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Great work, GLWS :)

Thank You

Beautiful Work, Good Luck :)

Thank you Joomlastars

Awesome design and coding, GLWS :)

Thank You

Another Great Work ! GLWS :)

Thank you guys

Thank you mate

I’m uploading the .zip file on wordpress and this comes up: Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed


Our template is in HTML not in wordpress. We are working on its wordpress version and that will be available in couple of weeks

Thanks & Regards, jim

Okay, will we need to repurchase this theme for wordpress use or will our original payment cover the wordpress version?

You will need to purchase wordpress seperatly

I also just realized that this is not wordpress format. Do you have a similar version for wordpress yet or is there a similar type of template layourt?

Yeah we are coming with its wordpress version and it should be approved in coming days. You can check its demo here


If you can wait for few days would be great or if you are in hurry, we can sell it outside

Can you please private message/email me as we need this as soon as possible. Thank you.

Please check your email

Hi! I’ve just downloaded the theme, realized that it’s not WordPress so I won’t use it.. Can I can the refund for it? Thanks!

Unfortunately we dont have direct rights to make refunds. You can write to envato support for it.

Btw we have also finish Helium wordpress and its currently under approval process. Here is demo link


Hope you like it. If you can wait for few days would be great else we can sell it outside TF

Thanks & Regards, jim

I accidentally bought this theme as i thought it was a WP theme, can you link me to purchasing the WP version.


Helium WordPress version is under review process of Themeforest and as soon as its approved, it will be available here. If you are in hurry, Please email me on jakjim@gmail.com and we will talk further about it

I read in subscribe.php: us3 replace with your actual data center I’ve entered https://us13.admin.mailchimp.com/, but it does not work, what should I do?

P.S. API and Id are correct

Ok, but now i have another problem!

The “Name” Checkbox is activated and the field is shown on the form. But when I will send up the form I get the error-message: NAME must be provided – Please enter a value.

What should I do?


I solved, it was a wrong setting mailchimp.

Has anyone figured out how to get the ‘Full name’ field on the subscription setting to be sent to mailchimp? The form collects the value but it doesn’t seem to be getting sent properly to mailchimp, the user’s email works just fine though.

Hi, Please note in http://demo.ovatheme.com/helium/demo/home4/ we are using contact form 7 not mailchimp

I recently purchased the theme…had no problem setting up, looks great…but when I uploaded the files to the server the video BG doesn’t play on iPhone 5s – 6s. Can someone help? I’m using Vimeo. It play on desktop. Need help ASAP!!! http://piiff.com/kikatama/index.html

JThemes you emailed me this a few mins ago: “We were using a third party js script. We are checking and we may change the script to make it working with IOS device. We will update you as soon as we have it ready”


This is my response: What 3rd party js script? How long should we wait for this to be fixed…a day, a month, a year?


I’m sorry for the delay. Earlier we have updated okvideo.min.js and updated you and requested to test because we don’t have apple device. We usually check on Google chrome developer tools and it was looking good.

But as you said it was not working for you, We have now changed the script and tested on chrome tools and its showing video in background when we selected iphone/ipad so now I request you to check on real device and let us know if this is working for you now.

I again wants to say sorry because we dont have a real IOS device so we could not test it on real device.

Hope you not consider it as a mistake from ourend

PS. We have directly updated on your server, Our demo is not yet changed with new script

Thanks jim

Hey I was just checking online and I found that autoplay feature is disabled in IOS devices


Please check and let me know how do you want us to make it. We can have a video with play button so users can play it in IOS devices.

JThemes should I request a refund for this theme? I loved the simple design and easy documentation but because it doesn’t work as advertised currently this theme has costed us and is crap if you dont fix…I have never given a 1 star rating but my finger is on the mouse if I have to write another comment concerning the Video Background not working. I’m asking for the last time to correct your theme and give me an ETA than is reasonable. I’ve been a member since 2009!!!!! Envato?????

Yes please make it work! Thank you!