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Great template. Any updates on fetching tweets?

Hi. Sorry, still nothing.

So… no plans to update to Twitter? I mean, I know it’s a $5 template but come on… it’s still advertised as having Twitter integration.

great page. any idea how to add a counter to the page? thanks in advance Pedro

oh of course, no – i was not referring to the countdown of time/hours – i was referring to a counter that counts the visits (impressions, ..). any idea?

Oh, sorry. I’m not sure, I haven’t done such thing yet. Nor do I have any recommendation for some script, of which I’m sure there are plenty.

no problem. keep up the good work!

It doesn’t seems to support mobile nor high resolution devices. If this 2 are be done, it would be a purchase. It should be updated in this day and age of mobile devices. http://res.ponsive.com/?resize=minimalcomingsoon.equiet.sk%2F&iphone=on&ipad=on&android=on

Your demo page on loading Twitter tweets also doesn’t seem to work.

Would it be possible to add kenburn effect or continuous fade effect for the backgrounds? I have a set of backgrounds that I would like to keep fading every x seconds. It would be good to add them in for extra features.


How I can see the “subscribers.db” file?

I have no clue..

Hello I never get my messages in the contact form,

Asked my hosting company if it had something to do with the server and they answerd :

I have reviewed the mail service logs and noticed that the mail sending is indeed failing due to the following error


Nice Theme.

How do you get the subscriber function to work?

Regards, Motion