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Any way you can make the icons SVG? PNG just seems kind of out of date…

Hello. We’ll think about how to implement it in the future

hi could you tell me were you got that office picture from? under About us?


Hi. It was a long time ago. Now I can not remember :-)

do you have any clew? shutterstock maybe?

Unfortunately, no. I have source image, can send for you

Hi there! Really like the theme, I just have a question before buying it. Is the theme user friendly to customize (with panels and options to change background picture, logo, etc.) or would I need to know and make changes to the code for me to customize?

Thank you! and great job :)

Hi :-)

Yes, our theme options allows user to make such changes

okay great, so no background knowledge of HTML is required to work with this template. Thank you!

nice work good luck;

Hello Lesya,

i would like to send a support ticket on the original page “fragrance theme.com”. But my purchase code doesn’t work because i use the html version of the template and i just can select the wordpress version.

How can i get support?

Thank you!

Hello. You can ask your question here in the comments or send me an email

how can i resize the slider images for mobile devices?

Since we do not know what images will use the user, we have established an automatic value background-size: cover. You can add a properties with right values in the file css/headerWithSlider.css after line 122 and other media styles if you need like this .fr_slide_image{ background-size: [your values]; }

Help! I keep getting no style.css stylesheet error msg when uploading in wordpress.org. can you help me here. I purchased this theme back in january


You purchased not the theme for Wordpress, but static html template. It does not require installation

Oh, I thought my webmaster had me purchasing the theme. So I need to purchase the theme in order to get the quality results in the demo, yes?

Yes, only the theme supports the functionality of Wordpress

I’m traying to contact support in your personal page but the purchase code cannot be validated… how can I get help from you???? Something is going wrong with the validation of PHP contact form.


Write to me via the form on my profile http://themeforest.net/user/lesya

I’ve written and waiting for your reply.-