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Not seeing where to modify the social icons. I’m sure I’m missing something easy, but would like to swap one or two out for others.


Hi briansmall :). To change the social icon open the html files and find this code

<div class="social-list center clearfix">
<ul class="social-icon">
<a href="#">
<i class="icon-facebook" />

change the class=”icon-facebook” with another icon you like. You can visit http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/ for the list icon.
hope this help

Why would some work, and others won’t? icon-youtube, for example does not show up, however, icon-camera-retro does.

Really sorry for this. You need to update the font awesome version for it. Just download from those link (at the main page), and then replace the font files in font folder with the new one, and font-awesome.min.css in css file

Having a difficult time in implementing the Twitter feed. Where is designed to go?

Your documentation references the following: “Insert those information in index.php inside twitter folder its about line 23”

There is no index.php file in the files that I downloaded.

This is very confusing.

I found the index.php. I think my brain is fried.

The background video is not centered? It’s shifted to the right… How do I center it?

Hi evo33admin
can you give me the link for it?

Hi! I just need to put a static image in the background. Can You assist me with this trouble? Thank’s and nice work!

Hi ov3rflow9x,
Try to set only 1 image for slider. You can set it in script.js in slider folder.
Hope this help

Hi, I just bought your template and I can’t install it. When trying to upload zip file, it says that there is style.css missing. If I upload the folder, wordpress doesnt see it. Help please…

Hi Filipkasprzyk :)
This is not WordPress Theme, its only site template. You can easily edit the content with any HTML editor .


Hello everyone,

I setup on my hosting ( www.atabilisim.net/ke/index.html ) ?t is working on local but it doesnt work on my website ? Could you help me please ?

Hi there, its look like the video link is invalid http://www.atabilisim.net/ke/MadenOcagi.mp4
Try to fix the link with the right one.
cheers ;)

Hello I purchase a license of this template , but i cant to put it in wordpress , can somebody help me ?

ok sry i understand that is not a wordpress template , avetecha.com that is wrong here please help , that i need to do !?

Hi there,
Can you message me from my profile page using the account that purchased this template and tell me the detail problem in your site?

The timer appears in the demo on the index.html page, but when I downloaded your package – the timer only appears on the about and contact pages.

Is there something that I am missing?

Hi there,
Its look like you haven’t set the twitter feed yet. Thats why the counter wont work well, and make sure you have set up the count down too.

I must have overlooked this part, but where do we setup the countdown?

It’s in tweet.js inside js folder. See the documentation for further detail

Hi , i brought this thinking it was for wordpress, but after reading the comments and your replies, it seems it isnt, i tried to install but it says it’s missing the stylesheet, can i get a refund , or is it possible to get it to work?

Hi there,
Yes this is the site template, as you can see at the top of the title. You can try this link http://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new if you want to request a refund.

Hello, i want to buy this, but have some questions. What is your email ?