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I’m having big problems viewing YouTube videos within the lightbox using FireFox.

Works great with Chrome and Safari mobile though. Any ideas?

The site is

Hi, no problems on our side. Please contact us via form on our profile and we will go in details. Thanks

Hi, very nice template, congrats. I’m having an issue though… I’m opening the template fresh from download and the services section is overlapping the main image.It’s starting Y-wise like 150px upper than it should – causing and overlap. Suppose it’s not a browser issue (OSX Safari) because I can see the your DEMO page just fine. Can you help? Tahnks.

Sorry, it has actually something to do with the browaser, SAFARI and CHROME do not work properly, FIREFOX does. Also Services SVG icons aren’t working as well.

The more I test the further I go. Up an all, Online it’s working properly on all but IE8, IE9 – homepage headlines do not appear centered. Also mouse symbol comes as a square?..

Dear awerest,

we purchased your theme: very nice!

The only one issue is that the honeypot it doesn’t work very fine: some spammer are able to skip it and to send us tens of message every day.

Is it possible to update the theme with some capttcha or some adding (1+2=3) so to avoid this annoying problem?

Thank you very much

Hi, contact us via form on our profile and developer will assist you. Thanks


how can i ADD google maps Makers? (custom.js point 8 )

Thank you

Hi, contact us via form on our profile and we will assist you. Thanks

done, but i think it is interesting for everyone (if i have more than one location)

Hi there

Is this avaliabe as a wordpress theme?


Hi, Myway way is no longer available in WordPress version. Thanks


Do you have import demo theme function?


Hi, Myway is site template, not WordPress theme. With purchase you get HTML, CSS and JS files set same as demo but without background images. Thanks

the icons don’t seem to animate in the new version, though they did in the earlier version. am i missing something?

Hi, in new version icons are smaller and stroke would cover a lot of icon fill so we removed that feature. If you make the icons bigger you can use animation from previous version. Thanks

ok great. thanks. bigger icons is just a matter of sizing, right? being svg? also hoping to make a company logo with the animation effect. that’s still possible? in the documentation?

Possible with small modifications, contact us via email and we will assist you. Thanks

Hi want to buy, only need to know can we add a slider to home page. that is along with text can we add images to slide

Thanks Ashok

Hi we have bought your theme please lets us know how to do it

Hi, send us a message via form in support tab on this item. Thanks

Hi sent a message using the form from support page

Hi we have bought your theme please lets us know how to do it

Hi, beautiful template. I am planning to purchase it but I have one question. How would I be able to change the Heading font to something more curvy. Please let me know. If you could show me a screen shot with a curvy font (like Great Vibes for example) that would be great.



Hi, you can use any desired font, if you are not familiar with implementing custom web font we can assist. Just send us a message via form on our profile to get support. Also we would suggest Google web fonts since it’s much easier to use them, have you checked all curvy ones? Thanks

Hi, the link to the VIDEO BACKGROUND demo doesn’t work. (

Please reactivate the link as I’d like to add that feature to my site. Thanks

Hi, that link was used for previous template version. Contact us via form in support tab and we will customize files for you.

Love this site. Just wondering if there have been any issues from others regarding Ipad/Iphone challenges when viewing the gallery. I’m unable to touch them. That’s the only issue that I’m facing and need to figure it out. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you!

Hi, contact us via form in support tab and we will assist you. Thanks

Hi, great theme. How do I add my location on the google map?

Hi, see template documentation and under Google Maps you can find how to change position of map and pins. If you have any issue, send us email via form in support tab. Thanks

Hi, I’m trying to reach you regarding the google map section, sent 3 emails, no reply. Please help!

Hi, sorry for delay, we have received your email and replied. Thanks

Heya, over a week ago I sent a request for support, zipped up my files and sent them over (per your request) and I haven’t heard a peep? My problem was with the lighbox popup always being larger than the screen resolution so it created a scrollbar (not very clean). Please help, thx

Hi, we are familiar with this request and probably missed your latest email somehow. Sorry for that, expect our reply soon.

IOS issues still persist for my site. Can you help me as my client is experiencing these issues.


hey awerest,

i too would like to know how we add a slider to home page [that is, along with text, add images to slide]

sent email from support page also

please help !

Hi, it’s easy but needs some code customization that we can do for you, of course for free in the scope of our support. We haven’t received your email, try again using contact form in “Support” tab on item page. Thanks

thanks ! i have sent message from ‘support’ tab, please help

Received and replied ;)


E36 Purchased

Hi! When i send a message from the web form and i want send a message again in the same session the form does not´ send the mail. I have refreshed the page and the form works fine but is annoying do that. There is any solution?

I tested from your example web and happens the same thing!


Hi, send us a message via contact form in “Support” tab on item page and we will modify your files before updating the template. Thanks


E36 Purchased


About the first question: the form works fine. It sends the mail but the warnings that appears when one left empty spaces or wrote wrong the mail does not appears anymore. Once sent the first message, warning texts does not appears anymore.

Even happen in your web!

How can i resolve this problem?

Thanks again!

Hi, see our reply on your previous comment.


E36 Purchased

Already send the mail Please, I hope you can help me! Thank you!

Howdy, the demo page it seems don’t available anymore. May you please fix the live preview? Thanks. Cheers

Hi, we haven’t noticed any issue on our server. Demo is up and running, probably just a glitch. Thanks for notifying us.