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Great theme!, I am interested in buying it but I would like to know when you think you will have the upgrade where you include blog page, thanks.

I bought it, but sadly, the mobile version is really bugged.

Hello! I am also very interested but I would like to know how easy is it to set up a password on the landing page.

The demo does not show as fullscreen background video…...how can we see this as a Demo?

On the menu screen with the video background, the menu button and the logo overlap. Tested on firefox and chrome but locally.

can you send me the full preview version, something is slightly off.

When to expect for a mobile/tablet fix? The scroll doesn’t work on a Samsung tablet.

I’m currently using this theme on my architecture studio website and it’s dissappointing to see that as pretty as the theme seems on the live preview, the mobile devices AND tablets have no propper support and makes this theme practically useless on this devices.

Please get this fixed.

A lot of people complained, he did not show any interest towards fixing the mobile version. I waited a few days, no response. Not worth tbh

no documentation.

How can I remove the pattern overlayed on the images?

I sent you mail…

Can you resend. I did not receive it.

Hello! Is it possible to add a navigation tooltip at the fullpage-slide-page?

Thanks in advance Gerhard

Hey! did you by any chance received my email? or is it better to send you here? Thanks


Reply sent Roy.


Awesome theme! Having so much fun with it.

I’m glad that you liked! Thanks! :)

Hey, AMAZING theme.

How can i remove the animated on the slider? i actually only want to use a small portion of the theme, having one page, no navigation and one slider image.

Currently the image keeps refreshing


Hi there,

good work and very stunning design. I am really interested in buying this template, but as long as the mobile version is not working properly, the template is useless for me and probably for many other potential buyers as well.

Scrolling on main page does not work on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8 and full screen slider images are cut off when image changes.

You really need to fix this soon.

Best regards!

I bought this and it’s still broken

HI, I bought this lay out one year ago, asking also for a WP realise.

Have you done it?

Thanks DS

Hi,Very nice design,am planing to buy it ,but it has in issue with Chrome as first page is not loading.. can you check and fix it

Hi,Very nice design,am planing to buy it ,but it has in issue with Chrome as first page is not loading.. can you check and fix it

Hi. Seems as though your support isn’t active anymore. Can I get help anywhere else please? My site is having issues on Chrome.

Very nice design! It seems there is an issue with Chrome though: Try opening http://ivang-design.com/hermes/ and you will see “Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined” line 45 of index.php $(window).load(function() {... On Firefox works fine!