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Dear Mad_velikorodnov

Is it possible to make video playlist in this theme? It has images that automatically changes, I would like to do the same with the videos.

Dear Mad_velikorodnov

Is it possible to make video playlist in this theme? It has images that automatically changes, I would like to do the same with the videos.

Hello Fizzy99, this template doesn’t support such feature. I googled and found a tutorial which allows to make fullscreen video slideshow There self-hosted video used, not Youtube or Vimeo. If it’s suitable for you, you can buy the template and integrate it by yourself.

Hi there, congratulations for the theme!

I want to create a website for videos and your template looks very good for me, but I have a few questions:

1 – Is it possible to create a entire post, with advertising space and other things in the space that pops up when I click in a video?

2 – When I click in a vídeo it opens a little window. Is that window a independent page, I mean, can I share it on Facebook, find it on Google like a normal blog post?

3 – Is that possible to put advertising banners to replace some video previews on the grid?

That`s it!

Thanks a lot!

Hi, this is HTML, not WP

Looking great. Just one question: how is the client proofing handled? Is it secured? Can I make more than one page at a time?

One more thing: how many items can we fit in the main menu?

Sorry, I meant that you as an owner of a website should edit js in order to change the password.

Concerning the menu items, there can be the same number as in our live demo. Submenus (drop-down) can be unlimited numbers.

Hi, I am sending an email requesting some information. The email will be from Too much to post the question on here. Thanks for a great product!! Chris

Hi Chris, I didn’t recieve any email from you. Can you please send it again or open a ticket here Thank you :)

I just sent the email and have signed up for the ticksy site as well. I am just having trouble understanding how the psd’s are used in relation to the template. I can figure out how to change the psd, but then what do I do.

I’ve replied you via ticksy :)

Good Night,

I wonder if there is a possibility to increase the number of pages of portfolio. For example: Inside page People, I could put beauty and books, as well as fashion and portraits? Abs

Hi, sure

Hi there. Thank you. Great work. I’m absolute n00b, who was thinking about buying wordpress theme. Where can I change the link to youtube to my own in index_2.html. And do you have more advanced tutorial. Thanks.

Hi haizon, please submit a ticket on and we’ll help you. Thanks.

hi there,i need help. i want to “navigate to” Replaced by Chinese ?When I switch the mobile size, Which documents should I modify. thanks so much!

Hello, please submit a ticket on and I’ll help you. Thank you.

Using your responsive icons, captions for pictures are not visible in smaller size devices. Can text be displayed over images like in the PC mode, or underneath the image?

Hi, I don’t understand what’s wrong

Hi this is a beautiful work, where can I change the background color for the red square where the logo goes?

Also I would like to know if I could just use the grid page and have more than 100 pictures there opening there without taking me to portfolio page

Hi, open a ticket please

Hello, you have to contact with Envato support . I’m just author, not seller

Im having a problem with changing the music and adding my own play list. Please provide details please!!! Im a few days away from launch!

you have to open ticket here

Its going on day 3, and my open ticket for the audio not working has still not been solved!!!!!

Hi, please read our support hours.

Pre-Purchase Question

I am testing out both of your Live-Grid demos. It’s important to me when I post to facebook, one of the pictures from the portfolio, that the description show up… In the HTML version, this is what I see…

Screenshot 1 (HTML)
As you can see there is no description displaying, nor an option to enter one.

When I test your Wordpress Version, and post to Facebook, I get this result…

Screenshot 2 (Wordpress)

Is it a cache issue for the HTML version? Where does that description come from, and will it pull through on the HTML version if I purchase your theme? I’m asking because I wonder if it’s just an issue with the API you’re using from facebook to create the theme…

What are your thoughts on this?

PS – Helping me understand this will sell me on the template. I just don’t want to spend the money on the WP version if I don’t need to.


Hello. In HTML version we use Jackbox jquery plugin, in WP we use Jackbox WP plugin. I guess in HTML we use the old version without description

Is there a way to make sure that description gets in there? It is very important. Is there an “On/Off” switch in the jQuery plugin that can be initiated for this?

Thanks – Jared

Hi, sure. Open a ticket please

Im still waiting on my ticket to be addressed its day 3!!! OMG, I hope the buyers are readying these issues before they BUY anything from these guys! Again, we are having problems with adding MORE images to the slider page on the portfolio page, every time we copy and paste after image 13 the entire page goes blank!

This is my 3rd issue with this temp, the previous music box issue was fixed by purchasing another player from another source! Im hoping Mad Velikorodonov could handle this issue without sending a five word reply on support tickets. I have purchase may temps from themeforest and have never had this many issues with getting a problem resolved.

BTW, I attached a copy of the portfolio page and the link where the image issues are appearing in my *open support ticket!!!

okay. You ticket will be processed as soon as possible

ok will be waiting.


Please view the site here –

I’m having trouble with the deeplinking. It’s the last issue I have to solve. Basically, it’s not doing what it’s supposed to. When I share a specific image, on Facebook, that image doesn’t show in the thumb, and I don’t get the option to show it with the available thumbs. It also doesn’t show the description, as deeplinking should allow.

Can you help?

Hello and sorry for the delay. Please submit a ticket on

Hi, Pre-purchase questions? Are adding my images to your Live Grid template done on the HTML pages? Dose the grids accept any size images,(with-in reason) vert. or horz. and then the JS arranges them to fit on the page? My coding skills are average and I just scrapped another template because of the authors wonky coding, poor documentation, and non existing support.. Thank you

Hello. In HTML version you have to crop small images by yourself. If you purchase Wordpress version you don’t. It has crop script. I notice that splash page has only rectangles images, other galleries you can see in portfolio

Hello … is it possible to link the images on the front page to a URL for each? Also … can I change the size in pixels of each image on the front page (say 100×100pixels and can I add more and use ajax lazy load?

Thank you

Hi, unfortunately it’s not possible

ah ok thank you. Such a shame. :( A nice template though. :)


Just out of interest … Could you customise a script so that I could have unlimited images each with a different URL link set to a smaller size and with the lazy load? If so how much would this cost?

Just out of interest … Could you customise a script so that I could have unlimited images each with a different URL link set to a smaller size and with the lazy load? If so how much would this cost?

Hi, I’m not sure that it’s possible. This is the ready-made script.

Hi, Menu width is so short for add extra menu items. How can i extend it?

Hi, open a ticket please with link on your site

Ticket system doesn’t works!

try again