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The Best one. Keep it up!

Thanks Esmet, we really appreciate it!

one of the best flat template :)

Thank you very much buddy

Wow! This looks absolutely great. Congrats :)

Thank you very much navigator!! :)

Nice concept. Good Luck

Thanks nkishor

Nice Theme, GLWS

Thanks dear ThemeCafe


Tried to view it 3 times in Firefox/Mac, but it won’t load. I get an unresponsive script error (/js/morris.min.js:70), and nothing shows up. Maybe you can check it out.

Works perfectly in Chrome and it’s one of the most beautiful admin templates I’ve ever seen, so congrats for that :)

Hi digitalimpact,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We have fixed it now. Really appreciate it!


Well done! Love it. Good luck with it, I’m sure it will be of use in the future for me.

Thank you very much Ermal.

FYI: all i have is a blank blue page with safari and mac!!!

Hi venturenet,

Can you send me the screenshot of your javascript console?

Awesome! Does this template include .less files?

Hi loyx,

Yes it doesn, here you have a screenshot how they look:

Everything module has been kept in separate file. You just have to compile neon.less, there you can do changes, remove parts that you don’t need.

Thanks for your comment!


Owow!! Awesome! missing only a gallery!

Thank you very much tiziura, sure we will add also other features in the next releases.


Include timeline pages :D

Sure, its just the beginning, we plan to add many features.


Thank you too, for purchasing our theme. You will get an email when updates are ready, with description of features inside the item page (in bottom of the page)


Nice template.

Found an issue using the fixed sidebar and the page-fade class, if you have like 6 menu items the page doesn’t fully render, at least not on my end, if i remove the page-fade class, it works normally.

Chrome 31.0.1650.63 on OS X 10.9.1


Hi BrunoG,

Thanks for reporting this issue, we will get rid of it and fix in the next release.


You are amazing!

Thank you very much buddy!


Good job congr. :)

Thanks buddy

Could provide the PSD of the logo?

Here you have the logo in PSD format:


You are welcome buddy

someone could help me for making this template as a custom website?

Hi FweshDesigns,

We are sorry, I saw also your email but we are unable for custom work currently.


Hello. The calendar have some issues. Please check screenshot: and

Do you can add more plugins on DataTables? Please check this:

Thank you!

Hi djnet00,

Thanks for reporting these issues, we will fix them asap.

Also the DataTables will be extended with more features.


I look forward to the new version :) thanks!

I want to give you the fixed calendar bug, here download this file and replace with your existing till the update comes:

Put this file here assets/css/



congrats guys for the great work :)

Thank you very much for your words!


awesome job! Any chance you could add an additional editor for markdown?

And possibly integrate userpic + crop:

Hi ggree, Sure, we will add this feature, its in our todo list now.


This is great, I like how you guys implemented the left + right panels w/ transitions. A few suggestions for future releases:

a. For the chat windows – maybe you can make them persist, even when the right panel is closed, and have them be draggable objects. b. Include some basic inline editor to complement the wysiwyg editor already available.

Good job! :)

Hi avatchinsky, we’re currently working on the new theme update which will have a lot of new features, we’ll see if we can include this in the next update also.