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Nice template, good luck with sales :)

thank you

emegine saglik, cok guzel!

te?ekkürler :)

Looks stunning, congrats :)

Great work! Where did you find the backround moon picture?

I like this theme,, I will buy it as soon as you finish the project ;-) Im not very good at PSD to HTML just yet…

Ellerine Sa?l?k , Tertemiz olmu?.

bol kazançlar:)

Great work. Nice template. GLWS!

Good job. I try to make a html / css for you if you allow it.

Where is design for dropdown in main menu on top (for links level2, level3, ...)?

Updated design, alternative menu: 02_blue_home_white.psd, 10_green_home_white.psd, 18_pink_home_white.psd

Hello! you open these files?

HI, I like your theme very much when are you going to make it’s html and wordpress version ?

Hi, well done but the reason people buy templates is to 1. Save time, and 2. because they are not good at photoshop. In your templates there are many images that are not there, maybe for copyright reasons, but I have no idea how to input the images so I can’t use the template unless I spend hours and hours learning photoshop….in which case I could make my own template! :-)