Discussion on It's Brain - Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Template

Discussion on It's Brain - Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Template

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Hi there is no any php files will do the upload process. am I missed something?


I am not sure i understand. What upload process? Please clarify.


image upload…

There are 3 custom file uploaders, browser native and 2 native in custom styling. Which one are you using? in any case there is no any server side implementation, it’s up to developers to integrate it according to specific needs.


the demo site is down

Fixed, thanks!

Sir , can buy this template to use my application which i gonna develop ERP application and upload codecanyon to use as instance based, please give me a genuine answer .

Hi, I just bought the theme. The documentation says that the php files should be in the downloaded file, but I cannot find it anywhere, and I have checked properly. Can you please check if it is present in the current version? Thanks.

Hello, I want to get show the data’s in from another site.(samples: http://tweepsmap.com/ and http://sociograph.io/ and https://pro.iconosquare.com/) In this template(It’s Brain) instead photo link and infographics can you put it? So I import data from other sites. Can we do this the data transfer?


Hi, I have a question. The file upload part, after files upload there is no option to upload another file. Uploaded files stands there and upload button disabled after upload finish.


Try to set multiple_queues option to true in uploader configuration. This option re-activates uploader after each upload process.


Dear Kopyov,

Your template’s totally awesome. Just for sure before I purchase your template cause I found out a bug in your template. Follow the demo link http://demo.interface.club/itsbrain/liquid/light/form_components.html Tags with autocomplete I didn’t see any autocomplete there. I checked with Firebug, maybe you forgot to upload tags_autocomplete.html file, didn’t you? Can you finish your Tags with autocomplete function?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hello there,

Thanks for pointing out this issue, looks like source file with tags is missing. I’ll fix this issue later this week and let you know when it’s done.



when i click button hide sidebar or use page with collapsed sidebar, and when i hover mouse to left side, they change the cursor from arrow to hand cause the link still active and we can click the link, event we not see anything.

The question is, how to hide the link too,

Thank you.

Hi there,

Thanks for pointing out this issue. You can add a quick fix for it by replacing

.hidden-sidebar .sidebar {
    opacity: 0;


.hidden-sidebar .sidebar {
    opacity: 0;
    visibility: hidden;

This will hide sidebar completely and keep sidebar transition. Will include this fix in the next update.


Mr. Kopyov – can you have 2 Dual selects on the same page? I can only have one working if I do that – I beleive because it is based on id (id=”box1Filter” etc.).


1. Is there was a way to use 2 or more on the same page?

2. In general – questions to you as an expert – please enlighten be brother – why there are so many plugins that rely so heavily on html id (like this one)? I understand before there was no data-* HTML 5 attributes so id was probably an old school of doing things – may be that is why. I just want to hear it from the Web expert like you.

There have always been objects before HTML 5 where they rely on classes rather than ID – and even though that is probably not the cleanest way to do things – it would work with multiple instances of an object.

For example Nifty Modal Windows – they use a md-trigger class to identify the object () – and since classes never conflict with each other in this case – the problem creating of multiple objects in this case is auto solved. (They also use the id to identify the window – probably to make sure that windows have its own unique identifier – but still you can create multiple instance and the way they use the IDs does not get on the way at all)


Want to hear your opinion very bad bro!!! Run into it so many times

Hello there,

Very sorry for late response.

1. This plugin is not maintained anymore and official website is offline. I just started working on a global update for all templates, in a new version i’ll replace this listbox plugin with another library – Dual Listbox, which is in active development and supports a lot of different configurations.

2. Usually ID’s are used for demonstration purposes, also some of the latest plugins rely on ID as they drop jQuery dependency and use native JS.

You can actually use your own selector in plugin configs – ID’s, class names, data attributes, name attributes etc etc. It’s up to you. For example, as per Bootstrap demo:

$(function () {

So, adding data-toggle=”tooltip” to your element enables tooltip.

In a new update, most of the elements will use either class names or data attributes, so they will be more developer friendly.


I purchased a 1.x version a while ago and want to get v2. Do I have to pay again? thanks


No no, it’s absolutely free. Just re-download the package from your downloads page, it includes latest version.


Thanks. I had done that and thought I still got the old version. Turns out I was comparing the “custom” version to what’s shown on themeforest, which by default uses the Bootstrap version. So it’s all good now.

I want to desc rankings table But default mode ascending rankings? I want to do in reverse


You can change the ordering direction by using order option. You can check an example here.


in which file ?

In the file where you have your data table configuration, this option needs to be added to the table config.



How do I validate the CKEDITOR? I have the first version of ADM.



Here is what i found on stackoverflow, should work this way.



a question to your cool admin templates: there are a lot of “plugins” (jquery, js…) inside, but how can i use some of these in our wordpress installation? you have experience with that? we would not use thecomplete plugin, only some of the fancy “plugins” for embed a dynamic graph or dashboard element. and how can we this element then connect with the database that it accesses user data of the corresponding account?

Best Regards Tobias

Hi there.

First of all i want to mention that it is not a WP admin panel, it’s an HTML/CSS template with integrated jQuery plugins. So it will require additional development in order to make it compatible with Wordpress.

Regarding your question – sure, you can use all plugins separately with included styling, all of them are separated and not bundled in 1 file. There is a blank page added to the package which you can use as a base for future development.


Mr. Kopyov – question. I am using the latest Its A Brain Theme Package – and there is a validation.min.js there. I got the validation hooked up and it works perfect but I have a problem. The way validation works is it goes by the name – of the input type=”text” for instance. name=”digits_only” – then it will validate it just fine and work perfectly. My goal is not to use name tag at all as this is preserved for for working with MVC Action Parameters such as name=”iAge” – on Submit that field gets submitted to the form and If I want to validate it the only way for me to do that would be to change that name that I use to for instance digits_only. Can I change it where it uses the ID instead of name to validate it? It tried to play around with it but with no luck yet – hoping you help me out with that sir. Thanks

Hi there.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work without name attribute. You can check docs and discussion on Github. Maybe they will remove this requirement in future versions, but for now it is required…


Hello, before buying wanted to know three things about the template: - Bring the files necessary to connect the tables in a database - Bring the necessary applications to use a chat system (or just a style html) - The html mail can connect to GMAIL (or just a style html) Thank You!


dear author.

i already purchase your product. but i wan to ask you.

Why i get different with your live preview at http://demo.interface.club/?theme=brain

what i download is old version, since i see you live preview is different.

thank you.

Hi there.

The package contains 2 folders: Custom and Bootstrap. Custom – older version without Bootstrap support, Bootstrap – actual version that is used in live preview.

I have a problem uploading images. It seems that It’s Brain will automatically resize them and I dont want it to do so, what should I do in order that the images are uploaded in real size?

Hi there.

Please check resize option in plugin settings in application.js and fell free to remove it:

resize : {width : 320, height : 240, quality : 90}



I encountered a problem with your ItsBrain theme and checkboxes:

We use the ItsBrain theme with AngularJS.

I have the following:

<input type=”checkbox” ng-model=”model.value1”> <input type=”checkbox” ng-model=”model.value1”>

(If you click one checkbox, the other one is set to the same value).

This doesn’t work due to the following script in the ItsBrain theme:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/custom.js”></script>

Inside this script I identified the following two lines causing the problem:

$(”.styled, .styled select, .datatable-header select, input:checkbox, input:radio, input:file”).uniform(); … $.uniform.update(“selectReq”);

If I remove these two lines, the AngularJS-Code works as expected (of cause, the ItsBrain theme doesn’t look very nice then J…)

Another problem is the following:

If you have this AngularJS-Code:

<input type=”checkbox”>

then you get 5 Checkboxes, but you can’t click them!

Do you have any solution for me what we can do here?

Many thanks in advance

Frank Hofmann


I am sorry, but i believe i can’t help much with Angular since i haven’t worked with it. One thing i’d suggest is to check for js errors caused by other plugins in custom.js. ANother thing is this post. Thanks

I do like the fact your template do not follow almost every other theme out there but at the same time the basic’s are missing so many nice things in all the other themes seem to be missing or slugish in your version.


Very soon i’ll push a huge update focused on data visualization and content presentation. I’m back from contract work to full time freelance, so all my time i’ll be working on new templates and updates for existing ones, they really need them!

Thanks! Eugene

it’s a clone (design) based on BoxBilling..

i would say boxbilling is based on it’s brain template


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