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Do you have a profile page of this template?

Nope, sorry.


I have noticed an error. If you are on the google maps template page and you select a menu item that has a drop down feature. the menu disappears and reappears (flashes). Additionally, if you hover back and forth from the status area at the top left with the user icon it also flashes. I have gone through the libraries that i have included whch are :

maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=true markerclusterer.min.js jquery.ui.map.full.min.js jquery.ui.map.microformat.min.js jquery.ui.map.extensions.js

if i add/remove each of them individually i eventually get the menu to stop flashing if i remove


however, if i remove this library none of the map contents appear

how can i fix this?

hi i have your theme. its working fine previously. not i get problem to open them.. non of page will open. i checked it in your theme preview link also . its also not opening… can u please solve this issue asap as this is set in my project so i failed to run that project also.. please replay me soon.

yaaa its working with this url… thanks a lot… thanks

I’m glad that helped.

How to usage data-toggle=”tab” on <!- submenu -> ?

Hey, sorry but I really don’t understand what you neeed.

when I compile the scss, the site css will be different and there is some ruination. for example the sidebar is missing.

can you please check the scss is update to latest one.

Hi, I have just checked it and it seems fine, modify dates of files are same and when I recompile minoral.scss there are no changes.

I regret that I take this theme. I’m having troubles with HTML structure constant.

I’m sorry that you are not satisfied with your purchase. Maybe you can consider ask envato for refunding.

i bought your minoral theme. its working fine but i have one issue can u please solve that one.

i use this theme in my php project but when i use ajax file and set form in that ajax file.. datepicker and color picker is not working in ajax file.

can u please help me ini that ? its urgent for me..

thanks in advance


I’m afraid I can’t help you with implementing plugins to your own php project, but I’m sure that with google you can find solution for using datepicker/colorpicker with ajax

Hi, In every page on mobile device when i click on navbar to expand the menu to view, page show with problem and corrupted. Please help me to fix this problem asap.

Hi, thanks for this template. but i have a problem. form wizard finish button dosent show when the wizard finish?

Hi, please edit line where you define total number of form wizard tabs in “onTabShow” function to this:
var $total = navigation.find('li').not('.dropdown').length;

Hi Tattek,

I have a problem with your theme. When I use two basicDataTable in same page, the second table’s interaction features disappear. For example, second table’s search input and page navigation breaks. I you help me to solve this problem I will be very appreciate to you. In addition to this, your theme is very useful. Congratulations to you for such a good work. I am looking forward for your answer.

Best regards.

how can i do this? could you explain a little bit for me, thanks :)

aaah really sorry, just realized that you are using Minoral, give me a sec :)

Ok so you have to use another id for the new table of course and naturally then you have to use this new table id to init table with jquery like this->

var oTableXX = $('#myNewID').dataTable({
  "aaSorting": [ [0,'asc'], [1,'asc'] ],
  "aoColumns": [
      { "sType": 'string-case' },

Hi, how can i call a function after the form is validete? thank you

Hello, I want to get show the data’s in from another site.(samples: http://tweepsmap.com/ and http://sociograph.io/ and https://pro.iconosquare.com/) In this template(Minoral) instead photo link and infographics can you put it? So I import data from other sites. Can we do this the data transfer?