Discussion on INKA - Retro Responsive WordPress Theme

Discussion on INKA - Retro Responsive WordPress Theme

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So many errors and warnings for the Live Preview

sorry about that, and thanks for the head up

Cannot get necessary support through Beantown Themes because the Envato Purchase Code is “for another product” even though I have not purchased any other product through Envato. CSS has suddenly quit working. Font defaults are not pulling in. I can manually change the Headers to the correct font and size, but that defeats the purpose of having a CSS file.

I’m getting errors when installing visual composer and revolution slider:

“Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.”

Please start a post on our support forum http://support.beantownthemes.com

Will you be adding a “landing page” (a page without a header) to this template anytime soon?

No but if you simply want to hide the header you could do that with:


I recently purchased and downloaded this theme, but after installing it I’m finding it very buggy (several of the plugins won’t install- visual composer and revolution slider) and I’m pretty irritated that although you’re directing people to your support site, there’s no way to post in the forum, email somebody, or in any way get ahold of anybody who can fix the issues I’m having even after signing up for an account on the site and verifying my purchase. At this point, this new customer has lost faith in your product and I would like my money back now.

Maybe don’t sell a theme as premium if its going to be broken and ill supported.

There is of course a way to get support on our support forum, you need to go here (after logging in) and click “create topic”. Thanks

Yeah, I’ve created an account, logged in, and it sends me back to the main forum page and doesn’t register that I’ve logged in so the option to “create topic” doesn’t exist for me. The bugginess of the theme as well as your support forum has me skeptical of using the theme in my site and I’d really just prefer a refund. I really like the design and function of the demo however and I’d certainly try it for another project after the bugs have all been resolved. I’ll happily leave a more favorable review when I get my money back for this theme that doesn’t work for me for now.

Just sent you an email, thanks

I am not able to install plugins that came with theme – API error…what to do

Something went wrong with the plugin API. Results when I try to install them.

Please start a post on our support forum http://support.beantownthemes.com

How can i edit the 404 page ? Thanks

Appearance > Theme Options > 404 Page

When will you be updating for visual composer? 4.3.4 installed. Update to 4.4.3…...VC or theme inserts

after and before each quote statement. This breaks the page...any help would be appreciated. Yes, I’ve started a thread.

Hello i have an answer about the inka wordpress template before to payed. this template is compatible wordpress 4.1.1 ? thanks for your reply. Gilles

Yes the theme is compatible with 4.1.1 thanks :)

I need to update the theme. Not sure if my customization will remain intact after updating. Where can I find information about this?

Please start a post on our support forum http://support.beantownthemes.com

Hi guys, just writing for a short question, is this theme compatible with wpml widgets? Thanks!

Hello, first of all I would like to thank you about the great job you’ve done on the theme.

I would like to put the blog posts in the footer to be displayed as in the demo, but couldn’t find a widget that makes this. How do I make the posts display as in the picture -> http://imgur.com/iaejDyM

thanks in advance!

Found my answer! The widget is called blog Posts. You can delete my comment. Thanks

Glad you found it :) If you could do us a quick favor and rate the theme (from your downloads tab at themeforest) we would greatly appreciate it, thanks!

I was just about to buy this theme when I noticed a few comments mentioning that the code is buggy. Have these problems been addressed?

Great looking theme!

Yes, it works great, and we have a support forum if you need any specific help after purchase, thanks!

thanks for the super quick reply!

I am interested in purchasing this theme. But I would be using it for a blog. Is there a way to put the posts directly under the tagline on the home page?

Yes, that can be done

Thanks! And are all backgrounds, customizable?

Yes they are

I’ve purchased this theme and created an account on your website as I have a question I’d like answering. I have registered on your website but can’t seem to view threads on the forum or post a question. Please help.

Make sure you’re clicking on the correct product on the forum if you have already verified your purchase code. If you still have an issue send your purchase code to me through the form on my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/BeantownThemes and I’ll set you up on the forum.

Ah, feel a little embarrassed now. I was expecting to have full access to the forum once I logged in – I was also expecting to see the “Create An Account” button and “RETURNING USERS” section in the righthand sidebar to disappear. Never mind. Topic submitted. Thank you.

how do I remove the plus sign on the gallery?

Please start a post on our support forum http://support.beantownthemes.com

Theme has a lot of bugs in code, I can’t use any CSS/JS optimizer because after concatenate files it stop working… Page Speed Insight reports a lot of problems…

We’ll take a look, thanks. You can start a post on our support forum if you have questions: http://support.beantownthemes.com

This theme is buggy and not developed very well. 1. My Social icon block only has 2 social links but the width of the social icon block does not adjust and remains width of 5 icons causing my menu to look bad. 2. sticky header is behind my slideshow and other items when scrolling down the page. 3. logo in sticky header does not scale down on scroll making a big header if you have large logo.

I need to know the correct css to change menu width picture of problem http://imgur.com/KEyttSb

Please start a post on our support forum so we can help out with some CSS: http://support.beantownthemes.com

Hi, what is the portfolio short code for displaying only a specific category? On my homepage, I would like to display one specific category of my portfolio. Thanks!

Please start a post on our support forum: http://support.beantownthemes.com

Hi, Tryied to remove visual composer and now it break my wordpress default editor. It is a theme issue. I never wanted visual composer. Can you please help fix. Thanks

Please start a post on our support forum: http://support.beantownthemes.com


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