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Cool stuff! :)


Thanks GoodLayers :)

Impressive indeed! Love it! :)


Awesome theme pixelwars, glws mate! ;)


Great job there :)


Are you only allow to have 4 pages? or can you add more?

It is possible to add more pages.

Nice transitions… :)

Thank you.

hi, in your demo page animations is mixed. i buy this theme but in admin panel i must chose which animation ? for like your demo animation ?

Please use our support forums for support requests: http://www.pixelwars.org/forums

yes i write there too. but you arent reply yet…


Hello. It doesn’t work on RockMelt Browser (Google Chrome based). Can you check it please? But checked it in other browsers and it is simply awesome! Nice work!

Hi, thanks, we support only major browsers (official versions).

Very! Very nice template! Good luck for sales!

Thank you.

Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing. I’m wondering if there is some sort of instruction file to guide users recreate the sort of effects you have in the demo? Thanks, Domenico

Yes, a detailed documentation file comes packed within the download package. And we have support forums for further help.

great stuff! Love it!


Planing to buy this theme for my resume, mine is not in Wordpress is HTML version http://about.virgiliodelavega.com/

1. How can I add a top menu to add diferrent languajes buttons? My resume have different languajes, english, spanis and sooner in french, so I need to add different buttons for each languajes

2. the about me page is it possible to add more web pages at right



1-) We can help you to add a language menu to header if you create a topic on support forums about it.

2-) You mean personal titles (name, age etc…) on the right on about me page, yes you can add as much as you want, they are custom shortcodes. If you mean adding a new page it is also possible.

Nice, so you can create a languaje menu bar, very appreciate :D

Yes I meant add another web site on right side on about page

And for sure I could add any pages I need for my resume in different languajes, right?

You can use multilingual plugins for different languages.

Great theme pixelwars,

but i need to help with installation. I follow by …/impressivcard-wp-package-v1.0/Documentation/help.html but i dont know where to insert these codes: Portfolio single content: (Sidebar) Portfolio single content: (Full width) Portfolio single content: (Lightbox)

I can not register on the site http://www.pixelwars.org/forums This is the reason why I’m writing here.

Regards, Tomas Marek

We only provide support via our support forums. You need to sign up to support forums with your purchase code, and then you can create a topic about your problem, thanks.

Ok I’m now registered but i dont recieved password via mail. My login streetjellycz // email: marek.tomas.226@seznam.cz


Wow that’s original ! :)


Very nice!! I been looking for this kind of theme for a long time. Stupid questions from a new to WP. Can I post a blog? Can I use plugin SEO ?

Thanks! Micael

Hi, this design doesn’t have a blog page, but alternatively you can install a seperate wp blog then put a link to menu which goes to that blog page. And you can use seo plugins with the theme.

double post.