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Just purchased this theme, have a couple of questions/issues.

Contact Us page the Map height is not adjusting, i used the shortcode for this and when changing the code to adjust the height nothing is happening, any ideas?

The contact form is not centered of responsive like it is on your demo site, I am using the contact form 7 plugin, should i be doing something diffrent?

Is there anyway I can change the menu header and footer to be a custom colour? i have seen the options for light or dark but that is all.

I am just in the process of setting up a site with this theme so may have some further questions.


Hi, support is offered via my profile’s contact form, but you should know it includes only theme issues and not customization tasks. You can use the Custom CSS field in the Theme Options to further adjust the theme style (map height or header/footer color). Also, please use the contact form snippet provided in the purchased .zip file to have it displayed just like in the preview. Thank you.

Is there a way to embed a YouTube video in the post content area and still have it be responsive? There are a few widths where the YouTube video will push out into the sidebar area.

Hi, please use the Shortcode Generator to make an iframe responsive on any device – you have a Video menu item you can use.

Thank you!

My pleasure!

Can you tell me how to re-create the following as in the Live Demo example?

Home > Portfolio Contact Our Staff

There aren’t any shortcodes to make them appear similar.

Hi, the theme contain the sample data from the preview site in a .xml file which you can use to see how thing were built. The shortcode builder contains a Call-to-action item which you’re probably interested in.

Hi, i have one question please for the shop-site: is it possible to put a slider above in the site (like in your theme “cross”)?

Thank you, best greetings (you’r themes are great ;-) Wolfgang

Hi Wolfgang, thank you for your purchase and appreciation. The Shop page can contain a slider at the top, sure – use the default content editor with the help of the Shortcode generator for this.

If you have any other concerns/questions please drop me a message via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.


What is the ideal size for the photos of the slider?

Template: Corporate Style…

Sure thing, adjust the aspect ratio of the slider (use your width : height ratio).


My pleasure, glad to be of help!


How can I reduce the extension of the main menu and change the font in italics?



Hi, the theme can be tweaked using the Custom CSS field in the Theme Options and that requires you to have some CSS knowledge. For any other questions please contact me via my profile’s form and I’ll continue support via email.

Hi Liviu,

I need your help with the theme I bought.

- What is the ideal size of a logo? When I increase the size of the logo, it scales incorrectly.

- I am translating with POedit, but miss some translations. The words on the archive page and ‘search…’ in the search-field. Can you fix this?

Hope to hear from you.


Hi Maaike, I recommend using the Support tab for actual support because this comments section is more used for general purposes. The logo has a max-height: 3em; applied for practical reasons (but that can be overridden with a simple CSS snippet) and may have retina ready style applied to display nicely on retina screens. Regarding the translations, I’ll post an update right now with some updates. For more details I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.

Thank you for the update. I will install it right away.

What is the ideal size of the logo for this theme?

Since you hadn’t responded to my earlier email about these questions, I tried it this way. I will also send this message by email as you asked for.


I answered your concern via an email reply. Thanks.

Hi Liviu,

Can you please answer my email?

And I have a new question about the alignment of the (ordered) lists.

The behaviour of the text once they number becomes bigger is not nice. The first letters should stay at the same distance from the border but they don’t.

Here is an example:

And, as I wrote you in the email, it is also happening with unorderd lists in the widgetsections.

Can you please help?

regards, Maaike

Also these questions are 100% theme issues if you ask me:

How can I sort the projects? Is there a way to adjust the order by giving the projects a number of something?

The bottom section of 1 blogpost is showing on page 1 in the overview of blogposts. How come?

Can you please help me?

Look Maaike, I’m trying to be reasonable and offer my honest suggestion. Support on ThemeForest is optional (and you probably know this already), but I offer it because I like to help clients out as much as possible. You sent me multiple messages via email and now it looks like you need to continue these concerns on the Comments section of the item. I understand your situation and really think a web developer will be more suited for your custom requirements (please think about it as I can’t work on custom freelance based tasks).

Regarding the projects gallery, you should know they are sorted by date and menu order. You can set the order number in the wp-admin section – it is a WordPress feature and it has nothing to do with the theme itself (I suggest you search for the feature on forums/WP communities if you can’t find it). Also, in respect to the bottom section – you probably mis-configured something, please double check as the theme can’t have such situation (one thing that pops into my mind is that you set the blog page as the Posts page in the Settings > Reading section – set just the Static Front page and leave the other select box empty).

PS: I don’t see any issue with the lists on your preview URL, let’s continue this via email and I’ll do my best to help out.

How come in Chrome 4 boxes with 4 buttons behave different when resizing then in firefox?

They touch and ‘run over’ eachother in chrome.

Hi, please send any issue you may find via the Support tab and offer more details with screenshots, if you can. Thanks.

thanks. have to go now. will send it to you tonight. thanks. maaike

Hi, I could use this theme for a project that’s due ASAP. What I’d need to know is:

1) Can the entire menu bar be removed fairly easily? 2) The black photo caption in the middle bottom of each slide, can that also be easily removed?


Hi, thanks for your interest. You can remove the menu with either a CSS snippet or by editing the header.php (in a child theme). Also, you have the option of adding a caption to each slide – if you don’t it won’t be displayed. Hope this helps.

Great theme, everything works perfectly and support couldn’t be better! Cheers.

Hi, I appreciate it – thank you for your nice words!

Hi Mr Liviu, could you kindly add IMDB social icon to the next Update? Thanks !

Hi, of course – I’ll add it in the next update no problem (the text IMDb, because they don’t have a vector icon like Twitter or Facebook).

Hi! Is it possible or a way that the tinymci advanced editor is shown in the theme?

Thank you, Wolfgang

Hi, I’m not really sure what you mean – the theme doesn’t affect the functionality of any content editor, so you can use the tinyMCE editor just like you’d use it on any other theme. If you have any other questions/concerns please drop me a message via the Support tab of the profile contact form. Thank you.

Hello, does this theme come with the PSD file? Thank you.

Hi, thank you for your interest – the theme doesn’t contain any PSD file.

Hi. How change mobile menu icon? I need three line navicon. Thank you.

Hi, support doesn’t include customization services – so I would advice you to contact a web developer that can help you out with your specific project. Hope you understand.

I just purchased Mini, The Corporate Demo Data isn’t loading. Can I have these files?

Alright, glad everything is OK.

Oopps, I spoke to soon, Can I have access to the import Demo data again? I need The contact form reloaded. I don’t seem to be able to find that option again?

Please get in touch with me via the Support tab or my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email right away.

Hi there, Every now and then there are some minor adjustments in our website. Right now 1 adjustment gives me a problem. I have checked the documentation, but can’t find the solution. How can I have a link in a lightbox-shortcode open in a new tab? My shortcode looks a lot like the one in your example: [lightbox url=”” icon=”link” popup=”false”][/lightbox]. Adding target=”_blank” has no effect unfortunately… Can you help me please? Thanks in advance for your trouble! Maaike

Hi Maaike, try adding the url_target=”_blank” attribute to the lightbox shortcode. Hope this helps and if you have any other concerns/questions please use the Support tab or send me a message via my profile’s contact form. Thank you.

Thanks for your quick reply! Unfortunately it still behaves the same :-(

Please use the Support tab or send me a message via my profile’s contact form and I’ll do my best to help right away. Thank you.