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Great theme!! I’d like to see HTML only version too. I’ll definitely buy it when it’s available!

Thank you! Maybe I’ll do a HTML in some few weeks…. Right now I don’t have enough free time.

It’s certainly different. Kudos for having some originality.

Very nice…

Two questions:

1/is it possible to somehow add extra content to the home page – an easy to update box – to be used for temporary announcement?

2/ is it possible to add background image to pages/posts?



1. The homepage is a “page” you’ll create in the admin, so you can the information you want.

2. I’ll put this function on the next update :)

Fantastic, thanks for a quick reply….

Looking forward to the update with background images!

Great work !!!! Pretty design :)

I’m not really a designer… so I appreciate that. Thanks! ;)

Do you know if this will work in WPMU ?

I’ll test that tonight

Awesome! Perfect Template.. Thanks for coding.. Good Luck!

Is it possible to add some sort of visual indicator to the column of posts/pages on the right so viewers know to scroll on that page?

Yes I’m working on it for the next update! I’m some way to do that, and I’m putting the of the post too on the right, to know what kind of categories you are looking at (because you can select more than one category)

I should not write comment when I’m waking up… :P

To sum up… yes I’ll do it!

In order to support further development of this fantastic theme, I have just purchased a license…

Looking forward to the updates, especially the page background option and scrolling indicator (as mentioned in earlier comments).

Thanks for truly unique and promising work!

Thanks for purcharsing! I’ll try to make this done this week end :)

How about enabling comments? And a way to differentiate between ‘portfolio’ posts and ‘blog’ posts?

I didn’t want to put comments. This template is more like a “pro” portfolio, something you’ll show to your future client without the unnecessary. Right now I’m thinking of a way to differentiate the post preview on the right to see in what category it belongs. To add normal blog post, I have to think about it, I don’t know if I want to put that, but you can create a “blog” category if you want!


the template is great, just one question, why doesnt anything load on any of the links? does this belong to my browser (safari) or to my system (macOSx)?

cheers Dee

Oups, thanks for warn me! I have some trouble with my hosting since 2 days, and I think when I saved my file for the last time… it didn’t work that well. I just check my file which manage the ajax loading… and it was empty. Now it’s ok, you can test it! :) Sorry for the inconvenience.

Friend, its posible add comments in projects description? For example “Just Another Test Post”, is posible add coments from wordpress users or visit in post? Because in your demo content comments not available… I would like buy your templete but need comment.. if this posible, you can installa demo content and activate comments in my server please? Thnak you.. amazing job!

Thanks for you interest, but I’m sorry… for now it’s not possible to add comments. At the beginning I wanted this template to be more “pro”... Like some professional portfolio you can see online : Without comment. And because it’s a lot of work I can’t make this only for you. I’ll think about it… maybe one day :)

Hello! This is a great wordpress theme, thank you so much for making it. It’s unique and seems easy to use.

After trying various lightbox plugins for wordpress I was trying to get one of them to work on the post page content to cycle through images, particularly nggallery, lightbox 2, and many others. Unfortunately they do not work, some do but they don’t open up the shutter box when clicked probably due to the javascript getting mixed up with other javascript.

What I was wondering is if you or anyone knew of a lightbox plugin that worked for this theme? That would be really helpful.

Thank you again!

That would be really great, thank you very much!

I actually have something working for this so I may not use what you add respectively otherwise I may have to modify all the work I did. Thanks again!

I do have a question on a different topic however. Is it possible to add content the description of the category page when clicking say “art direction” or “website design” so the center area is not blank? It would be tricky when selecting multiple categories though because then it would probably have to show all of the descriptions of what is selected or something, not sure. This would probably be complicated though. Ultimately it would be nice to be able to add something to the middle area when selecting a category, then I would maybe somehow disable the ability to select multiple instead, and explain what “website design” is or what considered “art direction” then when clicking an portfolio link the text would of course disappear.

Another thing I have been noticing is that when selecting a category, then a portfolio item on the right, the content appears ok, yes, but when then deselecting the portfolio element and the category the content for the portfolio stays there, it would be ideal if it would disappear when deselected. Maybe this is just happening for me since I have “jquery.lightbox.js” in my header for the lightbox, perhaps not.

Other than that again this is really a great piece of work and I really appreciate the work on it!

Thanks for the quick responses too on my last post!

Ah did you use lightbox? I didn’t get time yet to test plugins, I should try it this week end.

I think you’re having a problem because of the lightbox plugin. Because if you did exactly the same same step you said on my live preview, my content disappear well.

Send me a link if you want I check it out for you, maybe it’s a small bug :)

For showing the categories descriptions in the middle I don’t know. At the beginning I wanted to do something clean and niot loaded of everything. But yeah… I would have to think again the multiple categories selection.

Anyway I will get a look at it!

Happy you like the template :)


Great work. Two questions:

1) I noticed that all your posts on the live demo doesn’t show any picture, just text when you click on it. Is it possible to show pictures.

2) The background image feature is already available?



Yes you can put images. I have 2 or 3 post in the design category with image if you want to check. its name is “Testing the elements” or something like that.

For the background, I looking for the best way to load it. Because everything is ajax powered… it will maybe take some time load it. I’m seeing too if it bother the visibility of the text.

@dibbellas – Your right! I feel duped now!

Sorry you feel like that. But take a look at my comment above please.


Thanks for your reply.

A last question. Can I switch the position between pages and categories? I mean, put the pages on the left and bring the categories to the bottom.


No you can’t do that for now. Well I’m taking note of all the comment… and see what can I include in the next update, make optional or not, etc… So I’ll think about it!

Hey, I’m completely new to this and have a few questions. Most importantly – Im a music composer and looking for a theme to showcase my composition. Is it possible to have the portfolio page play somehow music files? Could it feature a music player somewhere? Would it work well? Here’s link to my current site I’m considering moving to this theme : dmitryselipanov.com . Would it be possible to move this content? Also,how much skill/knowledge could this require? Thanks a lot for your help, I understand it’s really hard to answer everyone here. Thanks again for the amazing theme!


Yes you can use the same plugin you used on your blog right now for your mp3. The only skills you need is to manage WordPress administration. For the template option, it’s really easy… and I furnished a complete documentation with it.

Thanks for consideration! :)

Why can’t I get the “post thumbnail” feature to work? I’m very new to the thumbnail resize game so it’s probably a simple fix. Any thoughts? What a great template.


Did you read the documentation? You need to change CHMOD like it says, and follow the point “C. How to write a post”.

You can send me your URL by mail too if you want, I can check it for you!

Thank you for purchasing it :)

You have mentioned few times future theme updates… So, I’ll repeat my early question/request:

1/ Some way to add extra content to the home page – an easy to update box – to be used for temporary announcement?

2/ Background image to home/pages/posts?

This would dramatically improve usability of this fantastic theme (at least for me)...

If you are planning implementing any of the above, what would be the ETA ?



1. I already told you that you just have to edit your “homepage” page into WordPress. There is no need to put another box if I did it like this. Or maybe you want a text in a specific area of your screen? Tell me more, maybe I can’t get your point (It’s the morning! :P)

2. I’m working on it, don’t worry.

3. I’m implamenting a “lightbox” for image too (almost done).

The thing is just that I don’t have a lot of free time, I have a full time job, and for now we are really busy. But I’ll do my possible!

Thanks again for your consideration for my template :)

Thanks twi!

Dear Twi, I plan on purchasing this theme after you implement #2 above!! I need an easy way to change the background image on the homepage/pages. Please email me when this is complete!! :-) H

I’m working on it right now, maybe I’ll send the new files tonight (or tomorrow). Thank you!