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Nice Work, Like It, GLWS ;)

thank youuuu :)

Nice Theme, but sticky or fixed Navigation bar would be great and the boxed layout changer is not working..

thank you for your input :)

beautiful and classic ,exactly what is themeforest missed

cheers! :)

cool and clean theme :)

thanks! :)

I have bought your theme but now i see there is no revolution slider xml for all the sliders? Can u please provide all the slider xml!?


correction: we only include the page layout in the xml.

Hi, sorry but this is realy bad, i don’t need demo images or something, i only talking from the xml’s for setup the same page structur like in your demo here!1 And there is not one xml for any Rev slider, what about all rev slider xml’s?

hi, for the page structure you can import the labomba.xml from the download package. but we didnt provide the rev slider xml, if you want it I can send it to you please give me your email address via dahz@daffyhazan.com

This is Perfect! The Look Book section is exactly what I was looking for.

great, go get it :)

Got it! lol

thank you! feel free to ask if you need helps :)

I feel a lot of sales!

amen! thanks :)

Awesome work! Best of luck with sales :)

thank you! :)

Stunning work! GLWS ;)

thanks! :)

Looks perfect! :)

Just have a question, is it ready to use for shopping part or what kind of additional work I need to do to activate for shopping ( such as codes from bank, or any additional things.. )


thanks :)

we use woocommerce as our shopping platform, so you will need to install it first, there you can change/add your payment gateway and other settings.

Good and clean design, and i wish you have good sales.

thanks! really appreciate it.

thank you :)

Dear Dahz,

I love how your theme looks, I just have one important pre-purchase questions. It is very crucial for me to be able to have isotope filtering and sorting for my shop categories.

I’m assuming that whilst you have this for your portfolio this functionality wouldn’t apply to your shop page right?

As such, I would be looking to implement the Grid FX plugin (Found @ http://codecanyon.net/item/grid-fx-ultimate-grid-plugin-for-wordpress/5615317) within your theme. I have had previous experience of this plugin being compatible with some woocommerce themes, but also, completely incompatible with others.

At this stage, whether I can easily implement isotope filtering into Labomba will the the key determinant as to whether I go ahead and purchase your theme for my use. I would thus appreciate it if you could advise me on this issue?

Alternatively, if you are not sure, is there are a way that I could purchase your theme for trial and test the Grid FX plugin with it, and if it sadly is not compatible, get a refund?


unfortunately we don’t have isotope filtering in our shop because we prefer pagination there. while in portfolio we use masonry so its applicable.

Hello Dahz,

I like this Theme...however, I don't see any documentation to get it up a running? Am I missing something? Please advise me where to get good documentation...your forum doesn't show that this is your theme...there is no mention or any Labomba threads or anything...I understand this is a new theme...but really thought once I purchased documentation would be ready and waiting as the sales page shows??

Please advise on my next steps!

Looking forward to getting this nice looking theme off the ground!


Update: I’ve found the documentation hiding in the Assets folder in the initial download…for anyone that had the same issue / problem that I had..

Will be back with more updates from the inside of this nice theme!


This is the coolest theme EVER!!!! Wow…hat’s off to Dahz and Team! Nice Job..! Still assessing everything..and so far soo good!!


yes, we put the documentation in ‘Assets’ folder.

and, thanks for purchasing LABOMBA and giving kind words. really appreciate it :)

Please tell me you provide all the rev slider xml or not?? And also the correct demo xml with all pages, not like right now, if not i will write the support and want my money back, i don’t spent hours to build all this from scretch by my own.

If u write u provide “DEMO” installation files than also do that, but please this like it looks like in your demo, not a complete different one!


hi, for the page structure you can import the labomba.xml from the download package. but we didnt provide the rev slider xml, if you want it I can send it to you, please give me your email address via dahz@daffyhazan.com

Nice style, I like it too. :)

thank you :)

Hi Dahz, Adrien / WinnersKeepScore

I just sent you a email requesting the Rev Slider .XML
Thank you,

You can send it to Adrien1@gmail.com thank you!

sent to the second one :)

Love it…wondering if there would be html version coming?

hi, there’s no plan for releasing html version at the moment.

Hi, awesome themes.. do i need to buy the visual composer plugin or it is integrated ?

thank you

hi, its integrated. dont have to buy/install it :)

Great Work

Only what i Missing is Icons. Are you planning in future update integrate icons. Visual picker e.g. Buttons , tabs , accordion or icon Boxes Best Naci


but what kind of icons do you mean? :)

example font awesome or icomoon sorry that i link another Theme. like this http://artbees.net/themes/jupiter-demo/shortcodes/iconbox/ How it maybe used in Composer http://envision.wptation.com/features/vector-icons/

ah yes, we only have font awesome at the moment see: http://dahz.daffyhazan.com/labomba/service-content/ and frankly, right now there’s still no plan to add this feature, but I’ll ask about this in our team meeting. thanks for the input!