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Hi, I have Metro and SEO URLs, logging in from topic page returns “The requested topic does not exist.” page instead of the correct page (SEO URLs perhaps in conflict). http://bit.ly/2fIxrXp


We’ve tested the extension. It seems like the extension itself doesn’t support moving back to the topic you logged from. As a matter of fact phpBB default style only supports quick login from the main page – this may be the reason why extension author didn’t add proper quick logging from inner pages. I’d advise you to contact the extension author, he may help you to fix the issue.

Thanks! May I ask an additional question. How does PHPBB makes money to support own existence if they give such well-made quality software away for free? I also don’t understand your website pixelgoose.com or so. Why it appears so empty? Do you have the more lucrative business page, I’d gladly changed footer link, so you get paid if not by me, but at least by folks who would try to copy me. And why not to charge much more money off them than you sell your readymade theme. Maybe then you’ll build some free to me links to my site and get more clients willing to get their site done professionally.

I’m more than sure that you have another branded website for more quality customers. I’m not willing to link to the website without the business address, telephone and made as template published at rush during the sleepless night.

hello I want to buy a template for phpbb

It exists in Italian?

I can change the color?

How many icons are present?

I can edit imamgine?

it is change The picture shown in yellow with balloons http://forumstyle.us/forumus/default-version/

Do you want to change the image or you want to implement a banner like that into the Metro theme?

i want changhe the image. it is possible? it is to implement a banner like that into the Metro theme? i use joomla. any problem? do you have videotutorial ?

Hi, I’ve bought the theme. Now I will integrate an imprint? What are the possibilities to integrate it? Is it possible to make this with the theme or is it necessary to install a phpbb mod?

Best regards


Do you mean this extension? https://github.com/Crizz0/phpbb3-about-us

When will 3.2 be supported?


Sure! We are already working on updating our phpBB themes to 3.2 version

Could you give an estimate how long it will take?


We plan to finish it in two weeks.

Is it possible to have an image take up the entire site_description left most block? There is a lot of empty space and my people want more graphics there. http://imgur.com/kVSN404


Yes, it’s possible. But you’ll need some custom css- or js-code to achieve it.

Can the sidebar be disabled so its full page?


Sure, the sidebar is just an option. You can use the theme without it.

Hi there one final question I see that 3.2 isnt supported yet so which is the latest version to install of phbb to install, my client has just purchased the theme so want to make sure we get the best version at the moment

The latest supported version is 3.1. And we are working on the update now and plan to release it in a couple of weeks!

I see you’re looking at updating to 3.2. Are you going to be using the FontAwesome icons instead of pictures for the coloured buttons/icons? This would make it a lot easier to change colours for boards.

Awesome, thank you. That will make tweaking colours much easier. Thanks a lot. How is the update going?


We are planning to release it early next week!


FYI, the updated theme has just been approved! You can download and try it :)


ustfbk Purchased

nevermind i saw my answer in the comments. Great Theme


eMreza Purchased

Hi. I have a problem with sidebar. In mobile screens, the sidebar appears on top of the main forum column. How to change this so people from mobile see the forum first? Thanks.


Pleas contact us via our profile page. I’ll send you instructions.

Hello, I just bought your theme and I want to change the “metro” wording in the upper left corner to match my communities name. How would I go about doing so?


Thank you for the purchase! What phpBB version are you using?

Anyway if you’re using phpBB 3.0 or phpBB 3.1, read the theme documentation (it’s inside the themes packs). If you’re using phpBB 3.2, go here – https://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=556&t=2400421

It is 3.2 and I followed the instructions but it still says metro in the header’s left side.

EDIT: NVM Found it.

I just bought and installed the theme but I have problems. The Breadcrumbs are cut; In the mobile version, the button for edit/delete/report/etc post, next author avatar is not visible;


We know about the editor icons in mobile view and are going to fix it in the nearest update in a few days. But what about the breadcrumbs? Could you please show a screenshot of the issue?