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this is perfect!

this is perfect!

Hello Dilipkumar,

Does the sign-up form, registration, login and forgot password are included in the file and are working? or does it has to be customize by the one who purchase it?

Thank you for your time Stan

We have added the form elements for the login and signup field. You can set up your own mailchimp / aweber / ... forms in the layout.

I’ve got a F-Secure warning, that this live preview website is harmful :-/

I have hosted the demo page in secure hosting only. No issues / error so far.

In the home page slider, can I add Vimeo/YouTube video?

Yes. You can add vimeo/youtube video to the homepage slider. Check the help file for instructions after purchase.

I need this to put in a sub directory for my log in and registration page. My question is:

1. Can it work with PHP and MySQL as I need to store user info in my MySQL database.

2. Can it work in a sub folder?

We have only added the form elements for the login and signup field. You can set up your own mailchimp / aweber / ... forms in the layout.

I’m probably doing something noobie here, but why is my arrow on slide show showing up only 1/4 in size?


Which browser are you using?. I have checked your link in Firefox, ie8 and Chrome. Its fine. Send me the screenshot of the error through my profile page.


Thanks for sending me the custom code, I have full screen slider images! You’re amazing! Thanks!!

Awesome theme, but could you provide the PSD files?

Thanks. Planned to release PSD as update. Will be available soon…

Ok, thanks, cause I can’t really do anything with it without the PSD.

How long until you release the PSD? I really need to customize this for my company’s product launch.

I have added this as a landing page to my website. Though, I am unable to figure out how to integrate the login and sign up forms with my PHP code as they are two separate files (login and signup). How do you go about this with the reveal js in place.

I may be asking this incorrectly so, I do hope you know what I mean!


Send me a mail through my profile page.I will send instructions on how to implement PHP codes for the login/registration forms.


Just tried to view the demo, but it appears there’s a problem with your hosting?

Updated. Check now, its working fine.

Thanks for the great template! i have a noob question. How do i get the “Signup for Newsletter” at the bottom of the page to work? I couldn’t find anything in the documentation and the “Join” button links to #.


We have only added the form elements for the login / signup/ Newsletter field. You can set up your own mailchimp / aweber / PHP … forms in the layout.

Hello Dilipkumar, great template. Is it possible to disable the “responsive” feature? Thanks in advance!

Yes. Send a request through my profile page. Will send the updated file.

Hi, quick pre-purchase question. Can I display the registration form on the main screen, instead of launching a layered window? I’d like people to be able register without pressing the sign up button.

Yes. But some HTML changes need to be done for it.

Hello, I’m teacher 2 days per week at a primary school and we want a website where parents can log in to and see all pictures from the kids on school. All we want is just a login page, then some albums and when you click on an album you get a list of photo’s. Will we be able to do this with this Theme?


Hi guys, how can i change the slider background? I don’t know why, but i see all in blue…



Because, its a placeholder image. Rename your background image as “slider_bg.jpg” and add it to the folder named “images”. Thats it.