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I love this!! Any plans to make a WordPress theme version? I think that would do really well :)

Hey there! Thank you so much for your appreciation! We can’t give you an exact answer on that, but we do have some plans to convert most of our portfolio to WordPress. The timeline for this is not yet known! Cheers! :)

On google chrome mobile the menu buttons are out of place.

Hey there, thank you for your purchase and sorry for the late reply but we did a fast diagnostic to confirm this! Indeed you are correct and we already prepared a fix and an update is in queue. To fix this issue before the update lands, simply open style.css, and right bellow where it says Reset Framework add the following.
.show-left-sidebar i{line-height:50px;} .show-right-sidebar i{line-height:50px;} .header-nav-left i{line-height:50px;} .header-nav-right i{line-height:50px;}

Thank you very much for your purchase and for notifying us about this issue! We really appreciate it! Don’t forget to rate 5 stars! :)

Does the Materialish theme have a desktop version? Will we be able to cover desktop, tablet and mobile with the same functionality?

Hey there! This is only a mobile and tablet template. It is added to your desktop site by redirecting users that are on mobiles and tablets. Cheers and Happy Holidays! :)

Can I force landscape tablet behavior for desktops? Cheers and Happy Holidays! :)

It’s not limited to the size of the screen, it will expand on desktops until it fills the entire screen, but again, I must emphasize the fact that it was not built for desktops and we cannot help you if some features don’t work on desktops! The template is touch and small screen optimized! Cheers! :)

Hi, I like the floating red buttons. Can I add one more?

By default, the template comes with only 2 floating menu buttons. Adding more requires some modifications we can assist you with for a freelance fee! The buttons are connected to every aspect of the motion of the sidebar and menu deployment. Cheers and Happy Holidays!

Hi, The floating menu buttons, on some edite pages, don’t move with the page?

Hey there. Certain pages like the countdown and 404 page are fixed by default and are the height of the page, so they don’t scroll. Other than that, the floating menu buttons are set to fixed and they work properly on all devices that support fixed positioning. If you are having issues with them, please update your devices software. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :)

I am really interested in this template. But I need more form related plugins like form-fields, sliders, date, and calendar…. So do lemme know if you are interested in upgrading this template to above requirements ?


Regards Sam :)

Hey there Sam, at the moment the template comes with the features you see, but we can add those features for a freelance fee if you require customization! Cheers! :)

Greate Design !!. Pre-sale Question : Is it possible to add a dropdown menu (like in your other themes like gliders)? Thanks.

Hey there! At the moment, Materialish has no drop-down menu, but we can add one for a small freelance fee for you if you need so! :) Cheers!

Thanks a lot, It’s good to know it. I’ll try to respect the material design, but in case I still need the dropdown menu, I’ll contact you via private msg. Regards.

its use is easy? I am newbie beginner with html. I need it for the mobile version of my website, only to place post (from my wordpress) and changing images of the slider and menu.

Hey there! It is easy to use, but it does not connect to WordPress, it’s a separate page, you’ll have to add the content in manually. It’s basically default HTML code. If you hit any bumps along the road after you purchase it you can always send us a message and we’ll help you out! We have a very complete documentation, but just in case you need help, we’re here for you! Cheers! :)

it is good. but how it looks in pc? must i buy a normal theme?

Thank you for your kind words! This is a Moble and Tablet template only, you can redirect your mobile and tablet users from your desktop to the dedicated page for a better quality experience! Cheers!

but I wish I want to buy an update that includes more material design design. Since this is the first theme stylish design materials,

One of the things that deserria is able to open the sliding menu to the right, same with the other drawer. also the theme “slideout” http://enableds.com/products/slideout/preview/

Thanks for your suggestions but we don’t have any updates planed for this item at the moment.

I want to give a public vote of admiration for this programmer on as many of his products as possible.

There is a reason.

When we’re buying templates and themes, we need more than a batch of code which works properly. We need to know that the programmer behind it is serious about his or her work, capable of responding, able to offer reasonable custom work and upgrades – and most of all concerned that we get the product we need to solve problems and create solid projects.

Enabled is that kind of provider. I will take as much time as I can to tell as many people as possible how good his work is, how much I appreciate his talent and how much money he saved me in outside development.

When I need him, he’s there. Whether via email or Skype, he provides extraordinary service as if he’s just another seamless part of your team.

I rarely say I can’t wait to buy more of someone’s products, but he is the resource I’ll return to every time I need anything related to desktop or mobile design.

Bring your project, bring your skill level and explain exactly what you want to accomplish. You won’t find anyone better.

Jason M. Kibby, CIO Wortham Laboratories, Incorporated HDYellow/CraftGeneration Chattanooga, Tennessee USA

Jason, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an amazing customer and for your purchase and rating! It’s been and will always be an immense pleasure working with you! These are the things that keep us going and keep motivating us to making better and more amazing products, for amazing customers like you! Cheers my friend! Thank you for everything and for your amazing feedback!

Hello, I was looking at other designs of yours and some of them mention they are phonegap ready. Is this one phonegap ready? what does phonegap ready mean? what would it take it for this one to be phonegap ready?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Hey there. As mentioned on PhoneGap’s FAQ Page, PhoneGap works with any and all HTML, CSS and JS products in the world, and as all our files are built using HTML, CSS and jQuery, all our products are compatible with it. Please keep in mind that integrating the item into PhoneGap is entirely up to you, and if you plan on using the item for any application store you must purchase an extended license. Cheers!

Hi, i just purchase the template, but the icon which I came across the live preview, i.e, the home icon, features icon, does not show up after I have downloaded it.. does the purchase come with the exact icon as shown in the live preview mode? Thanks.

Hey there! Thank you for your purchase! That’s strange because the product you have, is the product on the server as a live demo! Are you sure you haven’t altered the product or deleted files such as the fonts folder? If the original file you have has this issue, send us a message through our support form and I’ll gladly send you a copy of it again or help you find out what’s wrong with it. It’s strange though, none of our other customers ever mentioned about this issue, so that’s why I’m inclined to believe it’s an error on your side! Nevertheless, send us a message if needed! Cheers! :)

Got your support message and replied with a carbon copy of what’s on the server retested. Let’s continue via email if necessary! Cheers! :)

Could I put logo more big?

Hey there! I’m very sorry for the late reply, usually we get a email when someone posts but now we didn’t get it. Yes, you can use a larger logo, and you will find exactly how to do it in the documentation. Cheers! :)

Hi. Is there a way of fixed menu?

Only Materialise I would have this option or give to make this template too?

The menu circles are at the bottom and stay fixed all the times, the header is and cannot be set to fixed. Cheers! :)

And yes, Materialise has this option implemented. It uses a different system.

I have social media website and i was looking Block/unfollow, flagged and more for my website so if you can do that let me know.


Hey there and thank you for your question. By default these features are not included in our items. If you’re interested we can add these features for you for a freelance fee. Please send us a message with more details regarding your project using our contact form (link). Cheers! :)