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Yesterday i purchased your theme and i dont know how to set widget and parameters i am just able to set only menus.Document is not so easy to understand.

Waiting for your help :crying::depressed:

Hi all, we released a new vcard theme.

I received this message when trying to install the theme

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Hi, please unzip the package, you will find the theme under “Theme” folder.


Thank you.


You will continue to support impressive card?


Hi, yes sure.

After upgraded my theme to the latest version and after I did for some reason the portfolio does not work. If I switch it back it works again.

Any idea how to solve. I also set all the widget parameters per the documentation.



Would it be possible to add a social icon för Instagram in next update??

Best, Daniel

Can a widget be added for blog posts? If so can I see a demo? thanks

Thank your for you reply and support. Looking forward to purchasing this theme by tomorrow. I’m so impressed by your work. Keep it up. Do you have a G+ profile?

Thank you. Added you to my circles. Looking forward to your posts.

I get no response in the support. I bought this theme, but it is not working on WordPress.. The only thing I see when installing and activating is a white screen.. I have tried so many things. Zip installed in Wordpress. Manually via FTP program and removed and reinstalled. Nothing works :( Only i get a white screen once I activate this theme.

Hi, replied in your topic, sorry for the delay.


I’m trying to get support for the ImpressivCard WP theme (great theme by the way!) but I first have to register for the support forum using my purchase code. I have found the code, but when I insert it I get this error:

Warning: [removed]

Can you help me out? I would like some support but I can’t get on the forum before this is fixed.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, there is an error in the registration form, I’m trying to fix it.

Please send your message with your purchase code via this page. I will register you manually.


Good day! I am writing in bad English = (. I can not log you on the support forum, there is an error

Warning:file_get_contents link removed per author request: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP / 1.1 422 Unprocessable Entity in /home3/[...]/public_html/pixelwars.org/wp-content/plugins/bbpress/bbp-themes/bbp-twentyten/bbpress/loop-forums.php on line 30.

I have a problem with the layout in your theme, setting, all default. please take a look at what could be the problem domain – t04ka.ru

Hi, please send us a mail about your problem using the contact form on our profile, I will send you login credentials manually.



Hi Pixelwars, will i get content as shown in the theme, because I am not developer. I can simply edit the content. Please clear my doubt. I want to buy this awesome theme.

Hi, you can make it exactly as in our demo site. Theme has a documentation file that should help you. If you have questions you can also use our support forums, we will help you.


Hi , I am not able to set up portfolio page like displayed on theme. All projects are displayed in big images. I want same layout like shown in theme. Please help me. Check out this: http://jitendra.co/#/portfolio

is this theme compatible with go daddy? It doesn’t seem to be functioning properly and won’t let me change any of the features :/

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

linkedin social link doesn’t go to my linkedin url, just reloads home page. Any idea? i’m running version 3.7

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Great work! I can’t decide the theme I will use because of yours. Can you please tell me, is your demo updated or not? Because I don’t see any blog pages on demo and also in mobile version menu.

Hi, we haven’t added blog to menu but you can add if you like. Thank you.

Thank you for your support. Can you check my other question in your cvcard theme page?

sure, just replied.

I should have read closely ’ no support ’ very wrong how you can sell something in multitude and not back it up with support.

I will ask publicly maybe someone else can help.. . Does any one know how to change the width of the ‘main box’ in the middle, its very restrictive if you want to add other plugins they dont fit, Ideally I wish for this to be full size, or close

Hi, one question before purchasing. This theme uses jquery for the homepage. Will it change my homepage url, to like http://mydomain.com#addingsomethinghere ? I like this theme. Really creative. But I don’t want to have suffix in my url. Waiting for your reply. Thanks

Hi, your homepage url will stay the same without any hasthag as in our demo site url, no hashtag by default;



Hi, I just bought your great theme but currently I´m desperate. Is it possible to skip the ”#” in my URLs? My URL should be “www.mysite.com/about-me” instead of “www.mysite.com/#/about-me”?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Best, Lukas

Hi, sorry but ”#” in the url is required in order to theme script work correctly.


I have installed your theme on wordpress 4.1 and uploaded the dummy data. however, this theme is absolutely broken. (you can see this here: http://leshem.co)

Hi, sorry this theme is no longer supported as we stated in the item description a while ago. However you can still register to our support forums and check previous topics in the theme’s forum.


Unable to work.. after sample data, below error showing.. Uncaught TypeError: $(...).jmpress(...).data is not a function

Nothing is displaying on pages after import.. JImpress error showing in concole, can anybody help how to get it fixed?

Hi, sorry this theme is no longer supported as we stated in the item description a while ago. However you can still register to our support forums and check previous topics in the theme’s forum.


Is it a Wordpress theme or HTML Template?

Hi, this is WordPress theme, but it also has HTML version;