Discussion on Material-Responsive Restaurant/Cafe HTML Template

Discussion on Material-Responsive Restaurant/Cafe HTML Template

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Through the header navigation I can see that you intended the template to have blog specific pages (overview, articles, etc.), but those pages are not included in the package. How can I get those pages? I really like what you did, but those blog pages are very important to me and one of the reasons I purchased this template.

Hope to hear from you.

Best regards, Drazen

Thank You. Good job ! 10/10

thank you very much :) :) :)

Can you make sticky header so that the logo and nagivation menu always stay on the top when browsong to the lower part of the page?

Pre-Sale Q: Does this template has Wordpress Version supported ?

this is simple html5 template

Hi, This is a copy de email send to you 08/21/16. Can you help me? Thank you Sergio

Hello, My name is Sergio and a month ago I bought the Material-Responsive Restaurant/Cafe HTML Template. It has very interesting features but the contact form in multi-page version does not work. With my little knowledge of javascript and php I could not make it work. You can tell me what to do? License Certificate is attached. I await your response ASAP. Thank you,

can you send me the files … we will check and tell you …

Hey Author,

I have issues with the owl and filterable galleries after download.

When I click on image lightbox appears but it doesn’t have next and previous button.

and if I make them visible anyhow, it will show the same image after clicking on next or previous button.

Please help me regarding this as soon as possible.

Thank you.

mail your details we will help you…


Great template! I am having issues with loading some of the pages on the website, especially on mobile. Could you take a look at it please? www.thewarehouseconway.com

I’m loving the template, can edit it fine in Notepad, but when I open the htm files in Dreamweaver it crashes every time on every machine we have. just that file in both the single and multi-page. I’m doing fine with the workaround, but if you’ve heard of this and know why, please pass it along. Otherwise it is very easy to edit and looks great!

Hello, I have problem with menu on mobile version. When I open website on smartphone or when I reduce width of browser window on PC hyperlinks to another website don’t work. Please, repair this.

Hello, the Video is not working. I’m using this code:

<!- Video Section Starts ->

 <iframe src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/140595842?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0&color=ffffff” ></iframe>

<!- Video Section Ends ->

Please thank you for helping us fixing this. Kind regards Miguel

Hi, Can you please help me to fix the contact form error? when i press the button contact form nothing will happen

now all is well

Now mean? Should i wanted to download and replace the files please clarify im not clear on this

this small fix just add the validate script at the footer.

<script src="js/jquery.validate.min.js"></script> 

Hello, nice template… I have made an update to show the drop down map section at the top of the page just below the menu, but now when I click the “View us on the map’ banner the page pops to the bottom.. I need it not to do that.

we need URL to check it , pleasse email us.

I sent you the link – but never heard back from your team…

check mail

Hello, i can not find menu on mobile screen by MULTI PAGE, you said solved check back however still does not run?

Add this script bottom of the page, this is missing

 <script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.validate.min.js"></script> 

Hello, we have exchange some messages. I still have the same two problems unresolved:

1) the contact form is till not working

2) the web site charges very slow (and all the photos are now at 100k each or less)

Please help us resolving this problems.

Kind regards

Hello, when can we fix the contact form ? Thank you in advance, m

check mail

Hello again. I have another issue : the web site takes very long to charge. But the images we use are very small. Can you please help us and give strategy to make the web site open faster ? Thank you ! Kind regards Miguel

I removed the code, but it is ska problem. Very slow to open. So I put the code back.

I put all the images very low size. But it seems all is still very low. Can you help us ? Thank you !

Hello again. Now it charges fast, but it blocks on 99% loading. Then I need to click again on our website address and it works ok. Seems there is a problem somewhere when (after deleting Caches) we launch the website again.

hi there am looking at buying your template but there is one MASSIVE issue with the template.

when the website is scaled down to tablet and mobile sizes there is no menu bar so you cant navigate the website at all.

ok that might be right for the single page but not for the multi page there is no navigation when you view your theme on a mobile phone what so ever.

small error in the page .. now check the multipage.

I would like to periodically add a pop-up image on load to the homepage. But the way I normally do it (with fancybox or colorbox) does not work with your theme. Can you help? Thanks!

Dear Sir, I’m trying to use 2 Owl Carousel in to my web site. I read on internet about this and they explain we need to create “owl-demo” and “owl-demo2” on the file “owl.carousel.min.js” . But the way this file is coded do not even show the file “owl-demo”. I’m an amator, not professional like you ! :) Maybe you can explain to me how to make possible to have 2 Owl Carousel ? Thank you ! Miguel

Hello again, did you got my email? I sent you the test email php file for you to fix it. Then my Web server will do the rest of the necessary adjustments, they know how to do it. I can not give you my php codes for obvious security reasons. We are a comercial company, not a private person. Please help us as soon as possible to fix this problem with the contact form. Kind regards, Miguel

The SMTP is mail.quintaboavista.com

check your email i sent it

Dear Sir, the Contact Form dosent work. I have changed the email “checkingforms@yahoo.com” by my personal email. Nothing happens. Your code says // Sending Email if( mail($to, $subject, $content, $headers) ) { print “

Thank you, we will getback to you shortly

”; return true;

But the message “Thank you, we will getback to you shortly” never appears, and I never get any email. Please can you fix this as soon as possible ? Thank you.

http://www.leluthdore.com/img/home-slider/05-lute.JPG Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
http://www.leluthdore.com/img/map-marker.png the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

I fixed the JPG to jpg on the 05-lute file, and map-marker.png But the website is still very slow.

Hello, i can not find menu on mobile screen by MULTI PAGE


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