reasonably large issue considering Themify icons are used throughout the sample template pages. Could you please advise if I need to make an update to the code in order for Themify icons to display. Many thanks, Scott.

Hello, scott

Can you please share the screenshot on our email – codedthemes@gmail.com

Thank YTou

Hi, I bought the template and want to know what is the best editor to customize this template, looking forward for your reply

I recommend you to use Atom editor. OR you may try sublime editor.

Hello, is this feature (form wizard feature) added in guru able angular template, because we’ve purchased your template(3-4 months ago) but the wizard feature was not exist

Ok , can you make an estimation about the timeline of your next release?

Max it will be avail on 8th Sept OR if you want our other Angular template – “Next” – we will migrate you on that product too.

Here is link -http://html.codedthemes.com/next/angular/default/forms/wizard

We can wait till 8th Sept, Thanks

Hello, where can I see the updates changelog?

Hello Codedthemes, Do you provide support to your customer or not. I have raised almost 23 days ago regarding horizontal menu. You provided the link, however, it’s not working. So is this the service?

Ticket replied.

Any future plan to integrate this template with Angular 7 ?

Hello Support,

Could you please provide update on Angular 5th version? As I had already queried before few months ago, but there was no response from you side. And I’m tired of using HTML components. Only HTML version is good. But not providing much components for ANGULAR. So as of now it’s of no use for me. Hoping for your quick response.


Hi, sir. Please generate ticket on https://codedthemes.support-hub.io/

There we will send you the horizontal version download link.

Thank you

I have raised ticket on given link also. However, its been 23 days yet not resolved. I’m paid user not a free user. Is this a way to treat to the customer.

Ticket replied

have you released updated version? angular 5 or you are just buying time? i am planning to buy but not unless your log suggest of an update

Hi, Angular 5 will be release by Today. You may purchase it now.

Thank you

updated date shows 19 Nov 2017 – you said releasing 2 days ago, can’t see anything…confirm your date of release – and if any other way you are providing upgraded version.

Is the full calendar control not supported in mobile devices? Is there any alternative, we have a requirement of drag drop events.

Please make the online demo/preview search for components. Sometimes I need to find a component, but its a pain to find something.

Hi, Sure.

We will take your consideration and sure apply it soon.

Thank you


This template has a bug in Sidebar, when you click the dropdown multiple times, it disappears

Hi.. Thanks for notify us..It is because of todo js.

We already fixed it in download package. Thank you

Hi Team, We have purchased your anglar4 project (http://html.codedthemes.com/guru-able/angular-4/dashboard/project)

In this project, we are not able to display side menu based on roles/permissions for a user. Can we have an update on this or any work-through to implement this…?

explanation: I have 3 different user admin, user1, user2

and menu like:




for admin, I need to display all three items for user1 only a & b

for user2 only b&c

How to achieve this…?

this keeps changing based on permissions

Please, submit the ticket on https://codedthemes.support-hub.io/

Thank you


I have download the template yesterday, however there is issue with respect to navigation in angular 4 template.

When I run the application using http://html.codedthemes.com/guru-able/angular-4/crm-contact URL, only central portal is loaded (Component) which is correct, however in local version, entire page is getting refreshed which kills the idea of SPA application.

Fixing it myself is going to take lot of my time, please reply at the earliest why there is different in versions and how to solve this issue.


Hi, sachin_tah

The new update of Guru Able will be available soon. I recommend to use that one.

Thank you

Hello team

I want to design a pivot grid but it seem difficult. Can you tell me some way to design a pivot grid. Thank you


First of all thank you for purchase our product.

We’ve never design pivot grid on our product. Can you please detail us more about pivot grid and what issue are you facing with it.

Thank you


I’ve purchased Guruable template and I really enjoyed working on it. Nice work.

I want to change the way the horizontal top Mega menu works. My problem is when the mouse leaves the sub menu from the bottom side the sub menu disappears BUT if the mouse hovers the area of the sub menu withing a short window of time it reappears.

What I want is when the mouse leaves the sub menu and comes back to that area the sub menu stays hidden the only way to show the sub menu again is to hover the a li with the class mega-menu-top or to keep the mouse inside the sub menu.

I’ve been looking on different files for a time value to change or a js code to update but I can’t find the code responsible for this. Can you give me a hint on where should I look to change this behavior.

I hope that I expressed myself in a clear way and If there is any unclear points feel free to ask for more details.


hello a-sebti you need to add below snippet in your custom css or add in last of file guru-able/files/assets/css/style.css .header-navbar .navbar-wrapper .navbar-container .header-notification .show-notification, .header-navbar .navbar-wrapper .navbar-container .mega-menu-top .show-notification, .header-navbar .navbar-wrapper .navbar-container .header-notification .profile-notification, .header-navbar .navbar-wrapper .navbar-container .mega-menu-top .profile-notification { -webkit-transform: translateY(10px); transform: translateY(10px); -webkit-transition: transform 0.10s ease-in-out; transition: transform 0.10s ease-in-out; z-index:0; }
Hello, thanks for this great theme, but the angular version does trigger the reload of all views: https://youtu.be/EVy7MH6NBSs Its not a page reload but it is a bug.

Since the point to buy a theme is to have basic things like this already working, our company decided to issue a refund on this purchase unless… Do you have plans to fix this shortly or have any instruction to fix?


Hello, Soon we will provide the updates of Guru Able. Can you please share you purchase details on codedthemes@gmail.com

Thank you


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