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hi.. i bought your admin template… your work is really nice but i have a problem..

<form enctype=”multipart/form-data” method=”post” action=”xxxx.asp?parameter=123”> <input type=”file” id=”file” name=”blob” class=”uni”/> i want image upload but this form empty posting.. that reason i couldnt image upload…


probably there is a blocked form applications in your jqery code.

what i can ?...

best regards….

hello, i think there problem in your asp file… contact me with email, i will do my best to help you.

Is it planned to add a timeline view ?

Hello, yes. I will include it in next update.

any idea of when we could have it ?

I bought the template, but I’m having trouble getting it to display correctly on IE11. Is it supported?

The end of this week. Stay tuned

Any update?

Still working on an update. Finish at the end of the week. Thank you for understanding

I notice you say you’ll be releasing an update at “the end of the week” both 20 days and 9 days ago. How is the update going?

Hello, it’s ready. I will upload it today. Thank you for your waiting

Dear customers. We’ve updated the template to v1.3.

The main purpose of the update is to move to a new version Bootstrap3. This gives us the opportunity to continue the development of a template. In future updates will come out much more often.

Thank you for understanding.

Any ideas for next upadtes : - on the top bar, the buttons open popup but when a popup is open, when we click to another button, the new popup open and the old is still opened. Maybe it will be better to close others when we open one. - when we hide or show the lateral menu, a slide animation could be a good stuff. The same thing for the wide/block switcher - in the form elements, the default file fields is not design perfect. the browse button is too high for the field. There is a top margin and none at the bottom

And just for information, can we just upgrade the ccs and js files (if we have not modified them) without modifications in our code or there are some things that change ?

Is the timeline view will come soon ? because i’ve don’t seen it in this update.


Thanks for your suggestions.

Yes, you can replace all css and js files(if it’s not modified). Also you can check documentation, there information about update.

About timeline… In next update i will include new pages, and some new features. In this version we update “platform”(couse it’ realy old :( ). Please, do not hesitate to send your suggestion to email.

There is an UI problem with the search field of the datatable component. The input is not higher enough.

Thanks for your report. I will fix that.

In the wizard component (stepy), buttons (next and back) are not stylized in the last update of the template.

it’s only on the back button and i’ve found the solution. in the file js/stepy/jquery.stepy.min.js, the class of the back button is “btn” instead of “btn btn-default”

Hello. My mistake. I will fix that in my next update. Thank you for your report.

Another issue : in a wizard, if we put a radio input, we show only the label. The radio input is not shown.

Contact me with email if you still need help. Thank you.

Hi! I have a regular license, but when i bought this template, it was compatible with bootstrap 2. Where can i download it for bootstrap 2?



Contact me by email to get older version of this template.



You did a great job developing a wonderfull theme. One question I got, is it possible to put 1 block under another block without making a new row? I have 1 block in the left which is long, and 1 block in the right which is short, I’d like to add another block under the short want so it will be symmetric.


Seems like I figured it out. It was an easy one. A different question though, how can I put a scroller on a block?

Hello, add into block body div with class scroll, and set style="height: heightYouNeedpx"

You can find sample on index.html – Chat

Hi, great work !

Here is the problem in opening popup, for ex i am facing issue while clicking “New e-mail” and link over here


Hello. That bug will be fixed in next update. Thank you for response.

I sent e-mail but did not get answers. Is there a new update in the future? If any when?

Hello. Doesnt get it. Yes, i will update it in next 2 weeks. Contact me with email if you have suggestions. Thank you

Hey, how to move the left navigation bar to the right?

are there any updates available ? I see no updates since long and 9 months since last comment.

Bootstrap updates plz.


Working on update

any updates?

how can i remove to responsive version and i want use full width screen and i see to documention files but i not understand, can you help me for this problem, thanks


All you need is add class screen_wide to #wrapper by default to your html code.

yes, i know, but i visitored to my html web site resized screen for mobile device and others divice, i dont want resized screen for mobile device and others device, thanks