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Because I am not able to form part of the portfolio of this right to left

Hi, I’d like to check url to give an accurate solution. Could you post to support forum on the issue.


Previously Me: Hello, Love the theme, before buying, couple questions please, 1) I notice in the video pause/play controls aren’t available when you view in sections like the “4 column protfolio” on a mobile phone, but these controls are available in the HTML5 option 2) Regarding the Self hosted HTML5 fullscreen video, when you say self hosted, this means uploading from my local server, correct such as my own video formats such as H264 or .mov besides youtube & vimeo? If so, then can I use this option in the other video pages instead of having to just use youtube/vimeo?

Previously From You: Hi,

1. I didn’t understand this question. 4 Column portfolio doesn’t have HTML5 videos.

Could you explain a little more please. 2. HTML5 videos are currently for fullscreen video and as blog post video format Thanks

From Me Today: Hi, in the 4 Column portfolio, you said 4 Column doesn’t have HTML5 videos, but there is a video (titled Video Header), that one I cannot get the video controls to show up on several smart phones for this video. On the other hand, when you go to Blog, then Post Formats, then choose Video, here i get the pause/play controls for the first, second (youtube), but not the third one (Vimeo player), I do get it on the fourth…..My question, and maybe I just don’t understand, but why is it that I can view the video controls on some of your videos, even the smaller thumbnails, but some I cannot? Everything is of course viewable on desktop, but I really like your theme and would hate to buy it if I experience these issues on my phone. I understand that iPhones don’t experience this, but I’m testing on several new androids (samsung s5, LG G3, MOTO X, etc). What kind of videos are those in your thumbnails I guess I should ask. But another concern is that I could not view controls while watching your Vimeo (small thumbnail, fullscreen worked) one too? Thanks for your response in advance


1. Video Header displays either a Vimeo or Youtube video embeds in portfolio items. In blog post HTML5 standalone videos are supported.

2. All controls and functions in the embed code are rendered from the vimeo server. Most likely and update to android browser will get this fine – there has been past issues on android and vimeo video but they always get fixed on android browser updates.

The videos displayed as embeds are from vimeo and youtube. Html5 video are self hosted html5 videos that don’t depend on any external servers to get the video functioning.


I just updated my android today but didn’t change my luck when trying your videos again on my phone. I don’t know the correct question to ask you, but the videos that did work on my phone, such as the one in when you choose on your site, Blog, then Post Formats, then choose Video, most of those videos work, how will I know if this will work for me? I just don’t understand, I can play vimeo/youtube on my phone straight from their sites on my phone

Hi, I couldn’t replicate this issue and this hasn’t been reported before either. All videos are playing fine on Mobile tests iOS and Android. The embed codes aren’t controlled by the theme, otherwise i’d be able to do more specific troubleshooting. Video embeds are from the video hosts. I did check vimeo support forum but didn’t get much on issues similar to yours.


problem.. filterable, lightbox, Slideshow header, sub manu

so confuse. I can’t fix it

my website is

1. filterable portfolio not work at all

2. can’t click Thumbnail to play video in lightbox (only link to post url) (can i use Slideshow header for play video in Filterable Portfolio page?)

3. when use Slideshow header(photo). how to disable link to images when click on photo (I want like your Slideshow header sample)

4. in my folio menu. sub menu is not work.

5. When I view in iphone. it’s not show menu (show only home)

(I also post my problem on

Thank you.

Hi, Thank you for posting to support forum. Please make followups to support forum thread in case the question needs additional info.


Hi, the Kaleido is WPML ready, could you please suggest a better position for WPML language switcher which will fit the theme design? I dont want to place it on the main menu.

Hi, Yes, It is WPML ready. Please post to support forum where i can provide info to deactivate the WPML switcher from theme. You can use the WPML widget to include it in sidebar as well.


It seems the whole portfolio feature is not available for WPML, isn’t it? Even the portfolio posts.

Hi, It should work. Maybe you didn’t set custom post types as translatable? Could you post to support forum with url to check on this.


Hi, i had a problem that was a surprise for me because last year i didn’t have it. the problem is with yoast seo on fullscreen page. it’s like google can’t read it.. i customize yoast so and had a good ranking position with the keyword i choose.. now google is not able to read neither the keyword.. nor the description. can you tell me about this?

Hi, Could you make a post to support forum on this. I’d like to check the metatags the plugin is generating. Google should pick those up if they are properly placed.


is this theme woocommerce compatible?

installed it but the woocomerce product working but all the pages wt products have no page background. it also says – Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support in the backend. anyway i hv send a support ticket to your support.

Hey sorry about that. This theme doesn’t have woo-commerce support. I realize you bought this theme before i made that comment. Terribly sorry about that. All themes with woocommerce support will have a shop as part of demo as well as woocommerce support declared in item description and theme.

I’ll flag the comment as it was a mistake.


yesterday I bought your template and I’m having troubles with shortcodes, the window opens but when I click insert nothing happens except a weird scroll on the background page.

Hi, Maybe there’s a conflict. Could you post to support forum , along with a mail with login info via , do create a thread at support forum with a note that you’ve mailed so it can be followed up.

You might also want to rule out plugin conflicts by deactivating plugins and if the problem resolves.


All done, waiting for reply, I’ve deleted almost all plugins and there was no change

Hi, I have problem that on the fullcreen page the two icons back and forward are dissapeard. Instead I can switch images by clicking on the mouse from left to the right. How can I change this setting that I get the control icons appearing?

Hi, It’s likely something to do with server font mime settings. Could you post to support forum with url to check on the issue.


Hi there – great theme – i can cannot see any posts above about widgets in sidebars not showing on mobiles. Is this not possible? On the theme preview blog page they disappear as well. is there a way to make them show up? Cheers and thanks! JI


Great if you can post to support forum so i can recommend codes to display them. Codes rendered here can lead to syntax errors.


Regarding your solution to edit the responsive.css file to set the image size to 270px wide, I edited the CSS per the instructions and it doesn’t work to resize a 540px wide logo file (created @ 2X for retina).

I need a work-around to use a logo for retina displays. Please advise. Thanks.



Great if you can post to support forum for these, that way i can correct and recommend accurate codes. The code posted here about adding to responsive.css file by enigmagirl is not working for the theme structure as the current Kaleido theme version already has code in responsive.css file to set max-width to logo with correct menu dimensions. For bigger logos you can add it to style css, not responsive.css file but i’d like to recommend this through support forum. Codes entered here don’t always render correctly and can lead to syntax errors.

I’ll flag the other comment so that it’s not confusing.

You can remove the responsive.css code addition you’ve made in reference to the comment here. Let me know what the issue is through support forum and I’ll provide an accurate solution.


Can I add a video fullscreen page on menu? The fullscreen page are just on the home page?

Hi, Yes, Fullscreen posts are much like normal pages. You can link them anywhere ( in the menu as well ). They can be as homepages and normal pages.


which is the latest version of the theme?


In version 1.7 to 1.8 only the following file changed



updates? mobile version needs an improvement

Hi, Could you post to support forum with the improvements you’re looking for.

Here’s support forum:


Can you update the site to make it compatible with woocommerce ?

Hi, We’ll make a update on this within this week.


Good morning , I look forward to the update to the implementation of woocommerce , Thank you


Could you post to support forum. When you posted we thought it had WooCommerce capability and the request was for the latest woocommerce compatiblity. The theme doesn’t have woocommerce code which will require quiet a lot of additions to have this.

Could you post to our support forum with url to check how we can help solve the issue you have. Here’s support forum url:


Plz any one test it with wordpress 4.7.x releases? any issues??

Hi, there won’t be any issues with WordPress 4.7 , if there are any problems we can always help through our support forum.


Hi there, Im an actor and I’m thinking about purchasing this theme to use as my website. I think it looks fantastic and could be perfect for my needs but I’ve a couple of questions.

Is it easy enough to use for the relative novice? I have little to no background in IT or web design and want a theme I won’t have to hire someone to help me use.

Does the theme have or support some sort of Resume or CV function? I need to have my Resume available to view on the site.

Thanks so much for your help, peace.


It will be an easy setup. To setup the theme you’ll only need to familiar with WordPress basics. We have a Help Guide with step by step instructions on creating the pages so it will easy even if you’re a beginner. Coding knowledge is not required to setup the theme as in demo.

We can further help you through our support forum

For CV, if the structure to create one can be done using Kaleido columns system then it can be done easily

Let us know if you require any more information on the theme.


I’m currently waiting to get access to the support forum, but I’m oping you can assist quickly as I can’t find any information on it. I want to set up the theme the same as the demo currently is, and then modify as I learn the system. I’ve imported the full demo set through wp importer and I can see all of the posts/pages in the backend, but nothing is displaying on the front end aside from the default stuff that WP adds. The importer in the theme does’t allow upload, but wants to have a copy and paste of something. The documentation doesn’t show anything. Is there a process I have missed?


We have manually activated your username at our support forum.

If you have imported demo data then you only need to assign images to the posts. Could you go through the Help Guide on this.

Here’s Link to how to create a fullscreen slideshow video tutorial.

Let us know link to your site if there’s any problem and support will help via