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Hello, After loading phpBB3 metro theme files on my server – via Filezilla – style sheets are not detected by Wordpress; I can not import the template into the wordpress dashboard. How to do? Why does the template contain 3 folders: phpBB3.0, phpBB3.1, phpBB3.2. Thank you for helping me because I can not use your model. Best regards G. NEMTCHENKO


This theme is not for Wordpress. It’s for phpBB – https://phpbb.com. So first you need to install your copy of phpBB and then add the theme to it following the theme’s documentation.


tabousa Purchased

this theme support the ONEALL extencion?


Mainly the theme supports all the extension that are supported by the default phpBB theme “prosilver”. But sometimes you may meet some style issues that can be fixed via css.


tabousa Purchased

works grea!! thanks But now the “PayPal Donation for phpBB” extension doesn’t show the paypal icon http://skouat.github.io/ext_paypal_donation/ can you tell me how can i fixed?


Find the styles directory inside the extension’s pack. Open it, then duplicate the prosilver directory inside it and rename it to metro_blue (e.g. if you’re using Metro Blue). That should help you!

I purchased this theme long ago but never used it nor used your support yet so I wonder how my support could “expire” if I never used one, I checked the sourcecode of the theme and found this horrible google.spy fonts in it and wonder how to get rid of them. Wordpress has a lot of googlefont blockers but its not fair to include 3rd party spyware like google fonts who can read out every single letter one types, my users IPs, their connections and track that everywhere. Same as included socical networks, even if one does not use them, as soon as they are in the sourcecode they can track everyone of my users and their connections, on the other hand I am missing options to set SYSTEM-font.sizes and colors as 13 px are too tiny meanwhile and I am missing responsive design. If you might plan a remake of the theme it would be great to have a wall inside like in social networks, some widgets on github aready exist but they are not supported and hard to build in.. And if you make a new one please leave google, social icons and other stuff away from the core code and offer it only as a widget for someone who wants it but please do not force everybody to use that thanks


I purchased this theme long ago but never used it nor used your support yet so I wonder how my support could “expire” if I never used one

Here’s a good resource on Envato Support policy – https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/208191263-What-is-Item-Support- You can find all answers to your questions there :)

I checked the sourcecode of the theme and found this horrible google.spy fonts in it and wonder how to get rid of them
Well, using web fonts and icons fonts is quite a common thing these days. It’s rather useful and handy. But if you are afraid of your privacy you can easily disable the web font used in the theme. Just go to
template of your theme, find and delete the following lines - <!-- Google Web Fonts --> <link href='//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:300,400,600' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Hi, having problem on loading website on mobile. the navbar load like shown in image below then it apears in its final view. is there something to do to avoid this. I tested this in google speed test and on mobile I got this remark (https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.juridissimo.com%2F&tab=mobile).



What mobile browser are you using? I’ve checked on latest mobile Chrome and Safari and it works quite OK.

As for the Google speed test. The first recommendation suggests you to change the design like disabling the tabs and Metro-like header, but as you can understand it will fully change the layout and the theme will loose all it’s visual features…

The second optimization is about Google Analytics and Google Adsense codes -

https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js (60 minutes) https://www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js (2 hours)
You need to contact your hoster administrator on the subject.

Dear Author, I purchased the responsive theme for phpBB3 forum. I was wondering how i can change the text ‘METRO’ in the header to the name of my forum?

Best regards, Mahsun

Hello, Mahsun

Thank you for the purchase! If you need to replace the logo, just read the theme’s documentation, all the steps are described there.

Hi, how can I add the custom prefooter block? and where can i find those blocks?


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Just read the documentation! It’s fully described there :)

Hello, Do you plan to provide an update for the new version of phpBB 3.2.2? My version is 3.2.1 and I’d like to know if I can update my forum. Thanks :o)


The updated theme has been submitted today. You’ll get an email notifications as soon as it’s approved!


Hello! Sorry for bothering. I have some questions! How do I manage Right Sidebar to insert ADS and “Widget”? Well, there is a “custom settings” in the ACP or I have to do it by text editor, css and html? Thanks! ;-)


How do I manage Right Sidebar to insert ADS and “Widget”
You can add ads and widgets via editing the sidebar templates (it’s fully described in the theme’s documentation).

Can I remove the “colors changer” on the left?
The color changer is only a demonstration option for the demo site. The theme doesn’t include the function at all.

Well, there is a “custom settings” in the ACP or I have to do it by text editor, css and html?
You’ll need to add your core changes (css or html) via direct template editing.

Does this template base on Bootstrap or any other CSS framework?


No, the theme is built upon the default phpBB theme – “prosilver” and doesn’t include any third-party css-frameworks.

Hello there,

I’m pretty much successful installing the theme .. only one issue. At least when not logged in the theme displays an ugly document tree for a split second before it renders the theme design … do you have an idea how to avoid this ?




Hello, Axel

Do you get the same issue with the default phpBB theme?


Zeranoe Purchased

There are some issues with the phpBB 3.2 theme:

These are just a few observations I’ve made so far. It seems somewhat misleading to me that the demo cannot be run for 3.2 to see these issues before buying.


Zeranoe Purchased

Another issue I just found:
“Board index” link at the bottom of the page doesn’t display correctly
Is this a mobile view? What browser and what screen dimensions?

“Quick links” text on mobile is off center and looks weird

It’s OK. As you can see in the desktop view all of the links inside the tabs are aligned left. The same situation is here.

Notification and PM number counts are not centered
If text comes right after a quote (no or newline) it looks “tight”
Thank you for the report, we’ll fix the issues in the nearest update!

Qrzysio Purchased

I have upgraded phpbb to the latest version (3.2.2), uploaded new metro_blue template version, but then I cannot log into admin control panel. It seems to be a bug. To workaround this I change the folder name to use the previous version of Metro, and then I can log in into control panel, and change back folders names as it was originally.

Then it works. The new version of Metro does not let me log in into the control panel. Cache is cleared, styles are recompiled. No more ideas why this happens. Any ideas?


I’m sorry you met the issues but the point is that the Metro for phpBB3 doesn’t include any php scripts at all. It only consists of html templates (without any embedded php) and css-files. So it doesn’t matter what php version you’re using. Moreover the difference between Metro for phpBB 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 is just a few dozen of html structure fixes that don’t even touch any login templates.

Anyway I rechecked the login function on both php 5.6.x and php 7.1.x versions and it works fine for me.

Can you tell me did you modify the older (Metro for phpBB 3.2.1) version in any way? Did you add any third-party extensions into the theme? Do you use any caching software on your server that could cause any issues like that? Do you get any errors inside your server logs after such failed logins?

We would like to help you to fix the issue, so please contact us via our profile page? we’ll discuss it via email.


Qrzysio Purchased

I do understand this behaviour should have nothing to do with Metro styles, but I just wanted to share my experience with you. I do not edit much, just added some additional HTML and CSS in header and footer. I also tried to reconfigure cookie settings, but no result. I will keep an eye on this and see if this issue remains in future versions. Thank you for the support!

OK! But feel free to contact us if you need our help fixing the issue!


fessuoy3 Purchased

I have bought this responsive theme for phpbb3.2 but my captcha is very old and i don’t know how to activate last google recaptcha in your theme ?


The Metro theme has nothing to do with captcha settings. The theme is only styling. If you need to change or tune your captcha you should change phpBB settings inside the administrator panel – https://www.phpbb.com/support/docs/en/3.1/kb/article/how-to-configure-q%2Ba-captcha/

How can we add other menu items to the Quick Links menu? Thanks!


Just read the theme’s documentation. It’s fully described there!

Editing the quick links drop down menu isn’t covered, but looking at the navbar header file we were able to get to what we needed.