Discussion on Minx - Responsive HTML5 Template

Discussion on Minx - Responsive HTML5 Template

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hi! 1. in mobili versio in menu omnino non visibilis est 2- the drop-down menu does not work 3- slider images are not displayed on the home page. index_slider 1, jpg index_slider 2, jpg index_slider 3, jpg https://www.affitticasevacanzeitalia.com/index.html please someone help me and answer me thanks

Answered via email….

Good morning! sorry is it possible that someone will answer me ?? I have written to you since yesterday but no reply from you

We replied on October 19.

you are right I humbly apologize

In the “Single Portfolio” page, how can I get portraits to keep its size. It looks like the Nivo slider is automatically scaling them.

they all need to be the same size.. The last image is portrait hence the re sizing.

Even if the orientation is different? I see. How can the resizing be disabled?

I’m not sure, sorry. I think the only way would be to make your portrait images the same height as your landscape ones

I am having problems with the contact form – it only returns the message field, none of the input fields are returned. http://www.texas-farrier.com/elgin-farrier.html

Hi, it seems that you have added more inputs to the contact form. U unfortunately forms aren’t my forte. I would suggest possibly purchasing one from Code Canyon.


This site is perfect. Thank you!

I’m having some trouble getting the form to work. I have included the mail.php file and the contact_form folder. Have I missed anything?

hope you have it working by now? Sorry or the late reply.

Hi, love this theme. Is there a possibility to make the top nav menu into a sticky header?

Good afternoon! Please tell me – if you buy a template can help you install it on a website?

Just to make sure you know this is a html template so it needs to be designed offline first then uploaded.

Thank you! You can set the charge pattern on the video site is working for money?But on this script to put your template http://kvs-demo.com

Sorry I don’t understand.

Hello! I am using your theme on a personal website and would like to add a link in the footer to CodeCademy (codecademy.com) alongside my twitter / github etc. Do you happen to have an icon for this?

Many thanks, Annette

No sorry there isn’t.

Who is the developer for the Wordpress version?

They don’t exist anymore I’m afraid.

I purchased the WP version of this theme and it’s no longer available to download with updates. Can you help me get it updated to the lastest version of WP?

Cost? please email me at info at 5shades dot com thanks.

I’m sorry but I only work with html. I wasn’t the developer of the Wordpress version.

Hi i need to put in sorting.js or in every-where the option for sorting in isotope: getSortData : { .... } can you help me please

I can try but I’m not sure what you mean sorry.

Is there anyway to make an image not responsive? The CD cover graphics are fine in FF and IE, but in Chrome they aren’t staying a fixed size. The images in question are within a table. If you view the first few in FF, that’s the look I want, but not quite looking right in Chrome. The last CD box is done without a table, but I couldn’t get it to look just right.


Here’s a different question also: When I first load the website in IE, it shows up as a static narrow look, but after I F5 it a few times then the correct css kicks in and it becomes responsive and looks correct. Any ideas on this?

Your images should work once you’ve fixed the html errors.. If you haven’t fixed it by Monday I will try and take a look for you…

Thanks for the help, I took care of most of the errors and indeed the images work now. The IE problem is still there, I have to refresh it 6 times before the ‘responsive’ look is there. ??

There must be something that is overriding bootstrap. You could try the following:
1: Move the scripts you’ve added under bootstrap.js
2: Test by removing the scripts you’ve added.
3: I wasn’t sure what – pz_chromeless_2.1.js is?

I have a problem with foreign characters. When I first create the page it looks fine, but later the foreign characters turn into question marks, here’s one of my pages that have Chinese text. http://pxer.net/albumsch.html

I also use Spanish and Russian. Have any advice for me?

You have the wrong abbreviation for your language:

I guess I could also do this: <span lang="zh"> text </span>

“zh-Hant” is on the list, it’s for Traditional Chinese, which I need on my page.

No, the language code goes at the top of your file, please see the links I provided.

I love your theme, excellent! One question, I want to add Google search code for the search box but I’d like to use the look and feel that you have in this theme, is there an easy way to do that? I am working on redesigning an existing website (nubeat.org) and I want to use the same search code that’s in there but with the new look with your theme.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for the quick reply. It works perfectly now. Here’s the code for anyone else wondering how to do it:

<!-search-> <form action=”http://www.yoursearchresultspage.html” class=”input-append”> <input type=”hidden” name=”cx” value=”partner-pub-yournumber” /> <input type=”hidden” name=”cof” value=”FORID:9” /> <input type=”hidden” name=”ie” value=”ISO-8859-1” /> <input name=”q” type=”text” placeholder=”Search” class=”span2.5” size=”19” /> <input type=”submit” name=”sa” class=”add-on” value=”????” style=”font-size:16px; color:#CCC; padding:5px 8px 23px 8px;” /> </form>

The website image slider functions properly in the full version. However, in the mobile version on an iPhone, the image slider show duplicates to 2 images (one over the other). Please help. For an example, please see www.charleshawkinslaw.com. Thanks.

I am Jesse Kranz. Found out that I accidentally created 2 accounts through Envato. :) Also, I just repurchased it to expedite this process. Thanks for the help.

Ok, many thanks for sorting the issue out. I’ll take a look for you shortly.

Hi, take <div class=”row”> out from under <div class=”slider-wrapper theme-default” >

The website image slider functions properly in the full version. However, in the mobile version on an iPhone, the image slider show duplicates to 2 images (one over the other). Please help. For an example, please see www.charleshawkinslaw.com. I plan on buying more templates soon, so I would appreciate prompt help. Thanks.

Sorry but I can’t see that you have purchased the template.

I have a text file with all the info you need. Please let me know how to get this verified.

Sorry but I can’t see that you purchased the template? ‘Purchased’ doesn’t come up against your name and we can only answer questions to the actual buyer of the template.

Hi Josweb, Thank you for the very nice template, I bought it about a week ago. I have a question regarding: single_portfolio.html (Single Slider on your demo) The nivo slider isn’t sliding – only changes photo when click on arrow Could you please tell me how to fix this so it slides automatically, which I’m assuming it should??? Thank you very much! :)

Hi, take: manualAdvance: true off the Nivo settings and it will fade automatically.

that worked great – THANK YOU!!!!! :)

Hi there,

Can you fix the way your Work, 2 column, 3 column, 4 columns load in the demo? it initially shows then disappears then loads again. Once the site is cached it is fine but the initial user sees this looks like a glitch. This si the same in both HTML & Wordpress versions.

Thanks. keep me posted.

We’ll try an look into it but are currently very busy updating our databases.

Can you try by adding: .element{ display:none; } to theme.css. Let me know if this works for you and i’ll make an update.

Hi, It looks just perfect, design, code, everything is nice, but (always is a but) in iphone I can´t see the menu. Don´t know why, in ipad everything is O.K. in horizontal position O.K. in vertcal position the menu change and is O.K, but in IPHONE ??? Please let me know about up-dates, Thanks

That’s strange, I have the menu on my iphone?

It seems that the social feed plugin doesn’t work anymore to build a pinterest feed. I also checked the plugin page; the first three examples on the demopage don’t work either.

Do you have an idea where I can look to get this working? Or a suggestion to make this work? Thanks!

No, I know I have to update my themes to remove it. It’s a shame. The only plugin that I’ve seen that does work well is:
http://pixel-industry.com/website/socialphoto-jquery.html Although you will have to play with the css and I haven’t tried it with larger images yet.

Thanks. I thought I did something wrong. :)

I have written to the author of the plugin a while ago and got no reply…


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