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That is correct.

Hi, The Contact form for the user is responsive and will disappear on mobile screens (700 or less). I don’t know if this is by mistake or by design but it seems like something that should be protected. Is there an easy way to remove this element from being hidden? Thanks.

We’re using latest version of Metro on 3.2. This is regards the Contact option for a user profile as displayed beside a post. Specifically within dl postprofile dd profile-contact disappears at <700. This is the contact portion which gives the drop down to PM / EMAIL a user regards a particular post. Avatar, username and rank move from the right to above the post at <700 but contact disappears.

Actually ignore as this is the same behavior in prosilver and several complaints about it on phpbb. I’ve worked around it using a suggested edit on phpbb.com. Thanks!


As far as I understand it’s a default behavior and it’s supposed to be like that to save extra space in mobile view. Anyway it’s still possible to make the block visible.

How can I change the Metro on the Theme? How to change that quickly?


Do you meant the logo? Just read the documentation, it’s fully described there :)

I’m using this theme on my site www.tpcf.space and am delighted with the clean design and the open hooks and handles that I’ve made use of to customise it further. However, I’ve run into a problem on the UCP board preference page – it is missing the SUBMIT & RESET buttons which means that a user cannot change the theme colours?! I have the boards permissions set so that they should be able to do this and have double checked them by leaving one user using the pro silver theme. They CAN change their theme which makes me think that the missing buttons are something to do with the Metro theme. Can you suggest anything I can do/place to look/settings to change to restore the users ability to change themes? In anticipation – thank you.


Sorry for the delayed response! I double-checked the 2.0.8 version using a simple user account and the buttons present as they should. I think I need a test account on your forum. Could you create such an account for me and send its credential via email?

OK but I don’t have your email address. All I have is your: “do-not-reply@market.envato.com” please send me an email I can use. I have a test account set up for you.

Here’s a message form – https://themeforest.net/user/pixelgoose#message

Just contact us via it.

I was using metro_blue in my phpBB 3.2 install, but recently had to reinstall everything. I have the forum up and installed metro_blue per your documentation (included with the purchase download).

The forum icons are not showing up, and I can’t figure why.

If I search for the image on my filesystem, it shows up with the correct permissions for web server to see and read it. /var/www/virtualhosts/site/discussion/styles/metro_blue/theme/images/subforum_unread.svg

locate subforum_unread.svg

If I inspect the HTML it shows that the following image couldn’t be loaded,

Unread posts

This image also exists and is readable by the webserver – if I put that exact img in a plain html file, it shows up just fine.

Could you please assist?


Sorry for the delayed response. I think it’s a SVG issue. We’ve met it a few times. You need to edit your .htaccess in the forum root directory. Here’s a quick tutorial – https://davidwalsh.name/serve-svg-image

I am using phpbb SEO 3.0.10 and I need this [video] bbcode to work in your templates I purchased. (love them a lot)


Actually I got a Compare program and even in the default prosilver template there is no SEO code. This program actaully makes it every easy to compare and add, but I did just overall_header.html and I see the very important SEO code that is definitely needed for an SEO installation.

Everything is working great, but I did notice metro_blue got all the updates during development and the rest of the colors (cause I added ALL templates) are slightly not updated in 3.0.11 templates sets.

Love it, thank you again.

ok here is the deal. I have a default prosilver template and all your templates up on the server. Within the phpbb SEO premod, in the contrib folder is the files for an upgrade. I use a Comparison program on the files and the default prosilver then your metro_blue. I then upload all the SEO code differences I made in metro_blue to all the other metro_colors. So everything is cool here.

I have two questions, I seen a sidebar config, would like to know where to turn that on and if is ok for mobile to have a sidebar or not? Sounds like it is not a good idea to have a sidebar on mobile, but desktop and tablets it would be could, so would love to see it.

Then what images in imageset/theme are the background color graphics, like bg.gif, bg2.gif, etc.

This will save me some time tomorrow morning, I am dont right now. I had to update some SEO and seperate loginname and username mods.

Thanks, everything looks great!


1. Sidebar is OK for mobile users, people use it on smartphones too. Anyway if you want to hide the sidebar from mobile view, you can do it via CSS – just hide the sidebar on lower screen resolution with the help of css-media rules.

2. The theme doesn’t have any images as background images. It users css-color rules to add color to its background.

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Thanks for this theme I use. But I don’t understand why the connexion button is not available on smal devices: @media only screen and (max-width: 700px){ li.icon-logout .login-window { display: none!important; } } I remove and it works so why?


As far as I can understand you mean the login link? If so, the theme has two login links – one shows a modal window for desktop browsers and the second one is only visible when you see the site via a mobile browser – in this case you go to a login page without a popup modal login block.

Thx for your answer. I use the classic and I don’t see in this theme on mobile another link to connect? (should I see a doctor ;o) )