Discussion on Journal8 - Mobile-First Drupal 8 Theme

Discussion on Journal8 - Mobile-First Drupal 8 Theme

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Requesting Drupal 9 Version

When will Journal8 support Drupal 8.9? Because after upgrade to Drupal 8.9.7 then Banner (mt_slider_revolution_slideshow_boxed) does not work.

Please update Journal8 to Drupal 9 :)

Any update for Drupal 9 please?


I can’t install the demonstration. The theme “umami” is shown but not journal8. Can you help me with that ?

Where can I translate things like : “Latest, More, Comment, Share, Posted in: …”.

Hi Stephen -

As this is not so easy to respond through a TF comment, would you mind using the instructions provided at the beginning of the user guide, so as to reach out to our support team and create a ticket? That would enable our team to provide you specific guidance, including screenshots, if needed.

Thanks :)

How do I see a demo? When I click to see the demo, I get a blank page

Hi – the issue on the live demo must be a caching issue. If you click on the “Remove frame” you should be able to see the live demo, at the following URL: http://envato.morethanthemes.com/journal8/default/ – would you please confirm?

Just following up with this – the issue with the live demo has been addressed for good. Can you please confirm that you can view it?

Hello. How can I add special features (Time to read, * *Read so far, …) to a new content type? The same way it goes in the detail of POST. Thank you

Hi! Since this is not such an easy question to respond to via a regular comment, can you please reach out to our support team, following the instructions for doing so that are included in the user guide that comes with the theme? Thanks

Thanks!! but we can not find the instructions to contact support team within the user guide that comes with the theme: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J6MiBfO5c28ySrd77DY4T66k3P3HihYqK_oxvDkZh8s/edit Thank you again!

At the very top (header) of the document in the link that you just shared (the link to our User Guide) you will see where to write so as to create a ticket. ;) Our support team will then be taking over. :)

Is the updated version compatible with Drupal 8.4 is available?

Hi Stephen, the theme has been updated to be compatible with Drupal 8.4.x.

So, is the last version 8.x-5.2.0?

Hi Stephen – nope, there’s version 5.3.0.

Nice theme and has been smooth until drupal 8.4. When updated to 8.4.x from drupal 8.3.7, the theme is broken in certain views, drop downs and tabs.

Please guide us to get these things up. We need your advice.



Hi Raju,

Thanks for commenting. A patch to fix the compatibility issue with Drupal 8.4 is underway, as is an updated version of the theme. Stay tuned, please.


This is a pre-sales question. Currently running several Drupal 6 sites. When one acquires a theme such as Journal8 (looks really nice for a newspaper-style site), does one still have the freedom to add additional modules? For example specialized forum modules? And can such a module be featured somewhere on the landing or home page? In other words, change things up a bit? What does this mean for any future Journal8 upgrades? Thanks.

Hi John,

Yes, license-wise as well as in terms of openness, it’s totally fine to add additional modules and/or custom their appearance and configuration. With regard to future updates to the theme, it all comes down to your use of those modules. If you have more specific things in mind, consider shooting us a more specified question and our support team will be glad to assist. You can find information about that in the User Guide that comes with the theme (and is available pre-purchase, as well).

Thanks, MtT

Can you provide detailed instructions installing special features on shared hostings?

Hi and thanks for your question. You should be able to view this in the documentation that comes along with the theme. If you can’t find there what you’re looking for, please feel welcome to create a support ticket using the instructions provided in the documentation and our team will be happy to assist.

Hi. Was wondering if this theme has RTL support? Thanks.

Hi – sorry, it doesn’t have RTL support.

Hello, I’m trying to create an account on your site to get support for Journal8. I contacted support@morethanthemes.com, but they told me I have to contact you on ThemeForest instead since I bought my theme on ThemeForest. What shall I do next? Thanks.

Hi there, you should have now received notification via email about this. Thanks :)

Hello, I would like to send a private message, but I am referred to this page: http://www.morethanthemes.com/?q=product-registration. I did receive a mail with an invoice after I bought the theme, but I cannot find a sharit Reference. Where do I look for this number?

I am trying to hide the node title for a new content type I made. Is there an easy way to do this?

Hi Elket,

can you please email us at the support email address provided within the theme documentation? That will help us help you more efficiently.


How do i rename the template?

Hello, at the first sight this theme seems to me really brilliant. Clean and not overloaded. Just few questions.

1. Is it possible to color single categories? Actually they all have the same color.

2. Logo in sticky menu is actually missing. Possible to add it?

3. It it easy to implement advertising banners?

Kind regards

Hello to greece! :-)

4. Is it further possible to add to buttons with next and previous post? Or at least related posts to the category?

Hi there :)

For convenience, we’re responding point-by-point:

1. This is not supported by default. However, since all the colors are set through CSS you could modify the implementation to set the colors you want. You might as well have to also modify the Views to add the corresponding classes.

2. The fixed header implementation in Journal8 is applied to the Navigation regions. If you place a branding block in this region this will also be visible in the sticky header however the overall height will increase. The site name that is displayed outside of the navigation in the sticky header does not support a logo by default. You could, however, adjust our implementation to load the logo through the template files.

3. If you take a look around the theme pages, you’ll see several parts where the theme comes with lots of slots for advertising banners. It goes without saying that you can add some more. Would you mind clarifying if you have something else in mind?

4. Our D8 implementation doesn’t support this feature. For Drupal 7 and our other themes, we were using the module flippy (https://www.drupal.org/project/flippy), which, for D8, is still in -dev. If there’s another D8 module that gives this functionality you should not have a problem to add it since Journal8 follows best Drupal theming practices and should not break something.

Hope this helps at least as a starting point! :)

Nice buddy, good luck with sales

Thanks, much appreciated :)

Hi, can i get ShareIt number? cause i had lot of question about your theme, regards

Hi ereo, can you please reach out to us via a private message? Thanks

hi, i’ve been reply your email but rejected


Please note that we have not received an email reply from you. Can you please try sending in a private message the ticket number where you got rejected so we can see what might have happened?

Thanks, MTT

how to book (module) navigation block .. just below the content of the article

Hi Zenkul, thanks for reaching out – nice site you’re building, keep it up!

Would you mind explaining what you are referring to by “how to book (module) navigation block .. just below the content of the article”? We’d like to make sure we understand.

If you need to provide us more information installation, check out the included User Guide and documentation for how to open a support ticket with us.

can you reproduce it ? any problem ?

Hi Zenkul, Can you please look at our response above, from days ago?

Hi I have problem with pre tag. I am unable to overflow-x: scroll. Can you please help me.

Hi – Can you please reach out to us privately with screenshots and a link, if possible, so we can take a look at your website? Thanks.

Hi! I am trying to get into the item support, but it’s asking for a ShareIt number. I got another code (which has letters as well).

Hi – we just responded to you privately. Let’s take it from there. Thanks!


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