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Happy Holidays, I’m getting a little worried about this theme, no updates since April? Is this yet another dead theme, not updated. Do you have an alternative that works with the new browsers and or OS’s. Thanks and have a great day,

Hello Andrew,

I’ve tested Melon on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) with Safari, Chrome and Firefox and also have tested it on Windows 8.1. I don’t see any issues with these browser and/ or OS’s. In your comment 2 months ago you said you have trouble with iOS 8. As I said, I’ve tested it with the iOS Simulator iPhone 6 from Apple and everything worked as expected.

I’ve asked you to send me an email with things that doesn’t worked and, if possible, with screenshots attached. I haven’t received such an email, did you send one?


Hello Simon, seemly I had some css / js conflicts and thus I end up solving the issue myself, sorry about that. Any plans for more core updates before April 2015 :o) ? Its a great theme, but should get some newer standards and I would love to see those sometime soon. Thanks and keep up the great work.

Great to hear you got it solved on your own. You’re right, I should take some time to update all of the plugins. I hope to get in done in March.

Hello Simon, first of all I must thank You for such a great peace of work. I’m using this theme for months and it’s just brilliant! :)

However one thing bothers me. I’m using this theme in dynamic app with angularjs and I’m loading the CSS on demand…but the chrome seems to don’t like the widget’s headers. First time the page loads and css is injected, the widget header looks broken (twice higher and buttons are aligned to bottom). You can see is here: not ok widget

When I change the page content (for example insert different HTML), it renders fine: ok widget

I know it’s not a normal use case and it’s hard to replicate this issue, but I’m out of ideas how to solve it:). Do you have any idea, what could possibly cause this problem?

Also happy holidays! :)

With regards, Jakub

Damned Stammi! You really rock! I’ve tried it at my localhost and it looks like it’s working! I’ve updated the repo and it should be on the in few minutes (yes, it’s weird kind-of-magic stuff :) ).

yep, it works like a charm! Thank you very much! :)

phew Great to hear that. :) You’re welcome, Jakub! :)

Hello Simon,

I’m having some huge css conflict with your assets/css/main.css and the out of the box simple bootstrap validator found here

Seemly, if I shut off the assets/css/main.css everything works as expected. Could you please advise, it took me some time to find where the issue was.

I’m just now trying to find out why a simple bootstrap form validator would be such a conflict with the standard template. Seems related to the helper class, but I’m not 100% sure.

Thank you so much for your time and have a great day.

Thanks for your kind words. :)

So, I’ve looked about it. This is indeed a pretty cool validation plugin! Please remove the !important around line 2491 in main.css:

.form-group .help-block:not(.error) { display: block !important; }

This part is located in _less/general/forms.less.


If you need further instructions or source code, ask me. :)

Kind regards,

I knew you could find it fast, thanks so much, now I can’t wait for the new updates. I tried the new version of BootStrap and the things really get jacked, so I’m sure there are some conflicts to work through. Keep up the great work. Let me know if you would like me to beta test anything. Have a great day.

Thanks for letting me know you would beta test it, I appreciate it! :)

I cannot submit my form. Each time i do that – “Good Job :)” appears. I have tried figuring out the triggering event but failed. If i remove the id=”sample_form” from my form wizard then the wizrd simply stops working. HELP

Hello arijitaich,

please have a look at the file assets/js/demo/form_wizard.js. I’ve completely commented this file, there you see a submitHandler at line 28. As stated in the comments, you can remove this handler or just add the line form.submit().


Another problem i am facing is when i am connecting the Notifications part with the DB, it is only viewing 2 Notifications from the DB. Rest is not getting viewed. If i delete the Style=”display : none;” then all of the notifications are being viewed. How to fix this ?

Another problem i am facing is when i am connecting the Notifications part with the DB, it is only viewing 2 Notifications from the DB. Rest is not getting viewed. If i delete the Style=”display : none;” then all of the notifications are being viewed. How to fix this ?

Check Mail

Yea, have got it. Will answer you there.

Thanks a lot for the support. You did good.

the TableTools buttons not work when the datatables are in the Tabs or in the Accordions.

Hey yeschoto,

this is due to the inability of TableTools (or any DOM script) to find the height and width of an element which is hidden. This should help you:

Using TableTools with multiple Bootstrap Tabs


thanks, i’ll try it.

Where can I to change the minimum registers at “records per page” ?

Hey sebastot,

please have a look at the documentation at: Main Elements -> Tables -> Dynamic/ Managed Tables.

If this does not help you, have a look at the DataTables documentation.

Kind regards,

Thanks, I got it !!! take a look here…

Perfect. :)

I want to edit the contents of a table static table. How can I do that?

Hey szmalladi,

static tables are static tables. What do you want to edit there? :)

Sorry…My question was incorrect. I want to edit the contents of a ‘table’. How can I do that? Is there an option any type of tables?

Well, I think not? Do you mean something like that:

I need to know if this tpl have an library for make a new PDF Document.

Hey sebastot,

this template has no library included but you can use e.g. PHPPdf or something like that.

Hi, When I submit form it adds comma ”,” at the end of textbox values do you know why?

Hey karayakar,

this sounds like a strange behaviour. Could you please send me the code you’re using? You can send it to me by email, open a new thread in my support forum or simply upload it to pastebin or anything else.


Hello Simon,

How are the updates going, mainly the newer Bootstrap 3.3.4 and such, so many bugs that I would love to see get fixed and most are Bootstrap issues, not yours.

You code is super clean, but getting dated very fast. A year now with no updates, I’m trying to wait it out, could you offer any type of ETA?

Thanks so much and have a great day…

Hey Andrew,

phew… already one year ago. Then it’s really time for an update! :) I’ve planned to release an update in May/ June.

Have also a great day,

Hi! Great job. I’m having an issue with responsive datatables, and de SaveState option. Not your fault, it’s a datatables bug. But they say it’s fixed in Datatables 1.10. Is there an easy way to update the plugin? I tried it but keep throwing same error… Cannot read property ‘defaults’ of undefined [DT_bootstrap.js]

Well, it didn’t solve the problem. Again, not your fault. Thanks a lot, I love the theme and I’m sure my customer will love it.

I’m going to look for the last update of responsive-tables.

Anyway, I love the new icons in the datatables plugin :D

Thank you a lot.

Hmm okay, thanks for the compliment. If you stuck while updating anything, just write me an email! :)

Sure! Thanks.

Hello, it is possible to have a boxed version?

Sure, here I’ve posted an example: :)

Interesting issue, the left menu is hard to scroll, unless you find the scroll bar and move it by hand. I will look around, but can you make it scroll as your mouse moves so that it’s more users friendlier. Larger menus can be a pain to use :)


I see you’ve been planning an update on this for sometime now. Do you have an ETA on when you plan to release a new update?

I am not receiving the confirmation email from your support system therefore I cannot do anything else. Please check my username is AvantPrime.

I also have a question about using fnRender on the DataTable. It doesn’t seem to work but I am sure there must be a way to render custom columns.

Thanks just received the confirmation email. Question posted on your support system.

Just answered you. :)

Hi, do you think include timeline?

Hey bjkli_ozgur,

I’m currently not planning to implement a timeline. But I can recommend that you use this: It can be easily included within Melon.

Regards, Simon

thanks, regards.

Anything happening with this theme anymore or has it reached the end of life? I would love to see a future something, I am even willing to pay more for something simular, but I need to be able to migrate from this theme first. Thanks

Hey Andrew,

nice to read from you! I’m still there but I’ll be honest with you, that I’ll not invest that much time into Melon for a complete upgrade. Is there anything you’re missing in Melon or anything that is broken with the newest browsers?

Kind regards,

Could you please upgrade this template to Bootstrap 3.3.7 (the latest version of today)? Once you upgrade, then I will purchase it. Thanks.

Hi Simon,

No response for this?

Hey Masino,

unfortunately, I have currently no ETA when I will upgrade this template to Bootstrap 3.3.7.

Kind regards,

Okay, thanks for your answer.


Blooze Purchased

I have an issue I’m not sure how to fix, if you have a lot of items in a drop down menu (like the top dropdown in your demo) if the items go below the fold, you cannot scroll to them or access them

Hello Blooze,

in that case you should not use the Bootstrap Dropdown. Instead use something like Advanced Select List on Form Components. If you want to use the Bootstrap Dropdown, the idea would be to wrap this dropdown, like this:

Kind regards,