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Great and awesome work! ;)

Very clean, good work!

Nice job. Congrats ;)

Well done. Good luck with sales!

Amazing , Good Luck with Sales :)

The about us page is nor loading in preview just the spinning icon


thanks for let us know!

Best Regards UT


Whether there are in archive PSD files?

no sorry!

Very clean! Good luck with sales ;)

thanks louiejie :-)

Very nice job! :) Question: Is it possible to extend it with a sub-sub menu? Do u have a code I can insert? I’m not soo good in CSS…

I want to buy but is the page builder supported in custom .net cms? or is it only for php websites/platform?


the “Page Builder” is only for WordPress Platform if you have purchased the WordPress Version of this theme. For this HTML Template it means just “Dummy Content” since the whole template is static HTML.

Best Regards UT

Hi. before I decide to purchase, does this include a working contact form? thank you!

Hi, great theme, I’m really enjoying using it!

One question:

I copied and pasted one of your color.css files so I could use my own custom colour, however, this update hasn’t worked on the mobile navigation menu icon and the > arrows that appear in the mobile nav menu.

Can you please advise which file/s and which line/s I need to refer to so that I can change the icon and arrows to match my custom color?

Many thanks for your time.

Hi again, I just joined your support forum to ask a question about the Nevada HTML theme I have purchased, however, there IS NO FORUM for the Nevada HTML theme!

How can I get in touch with you regarding my two queries on this theme that I have purchased? I have two screenshots of issues I am having with the mobile version of the theme – it is important I can get these to you and get a resolution on the issues quickly so I can get back to my own client.

Please respond ASAP. Thank you.


please place your question inside the Nevada WordPress Section.

Best Regards UT

Hi there,

I’ve bought and setup a site using this beautiful theme. However, having trouble getting support. I’ve posted twice to your United Themes site, but no one is replying. Please help, I’m only waiting for this to go live.

I’m having trouble with the contact form. When a user clicks “Send”, a blank white page with “OK” is displayed. I would like the user to remain on the Contact page when they click Send, with a thank you message on that same page.

The page is: http://webloomhere.com/blackcoralcapital/contact.html

Please try to send a test message and you’ll see what I mean.

Please help!



going to send you can answer on the forums now.

Best Regards UT


I’m looking at purchasing this theme, just wondering if the psd files could be available upon request?


Hi Josh,

I’m sorry there are no PSD’s available for this theme.

Best Regards UT

nice theme, very flexible, clear code, i would recommend it to anybody..

Hello Just bought and tried to install Nevada theme. When using one.com’s 1click WP install it says that the theme is missing css.style?



please unzip the package first and only use the inner nevada.zip for installation.

Best Regards UT

I see ,,,, have comments on blog and profile? this file including?


what exactly do you mean with “this file including” ?

Best Regards UT

Hi, how can I make the camera slider height taller on the about page?

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Is slider (Flexslider) ? Can be add not just image from PC … Can I add link image : http://kapital3.org:8080/capture1.jpg + can I resize using like this width=”” height=””??? Before I buying I like know ….. can u check / tested


this template uses the Slider Revolution JQuery Plugin. Since it’s a HTML you are free with code modifications so you can set your own sizes.

Best Regards UT