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Hi Gramatton, Great work but I’m little confusing with wordpress integration, please tell me how can do that (small tutorial). Thanks and keep doing excellent work like this. ;-)

Please send your mail in Thanks Lemonado is live now, thanks a lot Gramatton, in PageSpeed Insights in mobile is 65/100 In update you can work for Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content. In score is 99/100 and in score is 81/100.

Thank you a lot for the feedback! Will do for sure.

Hi Gramatton,

I’ve tried to connect to wordpress, but no success.

Seems strange: The lib/functions.php is empty and I found no lines for the datebase in the config.php.

Thanks for your help!

Thank you! You found an issue. I will update the Lemonado asap and include your name in credits.

By the way here is a hot fix:

Replace wp-blog-header.php with wp-load.php. For example:

open your wp-single.php file and replace the following line of code:
define('WP_USE_THEMES', false);
define('WP_USE_THEMES', false);

Hi Gramatton,

Thank you for the great service and fast help. The hot fix works, I am now using wp-load.php instead of wp-blog-header.php.

Now shows Status 200, all ok and Google can start to index the mobile Blog pages.

Best Regards Martin

You are welcome, Martin. Thank you!


I need to add a div which will contain graphics, above the main menu bar that sits at the very top. I attempted to add my code in the HTML version above the following code…ul data-role=”listview” data-inset=”false” data-theme=”b”, but something I must be missing is forcing that main menu bar to be “fixed” to the top.Can you let me know what “class” I can modify, or what needs to be changed to accomplish this?

Hi Serge,

In the HTML version I only see…

<div data-role="page"> <div data-role="panel" data-position="left" data-theme="b" data-display="push" id="left_panel"> <ul data-role="listview" data-inset="false" data-theme="b"> In the PHP version I do see the "header_wrapper" class you mentioned. I suppose I can modify the php template, by grabbing the "includes" and pasting them in there (modifying the paths to files of course), but maybe there is an easier way. The reason I opted for the HTML version is because the PHP version was outputting random #'s and letters in the body copy on an iPhone 5 (which I believe is a server issue because it's happened before) Brad</ul></div></div>

Hello, Brad! The div I mentioned earlier is present in the HTML edition too. You just need to look more carefully and you will find it below the panel. By the way the data-role=”panel”... is a left panel markup, this is not a top panel section.

Please comment if you are still having problems with this one. I will do my best to find out for you. Serge

Serge! I didn’t look down far enough, thank you! I have it working the way I need it to. Brad

I’m sure this is a great theme. I read through all the installation and help files. But for some reason I can’t get started because after logging into the admin page, if I even try to change the password and click save I get “Well done! Note: Settings can not be actually saved in demo mode.” When was I ever in demo mode and where does it talk about that anywhere in the documentation? I’m running php 5.1. The permissions of my settings.xml and config.php are 0600. What am I overlooking that is obviously that one step I somehow missed?

using version 1.3.0

Replied to you via email. Is the issue still present?

hi just would like to confirm before purchase , i have an advertisement website that i want it to be mobile view as i am making mobile app but the website is old so am trying to upgrade it to become mobile view to link with mobile app. this template will offer ???

Yes) Answered in my respond via email.

Hi, Yet again, I am also impressed with the theme. I’d like to know, however, HOW does the update process work? How will we be able to update without overwriting changes that we have already made?

Looking forward to receiving your response, thanks!

Hello, lebza!

Thank you for this great question! Unfortunately, you will lost all the changes you made during update process (since update is a just regular file replacement).

But! I’m tracking all my changes since 1.0 version and I can provide all file changes for you. Can you please tell me what version are you using and I will prepare file changes list and how to safely update your version of the Lemonado.

Thank you and best regards, Serge.

Hi Serge,

just bought version 1.3.0 and all is running fine. Great work!

I only ran into trouble when I wanted to add previous/next page links to wordpress. The system takes the permalinks from my main site blog. Can I change this in any way as the links in the mobile version are ….?p=123…

I need pagination for the blog-posts.php and the previous / next – links for the single pages.

Thank You! Martin

anyone out there?

Hello, Martin!

Thanks for your question. You need to find a WordPress developer if you are not strong with PHP/WordPress. I can not work for free, you know.

Anyway, I did a working sample of Next/Prev links for posts specially for you. Please email me and I will reply to you with a file attachment absolutely for free ;) . I hope it will help you.

Thanks and best regards, Serge.


Is this template included editable front end admin panel for end user ? I mean , Can I edit menus and contents with admin panel ?

Thank you.


Is this mean can I use this theme with like Joomla CMS ( By connecting to database ) ? Are you provide such as service ?

Thank you.

This mobile theme has been tested with WordPress CMS only and there are many people successfully connected their WordPress-based websites to the Lemonado. The PHP edition of the Lemonado can optionally be connected to any database… in theory. The PHP language is the only limitation.

I can do a research and find out for you. Do you need Joomla connection? What features are you expecting for?

Thanks for you questions and best regards,


I prefer to Joomla CMS but if you provide this theme with additional customizable and editable admin panel with database connection. I really be very pelased.

Thank you.

Hi there! Thanks for the great template. I have only a problem with the startup image – it doesn’t appear (PHP Version) Thanks Eddy

Hello, Eddy!

Thank you! Can you please clarify? What startup image did you meant?

Best regards. Serge.

Many thanks for the fast reply. I mean the startup images in folder assets/img/apple – apple-touch-startup-image.png – it doesn’t matter if it’s iphone4 to 6 or Ipad – this pic is not coming. It`s just a whit screen bevor the app starts. The icon for the app (apple-touch-icon.png) works fine. Regards Eddy

Thanks for your question, I will do my best to find out it for you and will reply soon. Just tested on my iPhone and got the same result.

Thanks and best regards, Serge

I noticed this theme a while back, and am curious if it has all the essentials to be turned into a mobile web app say for the purpose of news. Thanks

Hello, gmust!

Sorry for a delay. Yes, you are free to convert this theme into a mobile application using your favorite tool such as Cordova or PhoneGap. Please note that you will need to read an official documentation how to convert a HTML5 theme into the mobile web application as different tools has its own requirements.

Thanks and best regards, Serge


In Android (Chrome 4.4.4. and 5.0) look like he don’t know what is a css. On iOS is everything OK. Can you solve this issue ASAP please? Many thanks!

Hello, cosmins!

I did my best to reproduce the issue but it was unsuccessful. I can not reproduce the issue. I tried to open the template on Nexus 6 (Android 5.0). Can you please help me and provide a screenshot from your Android device? I hope it will help me a little.

Thanks and best regards,

Sorry, my mistake. I use only https for my site and I forgot to modify in sources the links for external css and js files. Thanks!

Hi, Wonderful template! I have a presales question, I already have a website a dnit is a Joomla 3.0 Responsive but I do not like the theme in the responsive mode. Therefore, I want to buy yours and install it on my server but do not have the script that can detect the mobile device and switch the template for a user. Do you provide that too? Thank you! Kind regards..

Hello, Sirfan!
Thank you. Here is a universal mobile detection script. This script has written on most languages to meet your requirements.
Thanks and best regards,

Hello, great theme so far, but im yet to get how to connect it to existing wordpress site, pls i will need a comprehensive tutorial on it. this is my mail box thanks


bx1 Purchased

I make a compile in phonegap apk, the result: disaster.

This template should build compile without problems, but the result is a disaster.

Sorry but i need resolve as soon as possible.

Hello, how can I use this for prestashop..please give me details asap..

Hello, im looking into buying this but at the moment im using a online UI to design my app and they even publish it for you i have spent a long time designing the menu just how i want it on this UI and i can include webpages as pages on the app its self (hence where this comes in) can i disable the menu on this so i can load the pages i want inside the software im using now?

Cheers, MK

Hello, MK!

Thank you for interesting in the Lemonado mobile template! The menu can be disabled for sure but I’m doubt that you will be able to apply your custom design (I guess it contents CSS and HTML, right?) to the Lemonado. The Lemonado template is based on jQuery Mobile framework and this framework requires strict HTML structure.

Please feel free to ask any questions or provide more details and I will do my best to find out for you.

Thanks and best regards,

The program i uses pretty much lets you make html pages inside or load web pages inside it abit like how iframes work just let’s you build a pretty simple app (using it for hosting company to load cpanel client area and webmail without having to rememeber all of them on phone/tablet so this looks perfect to integrate it into that as i can have a cool looking mobile site loaded inside app as keep all my links to cpanel and everything else :)

In this case I can say that Lemonado template will suite your needs for sure. You will just need to remove header navigation button to disable navigation.

The last update was 28 December 2014, Are you still giving user support?


Hello, jaskel!
Yes, I’m still giving the support. The jQuery Mobile developers team did not released any new updates since this time. Here is a changelog.

I don’t see much you can do with the admin panel.. is it not functioning?

Hello, admin panel works in demo mode. Means you can not save/update settings on preview page.

Is there a lot of functions in the admin panel for the demo? I don’t see anything you can really do with it…

Hello, friend! The admin panel is designed to show the most possible form elements that a client may require. It includes form elements such as text input, textarea, checkbox, rande slider and so on. This variety of elements can help anyone to build its own set of options.

Is there an easy way to add like an event listing or even a way to add Google Map Entries for navigation based on entries?

I also wanted to know if it’s possible to add a location map the design. Basically, we create listings which will pin them to a map – almost like the events above…

This would be great it simply had a backend admin for the content creation – like those online builders like Como has.. that way no one needs to edit each and every page. I like it.. and will see what I can do with it…

Hello! 1. Google maps or any map service provider. Yes, it is possible to embed any type of map (still, interactive, with or w/o markers, drag-able or not, etc.) into a page. You can see a working example on Lemonado live preview page on “Information” page. You can access this page by opening side navigation menu. There are some Google map examples. Please keep in mind that you can use any map service or any custom set with your own markers or “events”.

2. Back-end. Unfortunately Lemonado is a front-end template based on HTML and JS.

Would it be possible to embed a full screen YouTube video as a background ( desktop / mobile view)