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Very nice theme, i really like it. I have done the initial steps to set everything up which was fairly easy if you read the comments and had some knowledge of code.

As I went along I wrote a quick guide for future users that may run into issues which have come up sue to the new WHMCS update, I hope you don’t mind if I share it with users.



You are star ! Very useful thing.



Hi want to buy this template it serves to version 5.2.5?

I din’t test it on 5.2.5, but as I was mentioned before – it’s just header, footer and styling … and some bits of js. Should be easy.

is very difficult to integrate in your template whmcs 5.2.5?

Please Upload your Update to 5.2.5! THX

Hi PhiGi – I´m on holidays currently – will be back in next week and back working on templates etc.

Hello I find very interesting your theme and I’d like to buy it but I would like to know if the registrarion form works properly

Thank you

Do you mean this one in WHMCS customer section ?

Is that for WHMCS ver. 5.2.12?

Hi, I didn’t have chance to do the proper testings. I’m not sure, but I don’t call in this template core functions from WHMCS

Hi there,

I purcahsed this theme, but for some reason Twitter isn’t working at all. Just keeps saying its loading.. I’ve put in the username etc.

You can see here: http://hosting.7design.com.au


Hi, Seems like Tweeter not supporting 1.1 anymore – this need to be rewritten actually.

Oh right… hmm, any ideas on what I could fill that area with for now?

If you are not much tweeting person, how about nice links / thumbnails of latest web designs / development ? What about hosting company could tweet anyway :-)

Is this working 100% with WHMCS yet?

this one has got styled “client” area that matches this template.

it has been a while but i am having problems again with this theme i placed all of the files in the tempaltes folder in my directory and i cant seem to get it to work


If you want me to have a look into, please give me address of site to y prv message or set me up with ftp account I can have a look on server.


ok i will do that what is your email

Use contact form from my profile page

Any word if this template is compatible with the latest WHMCS version? Version 5.3.3

Hi, I just got email from my hosting provider about the update. I will have to upgrade it and check, however In this template I wasn’t heavily relay on smarty functions. It’s just css / html / js of client area. Cheers

i sent you an email for a ftp to help me fix the theme so it wworks with whmcs

i have everything almost working i just need what the frontpage says to match up with the contact information in the

whmcs client area


I am having problems with uploading could you help please?

Thank You

Hi, What type of problems ?

Its possible install just WHMCS Client Area Template?

Hi, I think you can, but you would have to change linking to .css and .js files as originally this was designed to this template to sits in root folder and WHMCS in subfolder. Cheers

do you have any tutorial on how to change the logo? tnx

I bought a template but very old And is supported on whmcs 5.3.11

Hi, I just purchased the theme, but when i try to install it using wordpress add theme, it game this message.

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Im just a newbie here.

Wow! I searched wordpress theme with WHMCS and came accross your product. How can i make use of it. I dont know any other procedure. :(

Im not a developer, just another guy round the block

Just wondering, do you issue refunds?