Discussion on Imago - Multipurpose HTML5 Template

Discussion on Imago - Multipurpose HTML5 Template

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The mobile version of this theme creates a ton of extra space to the right of the page. How can this be fixed?


No problem!

Can you provide me with your e-mail and we will communicate there?

Thank you! :)

Hey I bought this theme and the theme won’t upload in WordPress when I want to add it. Please help!!!!!

Or how do I use this html version and add it to WordPress?

you can purchase wordpress version and after i will give you instruction how to refund.

Thanks :)

Hi, can you show me how to get the refund first? I don’t want to be put in the same situation. Then I will. Many thanks! This is urgent as well…Please let me know!

Did you ever get to the bottom of adding two locations as I need to add a couple of locations? It would be nice to tab between them.

I bought this theme and have two questions. Firstly, can I get the PSDs please and secondly, how I add/replace the background images on the Minimal design index.html page?

Are those images not referenced in the html then? In sections like the Portfolio for instance it’s clear and easy to replace them but the background ones I can’t see. For instance there is an image behind the statistics section but can’t see that referenced here

<!- statistic-section================================================== -> <section id=”statistic-section”>

Some Fun facts

Completed Projects

Awards Received

Happy Client

Coffee Consumed

</section> <!- End statistic section ->

Ignore me, it’s referenced in the CSS. Thanks. Just the minimal PSDs are fine thanks

ok, writte me your email and i will ask our designer to send you minimal psd.

Thanks :)

applying an image or logo increases by 125% , losing resolution. As correcting to appear with 100 % image size ?


First thanks for purchasing our work.

why should increases with 125%? do you need it. can you send a screenshot how it’s looking and what do you need ?

Thanks :)

Great theme!

Some specific questions regarding the restaurant layout:

1) Where can I edit the text for the mobile menu? 2) How can I make the navbar stick to the top? I do not want it to scroll with the page but instead remain stacked above everything else. Neither navbar-static or navbar—fixed have worked for me and they seem glitchy. What else do I need to change? 3) I have tried removing the overlay on the slider images by editing the JS at the bottom of the home page but it does nothing (dottedOverlay:”none”). I would like to completely remove the overlay from all slider images.

Can you send us screenshot what problems are you seeing with menu item, i think it’s working perfect and non of customers had this problem.

1.All styling you can edit in style.css but you should be familiar with html&css. At the end of style.css you have
   @media (max-width: 767px) {

here you should add style for mobile

2. in style.css find this code and remove
#home-section .slotholder:after {
  position: absolute;
  content: '';
  top: 0;
  left: 0;
  width: 100%;
  height: 100%;
  background: rgba(51, 51, 51, 0.6);
  z-index: 2;
3. instead of this
<a class="navbar-brand" href="index.html">Ima<span>go</span></a>

you should do this

<a class="navbar-brand" href="index.html"><img src="your-logo-path.jpg" alt="" /></a>

4. Imago doesn’t have social media in header, but if you are familiar with html and css you can add them and style them in your way. Adding things that are not included in demo it’s not part of support. you can copy html tags from footer and after that you should style in style.css file.

Thank you for your reply. Which e-mail can I send the screenshot and remaining problems too?

Hi, send them to nunforest@gmail.com , maybe our html developer can help you cause tomorrow he is going on a trip.

Thanks :)

Hi could you tell me how to put in two sets of map coordinates as our company has two locations. Thanks!

Hi, our contact map support only one location in map, we will look if we can do something in this direction but for moment it support only one location


Hi could you tell me how to put in two sets of coordinates as our company has two locations. Thanks!

Hi, our contact map support only one location in map, we will look if we can do something in this direction but for moment it support only one location


First of all, this is a stunning template set.

Q1. Please can you direct me to a demo of an inner page that has a left sidebar with inner page navigation to navigate between pages.

Q2. Is it possible to mix and match templates so that the home page can be horizontal navigation header, then inner pages to have the vertical header?

Thank you.

Hi mcollins,

Q1. i don’t understand quite good what do you need all demo pages are in live preview. Q2. Yes you can but you shoud be familiar with html & css code

Thanks :)

Please link to a page where you have left sidebar with menu items in the left sidebar.

Thank you’

Hello Nunforest , I recently bought the Imago – Multipurpose HTML5 Template and I chose to work on the Interior version. Even though the demo version seems to work perfectly through IE,on the downloaded version of the Interior template IE does’t play the main slideshow. Do you have an idea how I can fix that?

Can you add it online, i can check easier what’s wrong.

Thanks :)

It seems that putting it online fixed the problem. Thank you very much for your support!

thanks too :)

Hello Nunforest!

Firstly, these bunch of themes are immensely beautiful. I have one question though.

I’m looking to build a gaming based community and so, I’m wondering, would it be possible to mix elements of say, your magazine theme with the personal theme? More specifically, if I begin with the personal theme -

1. Can I customise the landing pages to show recent and trending articles etc.

2. Can I create forums, intricate user profiles, include live streams etc. ?

3. Even if the landing page is taken from say, the personal theme, can I customise the inner article pages to reflect those of the magazine’s

Do let me know and thank you in advance for your feedback .

Hello SeanB793

you can make them but you should be familiar with html & css, cause there are too many things you want to add, also mixing elements from different layouts can caused bugs in style, but you should be familiar with coding to fix them.

Thanks :)

HI! Just purchased the theme, it is awesome and very complete. im using magazine theme and have a couple of questions: How do i add a slider at the home page header and in the post pages header? Thanks a lot!


open a topic in our forum and our html developer will help you do it

Thanks :)

Where is the forum? cant find any link…

Hello again I have successfully set up your great theme, but I have two questions about the email and map. Where I change the map coordinates? and what I can be doing wrong with the mail? I set the correct PHP (I think) but does not send emails. Thanks!! and sorry for the inconvenience :)

open script.js file and find this line

var contact = {"lat":"-33.880641", "lon":"151.204298"}; //Change a map coordinate here!

Contact form doesn’t work localy, only online in server.

Thanks :)

Is it possible to set the mobile menu to appear under 1000px, if so how?

Hi! Is today when will be online wordpress version?

today we are going to upload, but reveiw process from themeforest review team maybe can delay it 2, 3 or max 7 days.

Thanks :)

Awesome. How long is the review process? A day? A week? A month?

the review process depend on envato reviewer team, it can be 2 days and max 7 days, not more than this.

Thanks :)

Will the Wordpress version be available this week?

tomorrow we are going to upload wp version, and after review process you can purchase it.

Thanks :)

Can we get a Wordpress version of this theme?

Any news on Wordpress Version?

we are waitting since wednesday, i really don’t know why they are so slow in review process. Hope to see it online until tomorrow :)

Hi I’m Sunil from Delhi. I want to Buy your WordPress License(Convert HTML to WordPress). Tell me how can I buy with you price ? Contact: sunilpujee@gmail.com

We don’t sell wordpress rights, we are developing it, and it’s near finish wp version. after a week it will be online.

Thanks :)

congratulations on the excellent theme . I recently bought , and I have a question: where I find the icons “fa ” for example i class = ” fa fa -globe “

Thanks !!


Thanks for purchasing our template, Here you can find them http://fontawesome.io/icons/

Thanks again :)

thank you very much . I love this template !! :)


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