Discussion on Limitless - Responsive Web Application Kit

Discussion on Limitless - Responsive Web Application Kit

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We are using this theme, and it’s awesome!

However, we are facing an issue with DataTable FixedColums header and body width. The Width of header and body is not aligned properly, and it makes the layout scattered for fixed columns.


I tried applying below solutions, but it did not help.

1. FixedColumns extension – Incorrect column widths https://www.gyrocode.com/articles/jquery-datatables-column-width-issues-with-bootstrap-tabs/#example4 $($.fn.dataTable.tables(true)).DataTable() .columns.adjust() .fixedColumns().relayout(); 2. fix the widths with js https://stackoverflow.com/a/16055219/5933990


Very sorry for the delay, overlooked your comment!

That’s strange, re-adjusting columns should work in this case. How do you call it?

Would be very helpful if you can share a link to your page or code block so that i can have a look. Please send them over to e.kopyov[at]gmail.com



DW-HMG Purchased

Hi, it’s a great HTML theme.

I want to use layout_4 and material theme, but this folder route generated by gulpfile, doesn’t exist: ‘global_assets/scss/layouts/layout_4/material/compile/ckeditor/*.scss’

thanks in advance


Oh yes, you are right, thanks for point this out! Just take it from layout_1, it’s exactly the same. I will move it to themes instead of layouts in the next update.



Echo17 Purchased

Eugene – could we have some form of update as to the new version and whether it will be out in the next month? or this half of year..would be most grateful

Hi, If a page exceeds the width, how to adjust the top menu?


I’m not sure i understand what you mean. Can you please clarify?


Hello, the template hasn’t been updated for a long time. Will it be updated?


Of course, it’s been in development since summer and is coming very soon.


Thank you. I’m looking forward to it.

Quick question: will the new update include a new design or new look or will be the same just with improvements? I wanna know because it’s been almost a year waiting for it and I don’t want to delay my project anymore. Can I start using the current version? Please confirm.

saruman Purchased

Thank you buddy. Big news!

saruman Purchased

Hey. The issue still continues. My antivirus keep blocking your url :(

Hey. Strange, updating all files fixed this issue for me. In any case i’ll re-upload them again when update is out.


Hi, i can see that a lot of us can’t wait on a new update, so i won’t spam that question over and over again! I am waiting since autumn and most important i need webpack integration in the first place. I hope new update will come out in a few weeks latests. Thanks


Any way to make the appearance of the normal select equal to that of select 2?


You can use a normal select with class=”custom-select” class, but it applies custom styling to selection result, not to the list of options. If you need to have a list of options with custom style, you need to use select2 or some other library that replaces original select with a custom element.

Hope this helps

Is there a Vue version

Not yet. But it will have highest priority after new update



What is the version number

8.16.0 in current version. New update has the latest

When I click on preview mode, appear a error virus message on my pc.

That’s related to latest Chrome/Firefox updates, I added SSL yesterday and re-uploaded all files, so should be back to normal in a few days. And of course it’s secured even without it since you don’t need to enter any personal data anywhere + it doesn’t save cookies.


it has horizontal menu ?

Sure, in 2 layouts it’s the default menu and is also available in other layouts as optional

Hello, good morning. can you tell me how to show modal in this template? thank you


I don’t see that you have bought this template. Do you have a valid license?


When will you release new update of this web app kit

Very soon.

Hi there,

Will you include transition effects like this: https://pixinvent.com/demo/vuexy-vuejs-admin-dashboard-template/demo-1/maps/leaflet at the next update?

Navigate through their pages and you will see them, press back button,...

Warmest regards.


THis is something i’m considering for the future when Vue.js version is ready, in html template these transitions are useless. But animate.css is includes in the package and you can take one of transition effects from there and with a bit of magic use it in page transition.



lknoke Purchased

Do all views and html files have to be adjusted for the new update? I asking because I’m halfway done with the data conversion from zero to version 2.3. Should I wait for the update or can I continue working to build the views?


Yes, but not too much. And depends on the layout you are using. In general all Bootstrap classes remain the same, layout classes have some changes, color system is probably the most affected bit. In general, migration should be very easy if you didn’t change SCSS files too much.



maengkom Purchased

I only use your template for 1 website. And I will buy new license for your major version upgrade.

Thanks for your support. I’m wrapping up and very close to release, polishing documentation and a few other things and it’s ready to go ;)