Discussion on Learn - Courses and Educational Site Template

Discussion on Learn - Courses and Educational Site Template

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Hi, Is there a admin panel as well for this? How do I see all the student who filled the form and made payment?

menu cannot viewed after change size small (click mobnav-btn) and back to size medium or large

Hello, this i a normal behavior is you test the page via browser windos resizing. please test it on real devices (tablet/mobiles) or online emulators. it woks fine. all the best

Hello. I would like to know why the “boxed” template is not working for me? What could be wrong?

note that your support period has expired long time ago. please reneview

Hi, Is there a admin panel as well for this? And if there is what are the pages available in the admin panel?

Hello, no there isn’t

First I would just like to say nice work. My question is about the Google Maps API. So I have managed to go in and get my API key setup and added within the contacts page. Unfortunately Google has decided to be greedy recently and you cannot call the API without giving them your billing information and paying 5$ a month for 1000 requests. Do you have another way of implementing the Map code? If not I can use another map view.

No i am sorry we don’t have. You can use instead the free google map “iframe” version without the item. But try the API, i know that the free threeshold is more more higher….i never had to pay…and i have a lot of views. all the best

Hi 1) Can you only use YouTube as video player? The videos can not be in the public domain and only users logged in should be able to see the videos.

2) Can you create different user profiles? Ex. When a client log in, they should only see videos from their company.


There is an installation guide?



Here a great tutorial on how to edit and html site template https://webdesign.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-customize-an-html-template--cms-25886

On the same site you’ll find other useful tutorials. All the best

Please how can i go back with the wizard form using javascript. Am trying to validate a form using javascript and will like to go back to the form where the error is.

the wizard can goes by default back http://www.ansonika.com/learn/apply.html.

to go ahead for each step, some inpust needs to be validated. if thery aren’t you can’t proceed. a user, if needed can go back and change the data. this is the only, and logical, method can be used. all the best

here the wizard script where you can change some settings js/jquery.wizard.js or the func js/wizard_func.js

Please can you help me with the menu, it shows all the sublinks on mobile and it shows sublinks when hovered on. can it show sublinks when clicked on because when hovered on, it closes all under links under it and its bad for user experience. URGENT.

Do you guys have a bootstrap 4 version?

no i am sorry. all the best

One question, I am creating a WordPress Plugin that I will sell, is it allowed to buy your HTML to use in my project in this template I mentioned?

Hi, if you want to include my HTML LEARN and resell you final project you must purchase an “Extended license” of LEARN + the permission of the author. You can check here https://themeforest.net/licenses/terms/extended.

all the best

Hi ! I am searching a template including a quiz (multiple choice, yes/no, text input, etc). I haven’t seen this included in your template or did I miss it ?

Every time you click on “hamburger” icon you got: TypeError: $(’.sf-menu’).slideToggle(400) is not a function. (In ’$(’.sf-menu’).slideToggle(400)(“xactive”)’, ’$(’.sf-menu’).slideToggle(400)’ is an instance of n) -> error related to functions.js:34 (you can see this issue also on demo site)

just only change this in js/functions.js

FROM $('#mobnav-btn').click( function () { $('.sf-menu').slideToggle(400)("xactive"); }); TO $('#mobnav-btn').click( function () { $('.sf-menu').slideToggle("xactive"); });

It works! thanks.

Template seems to be missing


hi, the page is present with another file name color_scheme_2/fullwidth/blog_post.html

maybe somewhere there is a wrong link that i will fix. all the best

How to use the page course_detail_4 eg. Auto count the completed courses

hi, this page have the html ready and ui elements ready for developers that want to implement it…usually with a servers side language like php or similar. all the best

Hello, this might be a silly question, but this theme should be compatible with woo commerce, yes?

Hi – can’t get the page to display the course start date, from the Extra Course Info section – it keeps just displaying the product ‘create date’ – Looks like it’s to do with: the_time( get_option( ‘date_format’ ) );

my learn version does not have woocommerce. it is an html site template and system tell me that you have not purchased LEARN html version

i am not the author of your version. i made html only. the wordpress version is made by another author

Sorry – my mistake – wrong version of Learn …sorry

Can i use your template using MVC ?

i am sorry i don’t know. i don’t know what is MVC

MVC is advance version of ASP.NET and which is very popular https://www.asp.net/mvc, My query is your template specific for PHP ?

learn is basically an html site template, so it can be used as basis for an implementation with a server side language. you can have some issue with the php forms and validation

Good Evening, we bought your theme and we were wondering if it is possibile to have the css pre-processor files (less or sass), it would be very useful. Please let us know, best regards, Matteo

Hello matteo, i am sorry i don’t have sass or less files. All the best

Hello, I have purchased and love your theme. I have one issue that you would be able to help me with. My site doesn’t seem to be responsive. Would you be able to check it out to make sure it’s displaying as it’s supposed to. http://institute.clearlineinteractive.com/ Thanks.

Hi, I am the author of the HTML version. please refer to the the author of the WORDPRESS version for support

No updation from long back , We are waiting , then i ll purchase it again Thanks

hello…probably i will update the item at the end of july with latest boostrap library e small css improvements


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