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Can I display only latest topics (from all categories) on the front page instead of the categories and forums?

Hi There, Please could you kindly assist – I know my support has expired but I really have a small request. I need to make my logo larger and I need to remove the green background from behind the logo. Are you able to assist? Please.

Hi there,

My phpbb forum is currently on version 3.0.12 and I want to upgrade to 3.1.9 (the latest version). I am a first time forum owner and fairly new to this but know how to follow instructions. I read that if I upgrade to 3.1.9 there is a good chance I will lose my theme. How can I upgrade phpbb to 3.1.9 and make sure that my theme stays in tact. I fear that in the process I’ll do something wrong and lose all of the actual content on my forums. Do you have any instructions for this task?

Thank you in advance!


The point is that themes for 3.0 and 3.1 differ much. You can’t just take 3.0 version and install it on 3.1. Unfortunately you’ll need to perform a clean install of 3.1 theme and then manually move all style changes (if you had any) to it As for the actual content of you forum (threads, posts etc) you can’t lose anything just setting a new theme. By the way here’s the official tutorial on phpBB 3 upgrade – https://www.phpbb.com/support/docs/en/3.1/ug/upgradeguide/upgrade3/


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PixelGoose: on your demo for this theme you’ve got the same issue I’ve been having since I installed this theme back in 2013. Well, actually: in 2013, this issue was not present, if I recall.

The issue is HTML checkboxes. Here is a screenshot from your own demo page: https://proxy.img-cdn.ru/https://k0nsl.img-cdn.ru/chrome_2016-08-07_01-40-33.png Do you see what I mean? I’ve highlighted the relevant part. This is not just limited to the login, but everywhere there’s a checkbox. Any idea how to solve that? I have been going nuts trying to figure it out, but I haven’t been able to fix it. At least it’s good to know I’m not the only one with this issue.

Best wishes,



If you mean a WebKit-based browser it could be “-webkit-appearance” css-property that was set to “none” back in 2013 for some css-conflict. I’ll double check it tomorrow and let you know.


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Let me know if you can come up with a solution, @PixelGoose. If not, I’ll have a more in-depth look myself.


Here’s the solution. Add the following css-code to you stylesheet -

input[type="checkbox"] {
    -webkit-appearance: checkbox;

It should help you.


Thanks for you beautiful skin.

But I have a bug after instaling:

* icons are not visable ( search left top and everywhere else) http://dev.saleslinks.nl/forum/ * my programmer thinks its because of the dutch language pack https://www.phpbb.com/languages/

What can we do?

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Hans

Hello, Hans

Your server doesn’t seem to be configured to work with ‘svg’ images properly. Try the following fix -

1. Find and open (or create) .htaccess file (with the dot in front of the file name) inside your forum root folder (http://dev.saleslinks.nl/forum/). 2. Paste the following code in the beginning (very important) of the file -
AddType image/svg+xml svg svgz 
AddEncoding gzip svgz

3. Save the file and refresh the theme.

Thanks for the early reply, its much appreciated.

Regards, Hans


I added an icon to my forum image but for some reason it is not replacing the default folder icon. How do I get rid of that? This is what it’s doing.


Your help is appreciated.

That did the trick! Thanks

So you are saying that you can’t upgrade to 3.1X without massive issues?


If you don’t use any phpBB 3.0 mods you can do it rather easily.

Do you know where I can place my facebook pixel code to be able to track forum registrations through a facebook ads campaign?

Sorry. Let me rephrase my question. I already have the code in my header and it is active but I am supposed to tell Facebook the URL to look for to measure conversions. I was wondering if you knew the page I should point to.


As far as I know you should use the default forum page. That should be enough, I think.

Okay but that won’t let me track how many people actually signed up to the forum. I think I need to create a custom landing page and have the facebook conversion point to it. I will explore some options.

Hi nice forum. I really like it. I need 4 languages. I know that i can set a default language like as example German. But i need that the users can choose other languages. Is this possible? i cant see here on the demo site, that the user can choose a language. This is very important because i leave in a country where are spoken 4 languages. Thank you!

Hi, i found your very nice forum! I have found a lot other forums, but yours is exactly what i need for my website. It looks very nice and easy, its not complicated for users. Because i need this one forum, i have to ask you first if you can make this multilanguage. I send you a picture how its meaned. I need English; German; Francais and Italian. You do not have to translate the whole webseite, you have just make to work, then i will translate all words from English to other languages. Make me a offert please, if you have the time and you can do it, i pay you, just say how much you mean. Thank you! Picture Link: http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/2222g8vcdwf5ob.png


Thank you for your kind words and interest to our work!

You don’t need to do any additional translations. The phpBB supports a lot of languages and so does our theme. All you need is to go to https://www.phpbb.com/languages/, choose the language packs you need and install them! That’s all :)


i would know how to bring up the last 5 topics in sidebar ?


Best regards, François

Thanks, i found this extension https://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/mod/nv_recent_topics/ but it’s a package, i don’t see wich code i must copy and paste in sidebar.html ?

Nobody can help me ?


You need to contact the extension author on the installation subject or hire a web-developer. (Steps for the sidebar editing can be found in the theme documentation).

Can I convert php Metro to aspx?


It’s phpBB3 theme. The theme doesn’t include any php, it’s just styling without backend program coding. If you want, you can use the templates and integrate them into your aspx software but I think you’ll have quite a hard work to do.

Dear support,

the location /styles/YOUR_THEME/imageset/imageset.cfg as mentioned in your documentation on “how to change the site_logo”, is not avalaible with the latest theme download.

I need advise on how to locate the css defined file for the logo image of the forum. We are using phpBB 3.1.9


It seems you’re using documentation for phpBB 3.0. For 3.1 you need to edit the following file –


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How can I change buttons and add new ones?


Thanks for help ;)

Love the theme! I am new and this is probably a simple dumb question due to how new I am at this. On the top navbar it says metro. Is this where I add my own logo? I love the style of the bar and would like to just change it from Metro to my site’s name. How do I do this?


Thank you for the purchase and for your kind words!

The logo line is just an image. So you need to go to the theme documentation and follow the Logo section. It’s quite easy) And feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance :)

Ok. Followed the documentation. Uploaded my new logo to the image section of the theme. It;s a png file I hope that is ok. Then changed the code in the images.css to the logo name (attached the code below. A small white box appears but not the logo. Am I missing something simple again? Thanks again for the super quick response before!!! }

/* Global imageset items */ .imageset.site_logo { background-image: url(”./images/yoyo.png”); padding-left: 125px; padding-top: 34px; }


Did you try to clear the system cache after editing? It’s here – ACP – General tab – Purge the cache – Right now.

Use in my phpBB3-SEO-Premod V_3-0-13-PL1 forum can not all features the template example end of instalaro button to enter does not work.

Grateful Geraldo


What version of phpBB are you using? 3.0 or 3.1?

3.0.14 [ Re-Checar versão ] http://forum.eletronicageral.com.br


I’ll test it and let you know.


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how can I add a sidebar?


Just read the documentation. It’s fully described there.


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I have followed your documentation, but it does work still for creating side bar and icons on the top. I have emailed you, and my email address is dheasyweb@gmail.com, can we do communication through that email?