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Wordpress version finished… Here you have a working demo:

I am just thinking about to sell it or not in Themeforest :S

I’ll be realy happy if you put this wordpress theme for purchase at themeforest. I think that it be a very good work and the theme will sell to much fast. So of you can please put them here, in theme forest.

If you opt for sell it here, please notify me at epurelight[at]

@EpureLight I will be releasing a similar WP theme but not the same, considering I am actually using it at

Thanks for comments!

Hola Adrián he comprado la plantilla con toda mi ignorancia, creyendo que era para Wordpress ya terminada, y al bajármela, me doy cuenta de que la plantilla esta en html. He visto que tienes una web ya terminada con Wordpress con esa plantilla. ¿Existiría alguna posibilidad de que me pasaras la plantilla ya terminada, aunque hubiera que abonar una nueva cantidad?

Muchas gracias, un saludo

Is this a wordpress version running on the ‘live preview’?

If it is then ill buy it.

Let me know as soon as possible, thank you.

@danyloo @deepaktailor Sorry guys but Wordpress version is not for sale :/

What the hell,

I brought this thinking it was a word press template, no what should i do with this

Sorry man… next time try to read the description :s

Hi guys! Finally I have finished a WP version improving the orginal design, hope you like it!

Hey, the menu is different in the wordpress version! I prefer this menu but I wanted it for wordpress..

How hard is it to make the wordpress version have the same menu as this one?



It won’t take you more than an hours if have some html / css skills, I can help you if you want.

Just drop me a line to the e-mail!