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Hi. Just purchased theme. How do I remove the up arrow on the top menu drop down? Thanks

When hovering over top navigation item (e.g. Pages), a drop down menu appears with sub-nav items. At the top of the drop down menu an arrow appears which in this case points to “Pages.” How do I remove the arrow/triangle? I was unable to find it in the stylesheet. Thanks

Oh I see, sorry!
Remove: .menu ul li li:first-child:after


FYI: imagesloaded.js is missing both from your demo and the download.

Whoops, I do apologize, I will make an update.

I’ve pasted contents of the about.html page (Quotes) on to the index page. But the progress bar for the quote transitions isn’t animating. I believe I have all the javascript and css necessary for it though. Is there a specific order the javascript needs to be ordered in or some kind of conflict between javascript used on the index page and the about page?

Hi, I’ve just tested it and it’s working for me? Do you have <script src=”js/functions.js” type=”text/javascript”></script> in the head?

It’s positioned just before the closing as I saw in one of the included sample pages. If I move it to within the <head>, other elements on the page stop working e.g.: Flickr widget in alternate footer.

Remove from alt_footer.css
.cbp-qtprogress { display:none; }
The Flickr widget shouldn’t stop working with modernizer, at least it didn’t when I tested.
Also, I have the update in the review queue for the missing js file.

*Note: I meant to say <script src=”js/modernizr.custom.js”></script> earlier! Indeed functions.js should be where you have it.

hy ii’d like to buy this template but a have two questions: - is it possible to share the portfolio’s images on facebook, twitter or pinterest through plugin that generate buttons directly on the page? - instead of flickr photostream do you have the code for instagram?

thanks in advance for your kind reply and many compliments, your thempaltes are really amazing!

Hi, you would have to add your own plugins to the template. You could replace Flickr with

ok thanks, you think i can find the plugin on the web? sorry but i’m not so pretty good with html, i’m still learning a lot of things :-) anyway i’m going to purchase your template, if i need a little support can i ask you?

Yes I can help you, if I can! :)

Hi … Great looking template. Just purchased and am installing it now. Question: Is there a way to have the logo div/layer display over the top of the nivo slider? I’ve tried overflow:visible and z-index:999 for both the div and img, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? You can see the logo hidden by the slider on the test page at – Thanks! jerry

Try adding: position:absolute; z-index:999;

Worked perfectly. Thanks!

Jolly good, it looks like it’s going to be a great site! :)


In Flati’s pricing tables, there was a tile-hot class.

Is there something similar for this one, cos I can’t find it?


No sorry it’s not in this template.

No worries. Any suggestions on how to make a price plan stand out though?

You could add a box shadow around it or change the colours?

Is it possible to add a Revolution Slider in which I can add text fly-ins, image objects, etc. Thanks!

Yes you can, it’s almost like my Flati theme where you can see Revolution Slider has been implemented.

Hi. When I tested my site using the iLevel plugin with Pingdom (, I received nearly 2 dozen requests to Flickr images (e.g. The images are slowing down the page. Curious where they are coming from. By the way, I tested this page too (same requests):

Please let me know how to remove.


You can remove the Flickr js from functions.js if you don’t need it.

That was it! Thanks

Hi, when viewing my ilevel site (or even this Live Demo site) in the latest Safari in OS X Mavericks, the top left logo is shown the first time, although without the bouncing down effect.

When you refresh the page, the logo doesn’t appear anymore.

Try it on the Live Demo site without the themeforest toolbar. See here:

How do I fix this please?

Hmmm looks okay now.

So it’s ok now?

Yep. I didn’t need to change anything. It just started working again.

Hello, I’ve two issues with a site I’ve created with this theme

1 – If you go to with your smartphone you’ll see that the logo in the upright position is not positioned correctly, as you can see from the attach.

2 – If you browse the site using ipad or iphone you’ll notice that the telephone and fax numbers in the home page bottom are hidden (on Android they are shown). I’ve seen that they’re hidden (something like color changed) because if you click on them the iPhone make the call but they’re not visible.

Can you help me fix these two problems?


Looking quickly your logo needs to be about 255px you can get rid of the bottom space by adding a negative margin. Something along these lines, you may have to fiddle with it.
 /**** LOGO ****/
.logo a{
    margin:18px 0 -7px 0;
    webkit-transition:all 0.3s ease-in;  
    -moz-transition:all 0.3s ease-in;  
    -o-transition:all 0.3s ease-in;  
    transition:all 0.3s ease-in;

Ok #1 solved. Thanks. Can you help also in the second issue about the phone and fax number that in iOS are the same red color of the background?

I haven’t got any IOS devices here to check at the moment sorry. I only have my laptop. Have you changed any of the code? If you can see them when highlighted you need to changed the colour in the media queries, although I’m not sure why!

I’haven’t changed the code. If you’ve any occasion to try iOS you’ll se what I mean. Here’s a screenshot. As you can see after tel and fax the text is of the same color of the bg.

Can be something related to the color of text in particular conditions like, for example, if the iOS understand that there’s a number and make it a link…

Hi, you could experiment by changing the link colour in the css to test it. Or the strip link colour
.strip a { color: #f4f4f4; }

That one worked. Thank you very much!

the PSD’s are included?

No sorry I hand code from scratch so I don’t make psd’s of the layout.

Hi there. I just purchased this theme and tried to upload it to my site (using wordpress 3.8.1), but got the dreaded “missing style.css” error. I tried uploading just the green theme, which was also missing a style.css, so that didn’t work.

Looking through the `css` folder in the green theme, I found a css file called `theme.css` that looked like it might have the required theme headers. I copied that, put it in the root directory of the green theme, and uploaded a zip of that, but then wordpress complained that the theme did not contain an `index.php` file.

Any idea why it’s so angry with me, or what I can do to appease it? Thanks!

This is a html template not a Wordpress theme, that’s why it won’t load.

Ah. We really thought this was a Wordpress theme. Is there any way we can get a refund since we intended to update our Wordpress site and have no use for this theme. We’ll delete this from our computer and will not be using it.

You will have to contact support as I can’t give refunds, sorry.

Hello. I’ve a problem navigating the site with Chrome or Next Browser under android. Problem is that the submenu are not selectable. When I click on a menu and the submenu appear, I click on one of the submenu and absolutely nothing happen.

If you want to check you can try


I’m sorry but I haven’t got an Android phone to test. The menu is supposed to work on all mobiles, maybe you could ask on :

are you planning on upgrading this template to the latest bootstrap version 3.x?

If we have enough time will will.

any plans to make this an MS Orchard Template?

No sorry.

Hi, I just purchased it and this is a nice work, but I have a request. I want a sticky header. I checked older comments and one of them you said that you did but as far as I see header is not sticky. Can you do that ? or help me to do that ? I want a header just like your another theme called Art23. Thanks in advance.

Hi, this template doesn’t have a sticky header. The older comment refers to a change in the menu’s design.

Can you do that ? or at least help me to do that ? Since you are the owner of the Art23, it should be easy for you.

It’s not as simple as that, and I am unable to take on any customization work at present due to work overload. You can try and add: position:fixed to the menu. If not I’m sure there’s somebody on Microlancer who can help you.

antes de adquirir esta pagina, quiero saber si aun se puede ya que no he visto comentarios recientes, muchas gracias


I need your support for iLevel template. I’d like to set a static menu, and having it always visible while scrolling the page down. I didn’t found the istruction on page or css files. Could you please help me?

Thanks and cheers

you sell this theme. But others sell too