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When I click on video slider changes. I tryed it with youtube and video videos. Will you please help?

Solved it. My fault. Thanks.

Ok I’m glad you solved it ;)

Arrows are not showing in IE10 on the slider—any way to fix this? —sorry didn’t mean to post here…

Arrows are not showing in IE10 on the slider—any way to fix this?

Arrows are not showing in IE10 on the slider—any way to fix this?

they does work for me on ie10, any screenshot? :)

I think its due to SharePoint—I’m running it in an iframe.

IE10 is not picking up the font type within SharePoint


When I change the Footer colors from 383838 to 151f38 and 2C2C2C to 151f38 the arrows next to Useful Links disappear and the Twitter icons do as well. Any ideas? Thanks.

You need to set UTF-8 in text editor, not html markup. Use Notepad++ or Sublime editor.

We have tried all suggestions and still have problems. Can you please send email address so I can send screenshots? Thank you.


We are currently running this site in an environment that must run in IE 8 as the default mode. I have noticed that the animation for the homepage slider creates shadows behind the images and text during the animation. It only happens in IE8 and if you change the view mode to other IE’s it is fine. Unfortunately, I am stuck with IE8 for this domain.

Have you figured out a solution to this - any help would be much appreciated! Thanks so much - Great work here!

Blasted IE!

If it’s related with revolution slider I’m afraid I can’t help and I can only suggest to use flexslider instead.

Need to indent the second level of

    . Need the One, Two, three to indent from the left.
  • section b
    • one
    • two
    • three

Need to indent the second level of my ordered list. Need the One, Two, three to indent from the left. It does in the example below but not when I use the provided CSS.

  • section b
    • one
    • two
    • three
  • try to add data-autorotate="3000" to testimonials-carousel div. Should work

    Perfect. Thanks for the quick response.

    you’re welcome. ;)


    I am getting the following error when using the contact form:

    NS_ERROR_IN_PROGRESS: Component returned failure code: 0×804b000f (NS_ERROR_IN_PROGRESS) [nsICacheEntry.dataSize]

    I am not sure that this error means, googling hasn’t realty provided any information, but what I can tell you is it is happening shortly after I am submitting a valid form on the contact page.

    The is happening in all browers, currently I am testing in the newest release of firefox.

    How do you get the slider to pause when clicking to play an embedded video?

    For both issues, or just the video audio issue?

    Sorry, figured out why the slides weren’t auto-advancing – syntax error on my part. Thank you all your help and excellent site template, too!

    Ok, I’m glad you solved that.

    Hello there,

    I purchased and installed Incredible theme on

    Two main problems so far: the theme lacks of customization features, I’ve been asked to purchase the pro version, I thought the version I purchased already includes everything.

    Ebor page builder has no items. When I try to make a new page there’s nothing on the left column.

    Is this the case of a wrong installation process maybe?

    I had troubles uploading the theme zip through wordpress so I had to upload it via ftp.

    Thanks for your precious help


    I needed the wordpress version but I’m afraid I purchased the html one.

    How can I proceed?


    You can buy WordPress version there:

    If you want to get refund for HTML, please contact Envato Support at


    Hi, Could you please advise us how to make tabbed menu? Thank you.
    Please see attached image (gray background tab with white font.) We would like to have tabs on main navigation links.

    I still do not understand what do you mean by tabs.”Tabbed” menu is shown in demo preview and looks like you got them on your site:

    We have main navigation links under “About”. When we use dropdown menu below “About”, almost 1/3 of dropdown menu box width is not visible and spread outside of browser window on the right side.

    Please advise how to move dropdown menu to the left instead to the right so all the text is visible? Please see attached image.

    Please send me your style.css and index.html file: info [at]

    Hi, don’t you have by any chance this template coded with latest bootstrap or uikit? Current code is quite outdated..

    Unfortunately I’m not planning any update for Incredible. I’m focusing on newer/future projects.

    Too bad :( Well, let’s move it to uikit myself..

    Hi! I really like this template especially the slider. But I have a problem with it. I tried the YouTube video in the slider, but the YouTube preview image missing. I put this video in other area in the same page. It worked fine. I wonder this error was caused by “layerslider.kreaturamedia.jquery.js” with getting YouTube thumbnail code. Will you please help? The YouTube link is below. <iframe width=”600” height=”338” src=”” frameborder=”0”></iframe>

    Thank you

    Hi, I don’t know why (it’s question to layerslider developer) but you need custom thumbnail image on youtube that have at less 1280×720px. Then thumbnail will works in slider.

    Hi, by default all sub-dropdown items on the main menu open to the right. What code we need to use to open to the left?

    Thank you!

    Thank you for your patience and help. I appreciate it very much!

    Last child menu and submenu are OK. They are opening to LEFT.

    But submenu of menu in middle are not opening to LEFT – but to the RIGHT.

    #navigation ul li:last-child:hover ul {
        left: auto;
        right: 0;
    #navigation ul li:hover ul li:hover ul ,
    #navigation ul li:last-child:hover ul li:hover ul {
        left: auto;
        right: 182px

    Yipeeee!!! It is finally working! :)))) Everything is working fine and words do not go off screen.


    Wishing you Happy Holidays!!! Have a great day!

    Dear friend I like to know if it is possible to modify/change or add some colors. Thank You! Regards,

    yes, in /colors folder there are predefinied colors available