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Could you please provide a short info on how to change fonts in this theme and how is possible to change the background color of pages. Thank you!

have a good day, can i have the arrows on a other place!?

adding some custom css, yes.


Hi, what’s the right size for the photo?

bd2a6c4d-b5e2-4683-b790-d117c4f2e2da – 20 Apr 2016

Is possible to disable comments pannel?

Update is available with better comment system!

I want to delete the comment form on the articles, How can I?

You can deactivate this option on each post for now. For there is not a global option for this at the moment.

When a thumbnail is clicked, how can we make the quality of the full size photo more improved?

I found that I need the background-size to be ‘contain’’ but Ican’t get it to stick, please help!

What is the resolution of your photo? Do you have this issue on my demo online? Cheers!

Hallo, at first thank you for the great work! unfortunately i have an error with it and i hope you can help me. The mouseover and navigation is not red, (blue and after a visit purple). Please check the screenshots below ore visit my page. http://schlaudraff.eu/error.jpg http://schlaudraff.eu

I got no error on the installing process

Than have the problem, that die pictures are opend in fullscreen, is it possible that picutres are get opend in the orginal picures size? http://schlaudraff.eu/38

Thank you for your helpt


You’re welcome! I’ve used “Gotham” for the M. If you like the theme, please consider to rate it for me, it’s helpful :) Thank you!

Thank you! i found the Font. For shure i will vote :-) Thanks & Greetz

Thank you!


Kudos on a great looking, fast moving theme. However (after having installed with required plugins), from the dashboard I can successfully customize and view the site, BUT once I’m within the site, I cannot get back to the dashboard or customize, as all the provided links headed back in that direction (dashboard, themes, menus, customize), result in a 404 error (‘photo not taken yet, come back later’). I tested with other themes without this issue. Also, the mouseover frames are showing blue, then purple once the page has been visited (permalink is set to post name). Any insight appreciated.

Thank you! Alison

Hi again, Contacted you yesterday about issues with 404 error in editing navigation and wonky mouseover colors with plugins installed… I wound up going with another theme, as its much easier for me to work with. Touching base to save you time in troubleshooting for me as I won’t be using your theme. If a refund is possible, that’d be awesome, as I could use it. Take care, Alison