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Thanks, but I was asking about oxo e-commerce. I don’t know what “Honorem” is.

Does oxo e-commerce have dropdowns in the primary navigation?

I’m so Sorry Mike, I wrote the wrong name: Oxo dosen’t have this possibility…

Can I use PAYPAL with this template? Thanks :)

Hi Cheeks,

You can implement the script but this is just template xhtml/css =)

Hello Debora, I would like to use your template (oxo2 or oxo3) for e-shop. It will be my first e-shop which I would like to built on some administration base.

I’m thinking about two options: or or your suggestion…

I would like to ask what would you recommend me. If you could help me to implement template on any system for some fee it would be also option.

Thank you.

Hi xgetzee00 and thanks for your interested =)

I love wordpress, and I suggest WP-SHOP is great solution for medium business.

I can offer to you the service html to wp-shop, if you are interest, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Kind regards, Aldema

Hello Aldema, please can you contact me at my email so we can discuss this option? Thank you, Ondra

Sure =)

Hello I didn’t receive your email yet. Please contact me, Ondra

I so sorry but I have sent to you the email… You can try to email-me…

Thanks for reply. Sorry but I havent received any email. What email address did you use?

Hi Debora, Before i purchase this theme, i would like you to contact me at to discuss the possibility of a fully coded wordpress site using your theme. Regards, Tom

Hi Tompap and thanks for your interesting!

I can offer to you the service html to wp-shop, if you are interest, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Kind regards, Aldema

I would love to talk more details but i need an email of yours to do so….

Love the simplicity! Currently working with this template now… will update if I come across any issues. Thank you so much!

Sorry, I’m sort of a newb with HTML !

In the “Last product” section, you have buttons at the bottom (Displaying products 1-6) with “next.gif” to show more products. How do I set it so that when I fill in the html for “next.gif” that it doesn’t leave the page? I would prefer it to load more images on that same main homepage frame.

Thank you in advance for your response!

Hello hitz3110,

first of all thanks for your purchase!

For support, lease send me the private message ;)

Kind regards, Aldema

How can we incorporate the shopping cart.html with functional javascript buttons like “Add to Cart” or “Add/Remove” or “Update”?

It’s necessary knowledges of php and javascript to do it :)

Hello, I bought oxo 2.I like it. But I have two problems. first , “assets/js/font-delicious.js” not available. second my language is Turkish.and I have font character.I use Turkish character but it isn’t true.For example i write “Ürünler” , when I look my site I saw “rnler”.

Thank you for your helps.

Hello albayrakayhan and thanks for your purchase!

I’m so sorry for this problem but this is the limit of the font >> you can replace this with another font.

If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Kind regards, Aldema

How can replace another font?

If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Kind regards, Aldema


Can your template work in purely HTML enviroment? No MySQL required (so no WP or e-commerce systems) and as less php as possible?


Hi bijomaru,

Basico it’s just site template html, no cms solution :)

Hello, Aldema :)

I will write a cyrillic text in “h3” , but don’t see it? Becouse font don’t have a cyrillic ?

Very wishes!!

Hi Niki_Noki,

first of all: thanks for you purchase!

The h3 of Basico is simply Arial, you should see these, without any problem.

But if you have more specify problem, please don’t hesitate to contact me with private message.

Thanks, Aldema

So sorry Niki_Noki,

I see just now that you ask me support for Oxo E-commerce, and not for Basico Theme.

I’m so sorry, but the Font Cufon installed on Oxo dosen’t support Cyrillic, you should change the font with font that support Cyrillic. If you need any support to change this it, please contact me in email / pvt message.

Thanks Aldema

I have the Adobe Catalyst original OXO template currently. I enjoy the look and style of your OXO ecommerce template. What is the set-up for implementing your template once purchased, into my adobe business catalyst? Basically I would like to know if it is compatible and will simply take a few steps to import this template into my adobe catalyst?

Hello ply5 and thanks for your interest.
You should contact Adobe Customer Service for this information.


Hi aldema

Can you update this theme to responsive?

I sent you an email put no reply!

Hello iscode,
I have replied by email in a few days. The template unfortunately does not provide “responsive” updates.

Kind Regards,


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