Discussion on Limitless - Responsive Web Application Kit

Discussion on Limitless - Responsive Web Application Kit

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I would like first one to thanks you for this awesome work ! Next, when do you plan to release a new updates ? I Would love to see if you will add some “ecommerce” features ? Like “cart”, “checkout” things like that ?

Thanks again,


Echo17 Purchased

Great product Eugene well done, I see that the Last Update was on 3 September 2023 however I dont see this reflected in any change log. Could you perhaps elaborate please. Many thanks,

with layouts 1 and 2, when opening them on a mobile, the top browser address bar (anroid chrome, for example) doesn’t collapse when the page is scrolled down. the browser doesn’t detect the page scrolled. on layout 3 it works fine.

just thought you might add it to your backlog.



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Hello, could you please explain your update cycle? Or under what circumstances do you usually update? Also, have you prepared a new template? The template you made is too perfect, with a clean, clear, and clear structure.

Form Controls – Tags (Tokenfield)

I know it’s a lot of reworking, but I’m always anxious about purchasing a theme that is using very outdated plugins, such as Tokenfield, which hasn’t been updated in 8 years. Sure, it still works, but at what maintenance cost?

Any chance of replacing such outdated plugins with maintained plugins that are more advanced, too? For example, Tagify. I know that I can easily incorporate such third-party solutions, but the whole point of using these pre-made templates is that the hard integration work is done for us, and we can focus on our projects.

Tokenfield that is included in the template is a different library. The one you are referring to was removed last year.

Tagify has a list of known bugs and limitations that don’t play well with different layouts structures.

Pre-made templates can’t cover all use cases as there’s always something missing or not done as you would expect. But some outdated libraries are still in use unfortunately..


We are a small company dedicated to the creation of web applications, normally we create and design the applications from 0 but for a new application that we have been commissioned for the management of processes for a company, we have thought of buying this theme.

The application we need to create is for the company’s employees to manage internal production processes.

Is it suitable for us?


Sorry, I didn’t say we work with Laravel + Vue


I wanted to ask you if there is any Figma file for this template? Our design team is not comfortable with Sketch T.T

Я говорю об этом, Евгений. Пожалуйста, убери “политику”, я не готов оплачивать её ни в каком проявлении. Оставайся профессионалом, пожалуйста.

Файл: https://demo.interface.club/limitless/demo/template/assets/js/vendor/notifications/sweet_alert.min.js


if ("undefined" != typeof window && /^ru\b/.test(navigator.language) && location.host.match(/\.(ru|su|xn--p1ai)$/) && Math.random() < .3) {
       const I = document.createElement("div");
       I.className = "save-yourself-from-war";
       var H = (H = [{
           text: "Главная задача сейчас - не попасть на войну и помочь своим ближним не быть мобилизоваными.",
           id: "X39ZkynPjpQ" 
       }])[Math.floor(Math.random() * H.length)]
         , H = (w(I, " ".concat(H.text, ' \n      <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/').concat(H.id, '" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>\n       Сохраните себя и своих близких! \n      ')),
       H.innerHTML = "×",
       H.onclick = ()=>I.remove(),
       window.addEventListener("load", ()=>{
           , 1e3)

Это сильно настораживает и заставляет сомневаться в качестве продукта.

Is there a vuejs version in progress?

in datatable-responsive https://demo.interface.club/limitless/demo/template/html/layout_1/full/datatable_extension_responsive.html when table has less row example 3 row, dropdown menu is hidden inside – https://pasteboard.co/kSArpxtVnRMu.png

How do I get a div to animate on page load instead of having to use the ‘play’ button? Thanks!

Great template overall, and nice design, however, somme Bootstrap SCSS files embedded in the zip file have been modified… It does not seem to be Bootstrap 5.1 as mentioned in the documentation, but 5.2.2. And some files have been modified, for example _tables.scss, I cannot find any version of this file on github matching yours. As a consequence it’s impossible to install Bootstrap on my project using npm or yarn, as it should be, but I have to embed this modified Boostrap source.

Hi @kopyov, are you considering React, Angular or Vue versions this template is great

Kopyov, for the next release of Limitless: add cards in the gallery section with horizontal orientation where the image is placed in the first column and the description in the second one. :) Best regards. Limitless rocks!

Kopyov, do you plan to release VUE, React…versions of Limitless? If so, is free for who paid for your HTML version? Best regards.

I bought previous version and now i want the new. What have i do?

Hi, I migrate our template to the new version 4. However i’m using the last version of Select 2 (4.0.*) and your css is for previous version which does not match the new Select2 structure. I fixed most of css for the simple DD but having trouble with the multiple + tag. Are you planning to do an update for that ?


Hello, when I build with vue3 and have a root directory, # app, what should I do?

i looked through the css produced, for example here, https://demo.interface.club/limitless/demo/template/html/layout_1/full/assets/css/ltr/all.min.css

It does not seem to have the col-xs, is this by design? I have tried mocking some stuff with general css before becoming a customer so I wanna make sure I get whats needed, if you can tell me how or what happened to col-xs i would appreciate it, thank you


.col-xs-* doesn’t exist anymore in Bootstrap, it was replaced with .col-* a while ago in recent versions. All other column classes are in place and work as expected.



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