Discussion on Isomorphic - React Admin Dashboard Template

Discussion on Isomorphic - React Admin Dashboard Template

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I used the last update. I follow the instruction in readme. After run pnpm install successfully, rename .env.local.example to .env.local, then I run pnpm dev and see this error:

❌ Invalid environment variables: { NEXTAUTH_URL: [ ‘Required’ ], GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID: [ ‘Required’ ], GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET: [ ‘Required’ ] }

I go to file env.mjs and comment out validation of those env variables, then I can run pnpm dev without these error but it redirect to http://localhost:3000/signin?error=Configuration then show error ‘decryption operation failed’

Hi Please open a support ticket and our technical support team will assist you.

how to fix it? Error [ERR_REQUIRE_ESM]: require() of ES Module C:\Users\yagam\OneDrive\Desktop\project\isomorphic-nextjs\node_modules\@glidejs\glide\dist\glide.js from C:\Users\yagam\OneDrive\Desktop\project\isomorphic-nextjs\.next\server\pages\dashboard\my_profile.js not supported. glide.js is treated as an ES module file as it is a .js file whose nearest parent package.json contains “type”: “module” which declares all .js files in that package scope as ES modules. Instead rename glide.js to end in .cjs, change the requiring code to use dynamic import() which is available in all CommonJS modules, or change “type”: “module” to “type”: “commonjs” in C:\Users\yagam\OneDrive\Desktop\project\isomorphic-nextjs\node_modules\@glidejs\glide\package.json to treat all .js files as CommonJS (using .mjs for all ES modules instead).

Hi Our technical support team will look into it and will respond back to your ticket.

Why can’t you solve my problem? or I want to return

Hi our support team will soon provide you with solution.

npm run start, Error: error:0308010C:digital envelope routines::unsupported

im using nodejs v18.12.1, help

Hi Please open a support ticket and our technical support team will assist you.

i wonder what version of react support this template?

thanks for your reply

Hi It is mentioned in our item details 17.0.2

hi this quesiton based on this item


i have some questions.

1. it only for wordpress? this themefroest is typically sell wordpress templates, so i just worried it can only used wordpress. cause i will use this template for others..

2. it can be used on next.js? i will used this template on next.js 12.x version and this is with react 18.x version. this tempalte can be work successfully on next.js?

thanks for your reply


Hi 1. its a react template 2. you can use it with Next js. but we have not upgraded to next.js 12 and react 18 so you will have to use our template suggested versions of react and next.js

Hello, I bought the theme. I use isomophic-nextjs but pages rendering is very very slow. Why ?

Hi Can you please open a support ticket from the below link https://redqsupport.ticksy.com/

Hello. How soon will this template be updated?

Hi Unfortunately at present we can not comment on timeline on our next update.

Hi, unable to load the chat page. I have sent the firebase app and give all configurations including database url but seems I need data for that. Can you please help me out here? And also your documentation seems outdated.

Hi Please open a support ticket and our technical support team will assist you. You will be able to open a support ticket from the below link https://redqsupport.ticksy.com/

Hi, I already did, here is the ticket number, #3049234.

Hi Our support team looks at tickets on queuing basis and soon they will respond back to your ticket.

Hi, please update the theme.

Hello, can I use this template in my next js project!

We recommend our user to use our template and start developing in here. It’s possible to use this template in your next js project but that might require lots of work.

Submitted a support ticket. No reply

replied it had most of the info you have requested in my initial ticket. please respond

Hello? anyone there. No point in replying to my ticket with questions that are already answered in my ticket!!

If you are not bothered refund my payment I can go elsewhere

We always suggest our user to share screenshot or videos in their ticket and share as much details as possible so that our technical support team can replicate that issue on their end. We noticed that your ticket lack details to check your issue properly as mentioned by the support team. Lack of details can cause delays in support response so we suggest to follow the guidance from the support team and share as much details possible to check your issues.

PS: Support response can take from 24-48 hours based on the number of tickets are submitted before your ticket and replies. We maintain a queue process to provide fair support to all of our users.

Hi, how do we disable the “signin” page? I want people to see the app without having to be signed in. I want them to be able to go straight to the dashboard or some sort of homepage.

Hi Please open a support ticket so that our technical support team can assist you.

hello, please ask ur developers to remove the dependency on “node-sass” this is officially deprecated package and causes build errors. please replace it with “sass”.

this is for ur nextjs package.

Hi we will soon push an update.

Does the template support DataTables? any examples..?

We are using AntD table https://ant.design/components/table/ But you can implement any js library you want as this is a very standard react template.

Hello Everyone,

We have included separate next.js version in our latest update. So from now on you can just use the next js version without having to use our monorepo setup.

This was most anticipated request in the last few months so we had to include it sooner than later.

Best of luck with Isomorphic for your Business, Learning, Project, Personal, Client, MVP and any other way you can make the best use of this template.

Best regards Redqteam

which version of react and next is used in latest update?

Please go to the below file


and comment out or remove the below line from that file

import ’./CandleStick.scss’;

it should fix the issue for you if not let us know via support site.

NB: Already replied to your ticket about this solution but also sharing here so that others can use it. Although we will provide an update for this soon so this solution shouldn’t be necessary for user who will see this response after this week.

Thank You for great support

you are welcome

I have a few question regarding the packages.

1) I am using the Isomorphic-servers package for now, if I want to for example add a table to my dashboard view should I edit the code in the shared folder or should I create a new component that copys that code and save it in the isomorphic folder. Which is best for future updates that continues to uphold the monorepo standards?

2) Is there a way I can see the demo code so I can see some examples of all the components being implemented??

Other than that everything looks great :)

I also opened a ticket asking these questions but I dont know which has the faster response times so my apologies for duplicating these. My github username is ObaidaSaleh if you can please add me to the repos

Please check replied to you on your ticket.

Hi Team,

I have query related to Ionicons. In google map the icons are not loaded.

Where we imported the Ionicons.

please submit a support ticket with as much details as possible so that our technical team can have a look at it.

when trying to start your template, it returns the error: “ENOENT: no such file or directory, lstat ’/node_modules’ ” How can I work around the error?

Hi Can you please open a support ticket with relevant details so that our technical support team can assist you.

demo link doesnt work


is there another demo you can share

it is working fine for us.


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