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Great work , nice name too ;)

Thank you friend, You guys did an amazing work too ;)

Very cool! Good luck, dude ! :)

:bashfulcute: Thank you dude!

hi i purchased this newsletter template! we have a lot of shops in one magento installation! so can we use them with only one purchase right?

thank you, will you respond here?

Yes, waiting for their respond. or you can leave me your email so I can notify by email if you want ;)

Staff has responded.

As long as that single installation uses only one “end product” (meaning the resulting email template after modification), that’s should be fine. If you’s going to be using the same template and produce several different end products (several different newsletters), then you would need to purchase a license for each different end product.

any further question please let me know :)


Bought your plugin today for a customer that needs a special css “treatment” considering colors. In the documentation you say that you can change the colors of your newsletter with the color option on the right. I have like 9 colorboxes and I don’t know which one is for which; I’m totally confused. Sometimes I turn one knob and 3 colors change simultaneously … What I’m looking for is class names for every possible element so I can target them with inline css in a custom template.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi, TrollyTownStudio Thank for purchased my item. if you mean using with MyMail plugin. I’m not sure which class they use for editing color because colors in MyMail get extracted directly from the template file. However, I suggest to do a color customize before import to the plugin using inspect element function in your browser to find and replace all with your prefer color because it was all inline css no css class for styling in html template. :)

For divider line (the line with 3 dots) you have to edit in photoshop and save as a “divider.png”

Thank you,

The manual does not say how to install this theme in mymail How can i do this?


Hi, Erik. ah sorry I’m going to update a document asap. However, import template to mymail can easily done by this :
  • first select the layout (full or box) then make a zip file from only one color folder include 1 index.html, 1 notification.html and img folder.
  • Navigate to upload tab in mymail browse to your zip file and click upload button. also click at Use as default too.

  • Thank you for purchased my item :)