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Please provide support to your IOS app customers…

Hi aven59, Please be patient, we work really hard on iOS7 update. I know it already took some time but its not our only product on evanto market…

Hi yosoftware. Please, can you update this theme and make fully responsive. I´m testing in an iphone and a ipad and it looks blocked. Only works the menu.

Hi backfolder, yes ill look into this. Thanks for pointing it out, cheers :)

Hi yo! Don´t bother, it was my fault, I was using skrollr what causes broken scroll in ios devices.

Please, did someone make the slider responsive? I mean working in lower res than 767px?


Its a very well designed website but it closes the browser in iPhone, as I see around one month ago you told to others that you will fix iOS7 issues, is there any real plan to do this? I’m asking because I really like this and if it works I’ll buy it immediately.



Another question, is typography, columns, icons and shortcuts include in the download files?

Hi narenjStudio, that browser crash might be caused by Demo frame You can see here http://demo.yosoftware.com/ If You close that frame on top everything is just fine. Fonts are from google-fonts service, icons from font-awesome and build on bootstrap 3.0 so default columns are included. Cheers :)

Cool, Thanks mate :)

Is there any update? When I use iphone safari I can see wheels percentage in your demo, but in mine keeps in cero. What I´m missing?


Just Purchased and love it, I have one question:

when I add images to the slider (bgfoto), it looks too much bigger than its original size so some parts of the top of my image looks cut, but when I re-size the browser to smaller, the image looks complete and uncut, I think there is a height or zooming or something like that which causes the image slider (bgfoto) looks bigger than it is normally, I just need to show my images in their full height because they are faces and when they look cut from the top it doesn’t work, would you please help me through how should I fix it ?

Looking forward for your message

Best Regards


I have another question which is important for me, as I just want to make 3 news ( which are not news and are some sections I want to add to the website), the next and previous “arrows” are useless on normal browsers for example when users using a PC and view the website in their monitors) but these two arrows are necessary on mobile and tablet screens ( because boxes would hide and you need to use the arrows to see the second and third news box and come back to the first one), so my question is How can I hide arrows in normal browser but they appear in mobile screen? There should be some visibility rules in CSS for responsive and none responsive elements but I’m sorry as I couldn’t figure it out how to do that.

I promise these are my last questions! :)

Best Regards


PS: This question is for portfolio next and previous arrows as well, because I have a full gallery and I want to show just 3 samples in this section.



super theme, congratulations. Q: Where do I change the map data to Google?


Hi sikermix, You will need to edit js/main.js, look for LatLng there and change coordinates. Cheers :)

Thank you! ok!

hey i buyed from you a tempate and it isnt works.. please contact me

Hi otc321, What do You mean? Its just html template… If You have any questions please open ticket at https://yosupport.freshdesk.com Cheers :)

i need it for wordpress and it isnt work.. what am i need to do? and please send me your mail or something

Hi, this is not a Wordpress theme, this is HTML template. This will not work with Wordpress. Sorry.

Great them!