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Hello! I’m interested in purchasing this template, I was wondering how does search work? I Will implement in windows servers. Thanks!


You have posted your comment on an HTML template. I guess you are looking for WordPress theme that can be found here:

That’s a standard WordPress theme. For a WordPress site requirements please consult:

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Farid, no, the HTML template has a search box, that us why I asked. Thanks anyway!


That’s a static HTML form and doesn’t work like it does in the WordPress theme to search the stuff.




After reading the comments, I see that people are asking if you can type in a word in the search option and it brings up some posts to chose from. You were saying that this is only working in the wordpress but I just tried it in the html live preview, was this an update you guys added?

Also how are the articles posted through a database? or is it all manually inputed?



This is an HTML template. Yes, advance Ajax search is supported in both HTML and WordPress template.

You can find the WordPress template here:

In HTML you add your contents/article by editing the template code. However, in WordPress theme you simply add your contents through WordPress CMS (no coding knowledge required).

Let me know if you still have any question?




livewd Purchased

the search is showing all the items in the search.php file instead related matching results. How can I make the search results to show only matching results


Please share your website URL so that I can check it and let you know the issue. You can also come to our support site so that we can dig into this problem in detail as it is working fine on our end.

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Hi Again,

My answer was related to WordPress version of the website. I am sorry for the confusion. For our HTML version, the functionality is there as an example or starting ajax working example which can be used for any custom or already available CMS you will be converting this HTML Template to.

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ethorst Purchased

Hello, I am getting an error when installing the theme.

“Template niet aanwezig. Thema’s moeten een index.php templatebestand hebben. Child-thema’s moeten een template header hebben in het style.css stylesheet.”

It says that the template is not there. I have installed the theme as instrukted.

Can you help.

Kind regards, Erwin

Hi Erwin,

This is an HTML template instead of WordPress theme.

You can buy the WordPress version of this HTML template here:


Hello InspiryThemes. I was testing your HTML theme as I like it for a project that recently came in and would like to ask you before I purchase it a few things:

1. Is is possible to remove the Latest tweets as well as Flickr photos without breaking the footer/other functionality/structure. Trying to remove js/jflickrfeed.js from the footer scripts removes the footer images, however breaks the FAQ accordion (I guess they both use the same library).

2. Is it possible to have FAQ items all closed rather than having the first one open. I tried playing a bit with the code (removing the class etc.) but that did not make it close..

3. The LiveSearch you mention via search.php file – how does the search pulls up the matching queries on your demo – have you added some static phrases or it is pulling info live from somewhere else? I can pull up the matches from my CMS however not sure what are the requirements (please note that I am not using Wordpress).

Well that is for now. Looking forward using your theme after making sure I got the answers needed.

Sorry, my bad, I forgot to remove the ID from the div and that is why the footer was inserting the images. That I answered myself already. So now it is only if possible to have all the FAQ topics closed until clicked on it and the search. If you could answer that, I will make another happy purchase :)


Thank you for taking interest in our product. I am sorry for the delay in reply.

1. I am glad you found the answer by yourself :)

2. It is possible to have FAQs work like you require but that needs some changes in the jQuery code. Our support staff can guide you to fix that.

3. The live search is getting results from that mentioned php file. It is an example functionality and you have to manage it using any CMS or custom coding. It will send the request to that php file and get results based on the produced list items in that format.

Let me know if you need any more help.

Best Regards